Health Care Management

Undertaking 1

Background of the organisation

Healthcare has been an of import facet in people’s lives throughout the centuries but as we all know our human resources are get downing to consume. Medacs Healthcare provides health care related occupations for foreign or local professionals with proper preparation and experience. Medacs provide exceeding service and good health care service by engaging extremely trained professionals to make full in absences and understaffing of different infirmaries or rest places all around Auckland.

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Medacs Healthcare is one ofthe top international employment bureaus for Healthcare related occupations here in New Zealand. Every twelvemonth hundres of people coming from different states come to New Zealand and are given chances to heighten and better their accomplishments in healthcare direction. Healthcare professionals that are being entertained by Medacs health care are nurses, physicians, health care helpers and others allied wellness professionals. Medacs Healthcare offers a assortment of Fieldss in health care that professionals may prosecute into. These professionals may take on but non limited to Forensic Medical, Prison wellness, Primary attention and Occupational Health.

Purpose of Risk Management in this Organization

Hazard Management’s intent is to acknowledge possible, at hand, at hand jobs and struggles before they even occur so activities that are hazardous may be considered and planned. Risk direction should besides measure and undertake issues that may do danger or impede accomplishment of aims set by the establishment to command any uncertainnesss. A regular hazard direction should be done to decrease and expect the hazards that may hold a direct consequence on the organisation and the manner it functions.

Hazards to patient/clients, hospital staff, and the organisation itself are common in health care. Risk direction focal points on extinguishing or forestalling these hazards affecting health care such as carelessness, malpractice, miscommunication, events that may take to patient injury and others. Having no hazard direction program in this healthcare establishment may take to serious jobs, cases, and long term effect that may compromise how we care for our patients and in the long tally may take to fiscal losingss.

Benefits of Risk Management in this Organization

Having a good hazard direction program in this establishment limits struggles and jobs encountered during the operation of activities. Hazard directions besides limit repeat or mistakes, extinguish hazards that may snowball to a bigger job and analyze struggles inside the establishment.

Achieving conformity with ordinances is besides one of the cardinal benefits of hazard direction in this establishment because one time hazards are identified and eliminated ; standardisation will follow by restricting mistakes antecedently identified, consistence in how employees work and regularity of procedures inside this establishment. Performance of employees may besides be improved due to awareness in such hazards that may take to different negative effects towards this organisation. Identification and riddance of hazards can besides take to good feedback from our clients/patient which they interpret as good service. Besides, some cardinal benefits of implementing good Risk Management includes less surprises or indecent events, effectual usage of resources such as installations and human resources, and reassurance of stakeholders on their stocks in this organisation. Accepting chances and forestalling issues to go on can do a difference in this organization’s good being. Effective hazard direction helps this organisation to be prepared for them. This readiness and preparedness may salvage an organisation clip, money and other cardinal points that may assist an establishment improve and grow. Effective hazard direction may include prematurely and aggressive hazard designation through the teamwork and engagement of stakeholders, leaders and employees of this establishment. Good hazard direction leads to good service. Good service agencies satisfied clients/patients. Satisfied clients average less net income losingss.

Components of Risk Management and their Relation to the Overall Rate of Risk direction

A reappraisal of activities and internal environment of the organisation.

Medacs nursing is located at Level 6, Ferncroft Street, Grafton Auckland. Medacs nursing employs professional staffs that may function as a impermanent, stand-in or replacement due to miss of employees in a remainder place or infirmary. They provide chances to alleviate the said slots but no warrant of work during a hebdomad. Medacs nursing requires hired professionals to name the chief office weekly for them to cognize the handiness of each individual. When clients hospital/ rest place needs a stand-in, they phone medacs advisers and petition for a replacement employee that has the same accomplishments, experience and cognition on their assigned place. The adviser so processes the petition and checks the system who met the standards set by the client establishment. Once set, the adviser so calls us employees if we are traveling to accept the displacement or non. That is the ground why we need to direct our handiness hebdomadally to them. Once we accept the offer the adviser so provides the client establishment our personal informations particularly our name. We are so submerged in a health care puting which we so do everyday attentions and assist New Zealand registered nurses and other health care helpers. So our organisation is Medacs health care but our workplace and environment is hospital or rest place scene. After our displacement, we let our senior health care helpers or nurses sign the clip sheet provided by Medacs as a cogent evidence that we completed the displacement.

Puting of aims

The chief aim of the organisation is to be the chief supplier of extremely trained health care professionals in different healthcare establishment in New Zealand by giving our clients good service, quality of attention and professionalism. Besides, this organisation aims to help healthcare professionals find a suited place that may give them a new life style, personal growing and professional development.

Event designation

As we all know, unexpected events may happen throughout the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities of an organisation. These unfortunate events or status affects the mission aim of the organisation when it happens. These events may be related to different facets inside the organisation and we may categorise but non limited to as operational, empowered, information engineering, organization’s unity and its fiscal projects.

