Review Jazz Concert

            On the 8th of April 2009, Wolfson Campus hosted a one-of-a-kind jazz concert. The MDC Jazz Quintet performed at the campus auditorium, which started around noon time. The place was good enough to accommodate many audiences. I was able to take part in this music repertoire. Together with the other students, faculty staff, and guests, we were able to witness and enjoy the performances of saxophonist Ed (surname), guitarist Mike (surname), pianist Jim (surname), bassist Rick (surname), and drummer George (surname). The said musicians played their music in accordance to the order of the set program. All in all, eight performances were made which were Wayne Shorter’s “Children of the Night and El Gaucho,” “Blocks,” “Walking on a Cloud,” “Autumn Moonlight,” and Ed (surname)’s very own composition, “Monk’s Mode,” respectively.

Each of the said musicians was able to showcase his talent in his very own solo performance. During each of the musician’s solo performance, other musicians also played in the background, making the blend of music more intense, lively, and danceable, allowing the audience to feel the rhythm as it filled the entire area. Based on the flow of the performance, one can easily point out that all of the performers are very passionate about their music. Each member showed a sense of attentiveness to other performers, making their collaboration a success.

For the most part, it can be observed that the solo performances were played by the guitarist and the saxophonist. However, between the two, I can say that saxophonist Ed (surname) left a good impression on me. He played with excitement, which can easily be felt in the room, as his music vibrated all throughout. It is not everyday that a person like me would witness an impressive saxophonist, and because it was my first time to watch a live performance by a saxophonist, it did not leave me disappointed because it exceeded my expectations. Likewise, (surname)’s very own composition, “Monk’s Mode,” is something that got stuck in my head. The way he played it and the way he connected with the audience showed a lot of passion, and I think that music, in order to be conveyed clearly, needs a lot of passion, which (surname) was able to show with every note he played.

The most poignant aspect of the concert was the musicians’ good rapport with their audience. Before the band played their music, Mike (surname) first introduced the performers to the audience. From here, there is already a sense of familiarity between the audience and the performers, making both parties comfortable with each other. Other than this, the musicians also provided the audience with a bit of background about the music and the songs to be played, making the atmosphere more welcoming. The connection of the performers with the audience is also evident in the way the musicians talked to the audience after every song they played. Such action manifests the musician’s desire to make the audience participative of the repertoire.

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Generally, the MDC Jazz Quintet performance is truly a venerating experience. Thus, I think that the performance of this group should be watched and enjoyed by many.


MDC Jazz Faculty Quintet. (2009, April 8). Jazz at Wolfson Presents. Miami, FL: Wolfson        Campus Auditorium.


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