Rennalls cited cultural differences and Baker’s offensive racial remarks for his surrender. Rennalls’s surrender came a twenty-four hours after his interview with John Baker. his direct higher-up. Baker had a perceptual experience that Rennalls. a Barracanian. got along better with other Barracanians than Europeans. Baker knew a batch about Rennalls. about how Rennalls had attended London University for four old ages. about his political engagement. about his father’s political background. and about his “sensitiv [ ity ] to any mark of superciliousness on the portion of exiles. ” The instance “Road to Hell” is a narrative about the interaction of two characters with different backgrounds. personalities and points of position. John Baker is a successful western main applied scientist of the Barracania’s subdivision of a transnational company. In the instance it is mentioned that John Baker is an English exile. so we assume that he is white. perchance born in Canada. Baker thinks he has an border in working in a foreign state because he has experience in understanding a regional staff’s psychological science and cognizing precisely how to acquire along with locals.

Baker has been working to fix Matthew Rennalls to be his replacement in the main engineer’s place. Rennalls. on the other manus. is a immature applied scientist who represents the new coevals of loyal. knowing Barracania’s professionals. His four old ages as a pupil at London University made him particularly sensitive to political. racial and equality issues affecting dealingss between his civilization and western influence. The last meeting between two instance characters ended up in a catastrophe. Alternatively of accepting the head applied scientist place. Matt turns in his surrender. insulted by John’s farewell interview and advice. This incident non merely leaves Baker puzzled about what he might hold said incorrect. but besides puts the hereafter of the company’s dealingss with its regional staff and governments in hazard. This instance is one of many illustrations of how people from different civilizations and backgrounds do non take diverseness into consideration. They evaluate and measure each other by their ain graduated tables and perceptual experiences. which frequently lead to serious misinterpretation and struggles.

Baker knew a batch about Matt’s political positions. racial issues sensitiveness and intolerance to any favoritism of value of his state and people in the universe sphere. However. he still made a error constructing his interview from sympathy his ain ( European ) position. Baker gave some historical and personal suggestions that were non meant to be violative. However. from Matt’s reading. the suggestions were wholly inappropriate. Through the interview. Baker emphasized several times the importance and taking place of European staff in the company shows ethnocentrism on his portion. In the attempt to learn Rennalls to break cooperate with this leading. Baker even offered a historical illustration. He put European civilization on a base of 300 old ages of development and left Barracania at the underside of the human history. Baker was non deliberately acting as an ethnocentric. but an old saying rings true: The route to hell is paved with good purposes.

Baker Assume Rennalls is ethnocentric because during the interview. Baker mentioned that Rennalls has been rude to European exiles non for the first clip. He thinks Rennalls is friendlier and acquire on better with other Barracanians than he does with Europeans. Rendalls denied the accusal and declared that is was the expatriates’ attitude that make him hard to acquire along with. non their race. Rendalls by holding the false belief of weakness. He accepted the fact that the company senior place was hold by Europeans because they have more experience than the Barracanians and good cognizant that one time Barracanians warrant the experience they will acquire promote and keep senior place. Several issues Caribbean Bauxite company has to cover with following Rennalls’s going relates to the nothingness in place of main applied scientist ; and the possible going of Barracanian staff given Rennalls’s popularity.

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They besides need to cover with the hapless communicating channel existent within Caribbean Bauxite Company ; possible political deductions given Rennalls’s father place in the authorities ; and leading job and besides the possible factionalism within the organisation and negatives consequence of ethnocentric attack that might ache upon Caribbean Bauxite Company. Nonverbal communications play a portion in this instance. Baker offered Rennalls a coffin nail as he entered the office. a mark of friendly relationship and informality. Baker saw Rennalls stiffen in his chair when he suggested that he was offering “the benefit of my long experience. ” and he made a corresponding change in his conversation. Rennalls nodded in understanding when Baker justified the demand for the meeting. Even when Rennalls offered no remark. Baker took this as a mark to go on. Rennalls offered a “smile of thanks. ” When Baker mentioned that Rennalls was friendlier with his fellow Barracanians. and so mentioned the in-house ailment. Rennalls tensed in his chair. so hesitated. a mark of uncertainness. before replying.


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