Risk appraisal with peculiar mention to the impact and likeliness of hazard

Designation of jeopardies and prioritising what hazard to take into consideration foremost is an of import facet for this would be the initial contact in hazard appraisal. Identifying jeopardies and make up one’s minding who may be affected by these jeopardies is a good starting point in the procedure

Hazard response program

Hazard response planning is the method of budding options and placing actions to better good chances and extinguish issues or menaces to the company’s end and aims. Risk response planning must be SMART as we all say in the nursing field. ( systematic, mensurable, come-at-able, realistic and clip edge ) .

Control and monitoring of activities

Hazards all around us can ne’er be wholly eliminated, but it can be managed. Controling these hazards may affect a different attack in schemes, rectifying some action that led to the hazard itself or re program the whole procedure or undertaking. Monitoring these activities may besides forestall hazards and mistakes from go oning once more. As the organisation matures, hazards or challenges alterations. The organisation should accommodate and better the hazard direction procedure in it.

Operational event

  • Events that may change the smooth day-to-day modus operandi of the organisation such as early expiration of responsibilities or assignments, cancellation of assignment a few hours prior to existent responsibility, client organisation refuses to accept utility employee and others. Early expiration of responsibility assignment means that your assignment ended earlier than the expected terminal clip. Mention to postpone 1.1 for farther deepness, hazard designation and hazard response program.

Table. 1.1


Hazard appraisal

Hazard response program

Control of activities and monitoring

For illustration, you were assigned as a ticker ( intending to watch over ) in community wellness work and your patient all of a sudden died for an expected cause in the center of your displacement. That means your work hours may be terminated early and you must reach any coordinators from the organisation.

It may do hazard non merely to Medacs health care but besides to the employee. It is a hazard in the organisation and employee because it may set the employee in injury. This event is improbable to go on. It may go on but non all the clip.

Medacs health care briefed their client, they should ever allow the Medacs staff complete their assignment. They besides made us cognizant that we should non go out our assignment country before our needed clip of coating.

Medacs employees are instructed and are required to remain in their assignment country until the terminal of their displacement. Staffs are given clip cards where they put in the clip of their displacement and assignment country. These clip cards are so gathered hebdomadally for bite and hebdomadal payroll check.

Another illustration is cancellation of duties/ assignments a few hours prior to the scheduled clip where in employee is already on his/her manner to the assigned country and all of a sudden it was cancelled due to some grounds

We may besides see this as a hazard because unhappy employees and staff can besides be harmful in an organisation they’re in. We may see this event can impact this organisation extremely. This hazard is besides improbable to go on.

Medacs ever make certain that employees are updated on their assignment countries and clip of their displacement thru phone calls and text.

Medacs has a list of all the handinesss of their staff that are given hebdomadal by themselves. If of all time the assignment was cancelled the employee is informed right off and an account is needed from the client hospital/resthome is needed.

Empowered event

  • Events that relate inappropriate and inefficient assignment to as staff or employee. For illustration in a infirmary scene, a freshly hired employee was straight hired as a director with no experience and no preparations at all. This is an illustration of sceptered event hazard because the direction delegated a undertaking to a low-level incompetent of the occupation itself. In health care, this may impact extremely as we are covering with lives and patients here. Please refer to postpone 1.2.

Table 1.2


Hazard appraisal

Hazard response program

Control of activities and Monitoring

Another illustration in health care scene is what we ( Filipino registered nurses ) are sing right now. We are trained as nurses in the Philippines but non trained here in New Zealand.

This may be a hazard because we are non trained as nurses here in New Zealand. This may do serious mistakes and jobs in an establishment. This event is improbable to go on because this hazard may be eliminated easy.

This organisation so assigns us to be Health attention helpers in order for us to familiarise ourselves in some nursing processes here. We are so required to go to a competence appraisal plan if we truly wanted to be registered nurses here in New Zealand. Trainings and other plans that help better patient attention is recommended in organisations like this.

Upon engaging medacs health care requires us some certifications that proves we are trained to make such activities e.g. Basic life support certification. These certifications are so collated and kept by the organisation themselves for future mention.


  • External events that may change patterned advance of company’s good being such as workplace jeopardies ( fire jeopardy inside the establishment ) , security, infection control, care of installations. These factors may do injury or lead to serious effects one time untreated and unnoticed. Healthcare installations are prone to environmental jeopardy.

Table 1.3


Hazard appraisal

Hazard response program

Control of Activities and Monitoring

Take for illustration a ill patient. That patient came in contact with wellness attention forces, so that forces came in contact with another patient sharing the micro-organism from the latter.

The 2nd patient who came in contact with the 2nd patient has a inclination to get a new infection. And this hazard is extremely to go on in a health care instituiton

Medacs health care focuses on hand-washing for infection control. They even gave us press releases during the initiation stage for infection control.

