Rhetoric and Stereotypes

‘Rhetoric’ is defined as the language and style of communication and ‘Stereotype’ is defined as the expressive words used to represent groups of person or persons in a group. The rhetoric and stereotypes are basically used for specific groups such as politicians, tattooed persons, feminists and senior citizens.

Associated Fallacies / Stereotypes

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There are different stereotypes associated with politicians, tattooed persons, feminists and senior citizens which are as follows:

1.      Politicians represent bad images to people by false promising and thus, are recognized as cheaters, liars and frauds. Their vows are useless to be believed due to their incompletion and non-compliance because of which stereotypes like liars, cheaters are associated with them.

2.      Tattooed persons are people with amazing pictures on their face. These pictures basically represent a criminal group which is posted on their faces and the same pictures are removed by these people upon leaving a group. These people are basically punks and criminals who spread nuisance in the society and city.

3.      Feminists are women who get relationship with other women due to which they are considered as vicious creature. They generally violate the social ethics of a community and thus, force people to associate some stereotypes against them.

4.      Senior Citizens are old people who are generally willful and stubborn and stuck on a particular decision. They are too considered as slow drivers who create disturbance for other people while driving on highways and busy traffics.

Invoking Images: Positive, Negative or Both

These groups basically invoke the same images to other people but in some cases, these stereotypes are also negative in the following manner:

1.      Stereotypes against politicians are positive because they are liars, frauds and cheaters who promise for country’s development but fail to comply on upon getting presidential seats or parliamentary seats. Yet, there are some politicians who fulfill their promise and are considered to be loyal and thus, stereotypes are negative too.

2.      Stereotypes against tattooed persons are positive because they are gangsters who post some pictures on their faces and body. This is not the right way of living in the society. Still, there are some other people who love to get their faces tattooed on happy occasions like picnics, birthdays, parties, etc. and therefore, stereotypes in this way are negative too

3.      Stereotypes against feminists are positive because they violate the ethical principles of religion, society and country and get relationship with other women. But, since they involve in such activities for the sake of freedom which is their legal right, therefore, in the light of justice, the stereotypes can be perceived negative too.

4.      Stereotypes against senior citizens are positive because they are stubborn and obstinate people who stuck on their decision without accepting the loss and wrong facts concerned with it. The stereotypes regarding their driving are negative because every one has the right to live a secure life whether by avoiding fast driving or through other means.

Language and Rhetoric Used

The following types of language and rhetoric are used to reinforce stereotypes against each group:

1.      For politicians, language and rhetoric is used as ‘politicians are liars, frauds are only politicians, cheaters, crooks’.

2.      For tattooed persons, language and rhetoric is used as ‘these are punks, tattooed persons are criminals and gangsters’.

3.      For feminists, language and rhetoric is used as ‘he is a gay, she is lesbian’.

4.      For senior citizens, language and rhetoric is used as ‘hey you slow driver, get away from my side, your driving is useless’.

‘Truth’ Lies in Stereotypes

Truth lies in stereotypes for each group because:

1.      Most of the politicians are frauds, liars and cheaters who promise for good but do nothing at all. Even they do oblige to care about country’s reputation.

2.      Most of the tattooed persons are criminals and gangsters who paste their faces and bodies with amazing and horrible pictures and spread nuisance and irritation across the country.

3.      Most of the feminists are lesbians because they get relationship with other women and violate the ethical codes of socialism.

4.      Most of the senior citizens are obstinate, willful and stubborn who don’t accept the truth and force for something they like and stuck aggressively on it.

In-Depth Self Appraisal

According to my perspective, a person should be judged on the basis of cultural belief and not on the basis of personal attitudes and presentation. One can be wrong in other eyes but the fact it, everyone is right in own eyes. The base of stereotypes is associated with the personal thinking of a person and not with the social or cultural thinking of a person which is the only reason for the association of stereotypes. In short, a person should be respected and communicated with cultural belief and not with personal belief and this is the only way of thinking the right which is, indeed, wise.


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