In comparing the plants of Robert Frost and Edwin Arlington Robinson the reader can non overlook the contrast in character development and the thoughts exhibited by the writers with regard to the predicament of the character. How the characters fail or win in covering with state of affairss. unpleasant fortunes or the issues of life is the foundation that separates them as writers.

In Robinson’s poetry the supporter is described by the storyteller as holding reached a degree of contentment with his unfortunate yet existent fortunes. In “The Tree in Pamela’s Garden” the subject of isolation is demonstrated through Pamela’s entry to her neighbor’s impression that she ne’er experienced love. When Pamela comments “let the work forces stay where they are” the writer suggests that Pamela’s beginning of love could come along. but she has committed to the thought of being alone ( Robinson 948 ) . Robinson establishes that Pamela has loved. nevertheless this fact will non be apparent to others as it is now entirely in Pamela’s memory. Robinson explores the deepnesss of persons and the hurting they experience. Pamela suffers from public examination and guess meanwhile her feelings are ne’er expressed doing her to farther isolate herself. This is made apparent when Robinson writes “her neighbours – making all that neighbours can To do love affair of reticence” ( Robinson 948 ) .

In Robinson’s verse form “Aunt Imogen” the aunt is startled by the overpowering love the kids have for her. yet she is resigned to ne’er see it with the same maternal inherent aptitudes of her sister. Recognizing that “the victory was non hers” ( Robinson 945 ) she has accepted life as a childless and single adult female merely capable of leaving love as an aunt and nil more. Robinson writes “that she who had so small sunlight for herself should hold so much for others” ( 944 ) . Robinson trades with Aunt Imogen much like he does with Pamela. two adult females capable of love and fondness yet isolated with no hope of deriving the clip lost in their lives. In depicting Aunt Imogen he writes “The mystical fulfilment of a life that might hold once… But that was all gone by” ( 945 ) .

Robert Frost’s attack in authorship is more inclined to offer picks for his characters and non restrict them to their predicament as is seen in Robinson’s plants. Frost’s “On Mending Wall” challenges the reader to inquire whether separation in the signifier of a fencing or a wall is of import to the edifice and care of relationships. When sing fencings he writes. “Why do they do good neighbours? ” ( 1061 ) . Frost besides finds his neighbour to be isolated in his manner of thought and proposes that he allow his mind measure out of the parturiency that the wall proposes and possibly see the wall more as a symbol and non so much as a life external respiration artefact. “Spring is the mischievousness in me. and I wonder If I could set a impression in his head” ( Frost 1061 ) . Isolation of idea favours the adult male on the other side of the wall regardless of anything the storyteller may state to carry him. Frost writes ” I could state elves to him” ( 1061 ) . The storyteller offers picks to his neighbour and can state no more. As the verse form ends his neighbour reiterates his place and states one time more “good fencings make good neighbors” ( Frost 1061 ) .

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Similarly in “The Road Not Taken” Frost dressed ores on the person and his pick to change his hereafter by specifying which way he will take. Despite both roads being similar he writes ” And both that forenoon every bit lay” ( Frost 1061 ) . The storyteller is determined to show which route must be taken. When he declares “Oh I kept the first for another twenty-four hours! ” the narrator’s sigh speaks to the isolation he felt. for instead than taking the right way he chose the incorrect one ( Frost 1061 ) . Frost writes “I took the 1 less traveled by. And that has made all the difference” ( 1061 ) . After the sigh the storyteller emphasizes that possibly his pick was non the 1 he would hold preferred for his life. but no less the storyteller has given his character a pick.

The commonalty between Frost and Robinson does stop with them being from New England. Frost dares his characters to contend the cognition of convention and offers a sense of hope and verve in life whether straight or indirectly. Frost’s work begets a certain enthusiasm in his readers while exudating a certain optimism. The reader feels a sense of completion when reading Frost because the characters he describes to the full evolve no affair their destiny. Conversely Robinson’s fluency is riddled with passion and emotion for his characters. He nevertheless fails to establish them entirely and they seem to be weighed down by incidences in their lives. therefore restricting them farther to a universe of internal isolation. While Robinson allows his characters to woolgather it is merely in the context of their predicament. ne’er offering a interruption in the rhythm but instead credence. These great authors had opposing ways of developing a character’s emotions and recognizing their innermost aspirations ; their primary difference lies in Frost’s optimism and Robinson’s pessimism.


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