So, as the introduction continues every piece of knowledge and wisdom he gained was from trundling all of his life on the streets to survive in the Jungle of hell. The stories of Rocco are untold or unknown because he doesn’t exist to modern people or family members who stopped communicating to him cause of his sins. Introduce me to the streets is more than a story about knowledge or wisdom, but a story of a person life who was given a different challenge of gain knowledge everyday good or bad.

The word knowledge took on a different route when it came to me Rocco Smooth as young reckless child growing up in the crack infested slums, and projects in which he trivet to gain benefits every day. Each benefit he gained came with a more powerful introduction towards the streets that scared parents and traumatized young minds every day. One account he explained to me was on the date of October 9, 1997 at the age of eight as him and my cousin Bobby were planning to steal candy from the local store for a snack for a smoke session.

As the story goes them instead of Just trying to be sneaky with their stealing they decide to do it like the big kids masks with two pellet guns. The store cashier that was there could had never expected two young kids to shoot him with pellet guns Just for some candy, but it happened at mid-day when they left school to go get the guns for robbery of Fifty teen cent candy. Rocco told me “The biggest piece of knowledge I actually got from that situation with a smile on his face was never to attempt a robbery of someone with a pellet gun that only holds 7 shots,” He laughed.

Another account he exposed was his first time experimenting with crack when his mother was stringed out on floor from her usage, ND he ended snorting a little piece of his mother line she was in the processing of snorting herself. In which he said, “Crack is a drug not for consumption of any living or breathing human being living, and if you choose to do them types of drugs you will suffer the consequences. Fast forwarding to the age of twelve to which he mentioned “Was some of the best knowledge he experienced about girls, boys, and drugs as an influence on him. ” During his early years leading up to his twelfth birthday was crimes of pettiness or destruction that caused a lot of trouble in his life. The year before his twelfth birthday he found a quicker way to make money rather than Just distributing marijuana, and that was distributing crack based or cocaine in the local neighbor hoods beside the Jungle where he lived.

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As I stated in the last paragraph he experimented with crack at an even younger age by consumption through nose, but by this age he had learned how to bag and cook cocaine to a free youngest kid on the block selling this powerful drug put him in the position of power amongst the others. What he’ll probably say all way to his grave is the greatest deal knowledge I gained from in life was all my years of selling narcotics in the streets from then to age I am now. One phrase he referred to a lot when talking his knowledge of drugs was never to get high off your on supply no matter the condition.

Around this time his Junior high school years were coming and he had done more than most among him could say at that age. Like with girls not to many boys at his age can say they were actually involved with girls like he was. During the beginning of his Junior high school year he had already build a reputation which made him a ad guy in others eyes, but the crush type figure to the girls he used every day for his own personal use. Making them scheme other boys for their lunch money, and other accessories that he wanted from any boy at school.

You can say that this is the kind of the knowledge that men now of days wonder what makes a woman do what they want them to do. Now as we move father on to his teenage and young man years by this time he had done about as much violence and destruction as any person at time, but was going to elevate his crimes ten times higher as the consequences took on another level. At the age of eighteen his first year out of high school he came upon an ideal of breaking and entering inside the home of the most important person he seek to put the scar of fear on was the chief of police.

The Reason he targeted the legendary chief of police was to prove that Just because your dress attire is different than mines doesn’t mean you can treat me any way. When he was seventeen after a long day of hustling to get a payday the legendary so called officer pulls up on him with a mouth filled of words that lead to how murders occur every day. He said, muff always harassing me Just because you knew my father,” and “What he did to make your life hell without my mother in your life. Rocco explained once he stated that the officer rushed out the car attacking him with punches and pistol swinging as he ducked as many he could. To keep the story going this shows the truth behind the judgments in court when they are racial tensioned. In other words this was going to become his first experience going to prison to do real men time. When his day came to appeal his case in court the Judge didn’t even let him get two words out his mouth before saying you are sentenced to two h to five years in prison for verbal assault, disorderly conduct, and warrants that were fake Rocco said to me.

In this case his biggest selection of knowledge he gained was whenever spoken to by a authority figure that abuses his power over your freedom is to Just keep it smiling and don’t disturb nest unless you want to be stung. Rocco favorite closer he told me every time after he told me one of his stories was to always gain something from everything you do no matter for the good or bad. So as the end of story comes upon Eve describe in small details the works of Rocco known to me as my brother from the mother who is my aunt.

As I told the story of one of the people in my life that taught me that you gained knowledge of things that you need, or things that you don’t need no matter the value it’s always worth having known something of what you did rather than nothing at all. Rocco said, “They can do anything to me so I can shape to what they want,” but “As long as I can remember all the knowledge Eve learned of the years can’t no man or beast can slow me down. ”


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