1. Mrs. M. L. kamaeswari (The Indian Journal Marketing – Oct – 2009) has expressed that, industrialization has bought vast changes in the automobile industry, because and development of any area requires appropriate transportation facilities, automobile industry in one of the fastest growing sectors in our country. The rapid growth of middle class section is the primary reason for the growth of two – wheeler industry people in rural and semi urban areas are trying to devote their life style and people in metropolitan cities are completely disappointed with the public transport system.

Indian is the third largest manufacture and second largest consumer of two-wheeler in the world. It has been achieved due to variety of reason like restrictive policy of the government of Indian and rising demand for personal transport. Dr. Senthilkumar , department of business management, Indian automobile, in his research study 2009, found that competitive hostility, supplier, “power” and market turbulence relationship appreciate the role of public private partnership as win –win situation for private entities government an individual consumers.

In recent we saw two-wheeler manufacture like bikes focus being on the domestic market and then on exports. There are signs of becoming a developed nation and this will increase the energy need if the country even more. Mr. Senthil kumar department of research scholar in Indian council for market research, ICMR conducted a study and published in the journal of marketing,2009,to understanding the buying behaviour or towards vehicle that are being aggressively marketed by companies. The objective of the study was to understand the growing awareness of products.

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It was interesting to note that respondent agree to have a change in buying behaviour depending upon the product being stated as a green. Helen Jeckins, in the international journal of marketing has expressed that the companies have become increasingly active in developing relationships between their brands and popular causes in such areas, as environment and health issues, as such alliances become a more important strategic components of the brands marketing mix, manager’s seek directions as to know to generate the most impact through advertisement with these He-ins.

This article uses associative learning principles as a framework for understanding how to facilitate building connections between brands and causes so as to increase the value of this highly visible marketing activity specific associative learning principles are detailed and applied improving the use of causes related marketing two-wheeler’s. Dr. mallikojuna reddy department of business management future of in the Indian journal marketing has expressed that,the objective of consumer behaviour is to understand, explain and predict actions taken by individuals or small groups such as family in their consumption of goods and servicesa great deal of progress has made realising the basic objectives therefore, much work remains to be considered numbers of talented analysis will be needed it is likely that a major share of this further study of consumer will be done by business.

Dr. s. kaliyamoorthy professor, institution of management a published in the journal of marketing,2007 to understand the role of celebrities in two-wheeler advertisement that are being aggressively marketed by companies. The objectives of the study was consumer interest towards the celebrities. The celebrity endorsement industry today is estimated to be 150to200 crore industry and growing celebrities are the million dollar babies of the advertising world ranking in a lot of money for themselves and the product they endorse.

This research article provide some insight about the consumer interest towards the celebrities, role of celebrities in two –wheeler advertisement more colourful. Dr. G. V. Venela, department of business management. In the Indian journal marketing 2010. has expressed that, the two-wheeler market in Indian is the biggest contributor to the automobile industry with a size of Rs. 100000 million.

The two-wheeler market in india comprises of 3 types of vechiles namely motorcycle, scooter and mopeds foreign collaborations have been playing a major role in the growth of the Indian two-wheeler market, and most of them are Japanese firms. The modern two wheeler such as step thus and scooters have been produced by combining two or more two wheeler segments. Dr. M. Abdul Haneef, consumer buying behaviour of two wheeler in Tamilnadu


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