I have been appointed as a director of Finance 4 U and the first assignment that I need to set about along with other managerial activities is to fix a elaborate Personal Development Plan. The program will include scheme of developing a program, ends and aims, mileposts, timescales and resources needed. Hopefully the PDP that I will fix shall supply guidelines for the remainder of the employees on how to organize the PDP for themselves taking to the improvement of the whole administration.


Personal Development Planning is fundamentally a structured procedure developed by an person to relook and reflect upon his/her ain current state of affairs, public presentations, accomplishments, ends and to be after for their personal, educational and calling development. It is a procedure or tool which can be adopted by persons at all degrees and all countries of life.

If the PDP is good planned and used efficaciously, it enormously improves the ability of persons to reexamine, program and take duty for their ain personality and acquisition betterment and to understand what and how they learn and develop. PDP helps persons articulate their acquisition and the accomplishments and results more explicitly, and lucubrate the fact that acquisition is a womb-to-tomb activity.

Puting it bluffly, Personal Development Planning is a procedure by which an person can pull off their ain development through a procedure of contemplation and structured be aftering on how they can run into their ain ends. Many administrations and universities require their employees and pupils to fix their PDP and follow consequently as the importance of a PDP is widely understood in this modern epoch.

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The intent and importance of a Personal Development Plan is supplying the person with an assistance to larn and develop more efficaciously and to be able to:

  • Better the manner of larning different scenarios via different methods.
  • Understand those scenarios and methods and besides be able to enter them so that farther advancement could be made in the hereafter.
  • Make him/her responsible plenty to understand and pull off his/her acquisition procedure as a whole.
  • Make him/her more independent.
  • Set up both long and short term ends and aims.
  • Understand the resources needed to accomplish those aims.
  • Set up a list and analyze his/her ain strengths and failings.
  • Monitor his/her public presentations and advancement against antecedently set mileposts and timescales.
  • Take disciplinary actions if necessary on the advancement.
  • Better on his/her effectivity and efficiency.


In order to explicate my current state of affairs I have identified and classified the undermentioned facts into my educational, professional and personal position.


  • I have completed my Maestro ‘s Degree in Business Administration ( MBA ) .
  • I have completed all documents from Association of Chartered Certified Accountant ( ACCA ) but have n’t completed the 3years of practical experience demand.


  • I have worked as a junior comptroller for 6 months in a UK based company.
  • I have worked as an helper to the Finance Controller for 1 twelvemonth in a UK based company.


  • My presentation accomplishments are non satisfactory as I have ever been rather diffident on that regard ( although good at interviews ) .
  • My leading accomplishments are non rather every bit much as I ‘d hold liked as I have ne’er truly tested my leading accomplishments due deficiency of experience.
  • My clip direction accomplishments are non equal as I believe there is a room for betterment.
  • My determination devising accomplishments are decidedly under par as I believe it is critical in this today ‘s modern universe.
  • I do n’t look to stay motivated and positiveover a long period of clip.


My short-run ends are as follows:

  • Understanding how the company is runing.
  • Understanding the grounds for low motive amongst staffs.
  • Addressing the deficiency of consciousness of accomplishments development amongst staffs.

My long-run ends are as follows:

  • I need to better my presentation skills significantly.
  • I need to develop my leading accomplishments.
  • I need to break my clip direction accomplishments.
  • I need to heighten my determination devising accomplishments.

I need to larn to be more motivated and positive.


My basic scheme for the development of PDP was non to develop a wholly new system but alter the presently available patterns and procedures and bring forth a system that works for me and which will reflect my ends, accomplishments and public presentations. Hence my schemes for development of PDP are as follows:

  • Materials from online and other beginnings about how PDP can be developed expeditiously are to be gathered.
  • As the ends are already identified, timescale and mileposts for the attainment of those ends are so determined.
  • Resources needed and the feasiblenesss of those resources for those ends to be achieved are so amassed.
  • Any obstructions or hinderances are ascertained and eventuality programs be made in progress.
  • Review and Monitoring of the public presentation will besides be an indispensable portion of my PDP.

7. PDP

Name: Sudhir Gurung Company: Finance 4 UPosition: Director

Time period from: Jan 1, 2010 To: Jan 31, 2010

a. Short term

Current Situation

Desired Situation

Resources and support needed

Success Criteria

Target Dates

– New to the company.

-Very less thought why staffs have low morale.

-Understanding how the company is runing.

-Understanding the grounds for low staff morale.

-Increasing consciousness about the demand and importance of accomplishments development amongst staff.

-Good briefing by Pull offing Director.

-Support and co-ordination from employees.

-Authority to make interviews and issue questionnaires if necessary with staffs.

-Authority to carry on meetings and seminars.

-Get a general thought about the operation of the company.

-Identify the grounds for low staff morale issues.

-Every staff is clear about the necessity of accomplishments development for themselves.

-Perform a preliminary meeting with Managing Director and receive clear briefing and guidelines before fall ining the office on 1/1/2010.

-Conduct interviews and questionnaires by 15/1/2010.

-Conduct concluding meeting and lucubrate your findings by 31/1/2010.

B. Long Term


Current Situation

Desired Situation

Resources and support needed

Success Criteria

Target Dates

-Presentation Skills

-Leadership Skills

-Time Management Skills

-Decision Making Skills

-Motivational Skills

-Good talker at interviews but lack genius and bid while talking in public.

-Excellent public talker.

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