For my 2nd book study. I chose to read A Long Way from Chicago. a fiction novel by Richard Peck. The chief characters are Grandma Dowdel. her grandchildren Joey Dowdel. and his sister. Mary Alice. Joey and Mary Alice lived with their parents in Chicago and every August from 1929 until the summer of 1935. they spent at least a hebdomad with their Grandma Dowdel. Grandma Dowdel lived in a little town between Chicago and St. Louis during most of her life and the Great Depression.

Each chapter in A Long Way from Chicago tells a different narrative during one the visits to Grandma Dowdel by Joey and Mary Alice. The struggle in each of the chapters is internal. The internal struggles are Grandma Dowdel’s bizarre behaviour as she plots to acquire even with the Cowgill boys. the sheriff. the banker and his married woman. and other town folks in the seven chapters. The town’s people are shown as seeking to take advantage of her and her grandchildren every bit good as some of the poorer people that live nearby.

Each of the seven chapters contains a different internal struggle but she resolves them the same. Grandma Dowdel had a large bosom and went out of her manner to assist the town folks who were in demand. She used humor. her crisp lingua. and inventiveness to be after an impressive funeral for Shotgun Cheatham. to feed the vagrants. set up the elopement of Vandalia Eubanks and Junior Stubbs. and give Joey a drive in Buchanan’s biplane.

My favourite portion of the book occurs in the last chapter. The clip now is 1942 the beginning of World War II and Joey has non seen his Grandma Dowdel since the summer of 1939. He is now 22 old ages old. enlisted in the Army Air Corps. and is on his manner to flight school. Since Grandma Dowdel did non hold a telephone. Joey had to direct her a wire allowing her cognize his troop train would be go throughing by her house although it would non halt. The troop train has been delayed many times but as it nears Grandma Dowdel’s house Joey sees the house lit up like a jack-o-lantern with a visible radiation in every window. Joey sees Grandma Dowdel beckoning her manus back and Forth. as he waves back cognizing she could ne’er clearly see him.

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My favourite character is Joey Dowdel. He loves his Grandma and is willing to make anything to assist her. Joey helps Grandma Dowdel with the strategies to acquire even with the town folks and in return. he flew in a biplane and learned to drive a auto. I enjoyed seeing how he grew up each summer and all the escapades he had each twelvemonth.

When I was younger. I spent all my vacations and summers with my Grandmama. She planned many activities for me but I am sad to state nil every bit exciting as Grandma Dowdel did in the book A Long Way from Chicago. Often my Grandmama took me to see my cousins. ladies of her Church group. and older folks in the vicinity.

I genuinely enjoyed the book and learned about what it was like life and seeking to happen a occupation during the depression old ages. Mr. Peck made me see the difference in my life today. He told of how difficult it was to populate during the Depression through wit. Many people lost their occupations. houses and about everyone was hapless.

Mr. Peck told a narrative of love. He writes about the charitable love of Grandma Dowdel and how she went out of her manner to assist those in demand. It is easy to set myself in this book and conceive of myself siting in a biplane. larning how to drive a auto and assisting Grandma Dowdel with her strategies.

In my sentiment. Mr. Peck is a fantastic writer who showed that love and assisting the less fortunate is of import in our lives. A Long manner from Chicago is decidedly a book that I would read once more. I know whoever reads this book will love it.


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