Evaluation signifiers were besides given to us upon initiation. These rating signifiers are completed by our immediate senior in the establishment sing our public presentation including patient attention.

Another jeopardy in health care environment is natural catastrophes such as temblor, fire and the likes

This can take to patient hurts that may worsen patient’s status and the construction of the organisation itself. Hazard themselves are likely to go on.

Medacs health care has an exigency readiness program for their organisation themselves and infirmaries where we do our responsibilities have one every bit good.

Hospital make certain that their fire asphyxiators are powerful and checked up to day of the month. Even escape programs are explained.


  • Events that may associate to condemnable and fallacious behaviour that may act upon both stuff and immaterial resources of the organisation. In simpler words, these are events that may set the company’s name in cases and diminish its dependability thru the eyes of client infirmaries. This facet of event designation affects greatly the organisation because the name of the company is at interest. It may besides impact the selling and commercialisation of the company.

Table 1.4


Hazard appraisal

Hazard response program

Control of Activities and Monitoring

An illustration of this is medication mistake that transpired inside the installation.

Medication mistake can do injury to the patient. Besides, medicine mistakes may worsen patient’s status or worse, may do decease.

This event may set the staff involved and the organisation itself to multiple cases which we all don’t want. This is extremely improbable to go on because we healthcare helpers are non allowed to medicate.

Employees of medacs health care are asked non to make occupations that aren’t yours that may do injury to the patient or people around you.

If a medicine mistake or a error occurred in your assignment country and turn out that you are involved, you are required to compose an incident study to be passed in the establishment and medacs health care. Investigation will so go on. Reporting these incidents may forestall this things to go on once more.

Other illustrations are sexual torment in the workplace

These behaviours may shoot ailments from employees, clients and patients from that organisation. These event may be possible because of some brainsick patients or other sexually bemused staffs.

Medacs gave employees a brief account on how to move in the infirmary, preparing and proper uniform.

Incident studies or formal ailments may be filed against the suspect and probe will happen. Furthermore, behaviours like this is escalated to the direction of the client establishment

  • Fiscal

This aspect means any event that may affect pecuniary facet of the organisation. This event designation facet may be related to lower incomes, money losingss, and higher company disbursals than expected. Money in a company is similar oil in a machine. It makes everything run swimmingly. No money means more corrosion will go on inside the organisation that may take to serious problem such as bankruptcy and the likes.

Table 1.5


Hazard appraisal

Hazard response program

Control of Activities and Monitoring

Some illustrations are holds in paysheet of employees and

These may do employees to be unhappy with their employer. This is event may go on but can be prevented.

Medacs make certain paysheets are being disseminated consequently because it is managed by another bub subdivision inside medacs ( payroll commission )

Staffs are given clip cards where they put in the clip of their displacement and assignment country. These clip cards are so gathered hebdomadally for bite via electronic mail of facsimile and for our hebdomadal payroll check.


requires fiscal support to keep the credibleness of the organisation. This event may go on but can besides be prevented.

Proper decorousness, proper preparations and occupations description are some of the programs in the bar of this hazard.

Whenever incidents inside the establishment occur, we are obliged to do an incident study for the establishment to cognize what happened. These are so collated and monitored the returns.

  • Information system

These facet shows the hazards linked to information systems and information engineerings. It may besides intend a good communicating inside the establishment. Good communicating is of import. That’s why in Medacs Healthcare, good communicating is required. We are required to direct our handinesss for the following hebdomad via phone call and assignments or responsibility countries are being said and shared via phone call every bit good by coordinators. Electronic mails sing preparations are shared between coordinators and employees every bit good. A good flow of communicating system lessens the hazard of miscommunication therefore it an of import facet as good for it will greatly impact the result or rating of the organisation. Some illustrations are as stated above and explained in a different facet of event designation.

Information and communicating

Dissemination of information and communicating is of import in an organisation. If an employee sees a hazard in the workplace, Medacs health care suggests that we should inform them right off. Technology is a large aid presents. Medacs healthcare make certain that they’re available for us employees. Upon initiation they informed us about their contact Numberss, electronic mails and who to speak to whenever we wanted to inquire for aid or we wanted to portion some jobs in our assignment. They even offered us some one-on-one conversations whenever we feel like speaking about jobs and hazards in our assignment countries. We are besides required to describe incidents that transpired in our assignments countries like falls and other hurts that happened to patient. Then an probe will go on sing the incident on what stairss will be taken to extinguish or forestall the same incident to go on. Electronic mails may besides be sent in our histories sing proper preparation plans to heighten our accomplishments to forestall returns of mistake and extinguish these hazards. Keeping us updated sing alterations and what’s go oning inside our organisation is truly helpful in the bar of issues and advancing more chances for the organisation.

Roberto S. Recto Jr.

Health Care Management ( Level 7 )

Hazard Management


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