Remote monitoring, abbreviated as RMON, is a special monitoring specification that makes it easy for a variety of network monitors to delegate tasks to gadgets referred to as probes (Cisco Systems, 2010). RMON also makes it easy for systems to exchange network monitoring data. It provides network managers with great freedom in choosing network monitoring probes and also consoles features that satisfy their particular networking requirements. Probes can be systems on their own right, for example management appliance or can basically be incorporated in the device (Packet Sniffer, 2003). Then main purpose of developing RMON was to tackle the problem of managing various segments of LAN and remote sites from an inner location (Cisco Systems, 2010). Various types of tasks that can be that can be delegated to remote monitoring probe include: gathering statistics, subscribing to various types of notifications, in addition to generating thresh-hold cross alerts. Data generated by various processes carried out by the RMON is used to monitor various functions of the network, tune, and assist in network fault detection (Javvin Technologies, n.d.).

There are two types of RMON utilized in the network management system: RMONv1 and RMONv2. RMONv1, which is commonly found in modern network hardware, is used for basic network monitoring. RMONv2, on the other hand, deals with high layers of traffic. RMONv1 makes it easy for network management systems to monitor packets incorporated in all network layers (Packet Sniffer, 2003). Management systems make use of RMON probes to obtain and correlate RMON data. Network information is stored within RMON MIB, which is usually embedded on network hardware. Network agents only detect the traffic that flows within them and place it on the LAN segment to be monitored. Whereas Token Ring RMON MIB, avails objects needed to handle token ring networks, SMON MIB, provides RMON analysis for networks that have been switched (Cisco Systems, 2010).


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