Right from my school days, I have always questioned
and challenged text book concepts to explore and to understand the underlying
fundamental ideas. I have held a certain fascination towards the field of
Engineering and the years of study in school and college have helped in
amassing the knowledge I possess of this field. The purpose of pursuing a
Master’s degree is to deepen my knowledge, channelize my thought process and to
guide myself along the right path that would lead me to my goal, to be
forefront in the field of Electrical engineering.

During my childhood days, I had a curiosity to know
how all the electrical and electronic appliances around us work. Each and every
new appliance that came on the market not only shattered my preconceptions
about how much further can technology really go in terms of innovation, but it
also stretched the limits of my imagination. This curiosity made me to choose Electronics
and Instrumentation engineering as my major in under graduation. During that
period, I learned the basics of Electrical and Electronics and many of my child
hood questions were being answered. I was astonished to know that even the simplest
appliances that we use every day contained complex electrical architecture.

With my goals set on a Master’s degree, I embarked
upon an ambitious senior project in college, one that would make use of visible
light communication protocol based on IEEE.802.15.7 and AVR Microcontrollers.
This project involved PAN ID matching method to control the speed of automobiles
to a limited range. The project was titled as Advanced Driver Assistance
system. It was rated one of the best projects in my college during that
academic year and I earned S grade, which is the top most grade. To have been
in a successful project with my effort not only gave me satisfaction, but it
also kindled in me a growing desire to keep achieving more and more which is my
primary motive for continuing my studies. I also presented a paper at a
national level technical symposium on Wireless transmission of electricity.

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In my opinion one can never truly learn to visualize a
solution for a problem from an engineer’s perspective until he has had
first-hand experience. Industrial visits and in plant trainings gave me that
and much more. I had a golden opportunity to undergo training at Subashri bio
energies (P) Ltd; This firm makes use of organic poultry waste to produce
electricity and this idea fascinated me. Here I was introduced to the method of
power production by using organic wastes at a very less cost, I also learnt
various techniques on power generation and distribution. It was at this place,
where I got to understand the importance of eco-friendly power production and
power production from renewable energy sources. Besides the training I have had
the opportunity to visit many power producing industries such as Ennore Thermal
Power Station and Neyveli lignite power corporation. The visits and in plant
training greatly complemented the theoretical classes I had taken in college
and it gave me a wider picture of power systems. This kept me eagerly
anticipating the day I could contribute to such a fascinating field. Given an
opportunity to pursue my Master’s degree at University of Alberta, I believe I
will get one step closer to my goal.

The major challenge that we face today in the 21st
century is providing energy to the increasing population and catering the
energy needs of modern industries. In India, we mostly rely on fossil fuels for
power production. This has taken a toll on our environment. Thus there is a
need for us to produce energy from renewable sources. I strongly believe that
by incorporating eco-friendly techniques and by generating power from renewable
energy sources, we can cater the needs of the growing population and the
current Industrial revolution without harming our environment. This belief in
me and my strong emphasis on production of electricity from renewable sources
made me to take the decision of doing a Master’s program in Electrical
engineering with specializing in power systems. So that after my graduation, I
can work in a field that caters the needs of the society and thereby fulfilling
my career ambitions.

Apart from academics, I also actively engage myself in
extracurricular activities. I was an active member of the NSS (National service
scheme) and participated in many cleanliness awareness programs. I successfully
organized a quiz competition on latest advancements in the field of electrical
and electronics during my college symposium. After my graduation, I started
working as a teacher in an international school. Here I handled physics and
mathematics for grade eleven students.

The reason I choose to study Master of engineering in
Electrical and computer science specializing in energy system at the University
of Alberta is that your university will provide me the platform where I can
learn to grow in the field of Electrical engineering and provide me the calibre
to match international parameters. You have one of the best laboratory
facilities such as the unique Nano & Micro fabrication facility and RTX
(Real Time Experimental laboratory, the advanced equipment’s, well-structured
curriculum and an experienced faculty. Your training will help me develop my
skills to manage the core aspects of electrical engineering and thereby create
a pathway for me to become an efficient professional. Moreover, University of
Alberta is one of the top ranked universities in the world and has kept its
standards high right from the time when it was started in 1908.

I strongly believe that it is an Engineers
responsibility to make life better for everyone living on this planet. My
experience at the university of Alberta will not only strengthen my education,
but will also shape me as a professional. I strongly believe that my eminent
academic records and my sincerity towards everything I pursue qualifies me for
admission in your university. I look
forward to the day when I can proudly state that I am a graduate student in my
dream university. At this moment I want to thank you for giving me an
opportunity to express myself and my aspirations.


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