Robert Mondavi is one of the leading innovators in the wine industry in the city of California and also in the world due to his own labels, brands and wineries offered throughout the world since the year 2005. This is due to his strategic management techniques used by his company that keeps it in the competitive position in the wine industry. Among the company’s strategies include that one of organizing the premier brands’ organic growth while noting the price increase in the wine properties in order to keep the company’s portfolio at a high position. In addition to, that the company looks at different aspects of the wine products that it produces to the market and analyses them. In relation to branding, the company takes interviews with winemakers and specialists and then uses the developed functionality of the brand to define the principles behind his brand.

This strengthens and popularizes the brand in the market. The company has involved the technique of user testing on its products. The management identifies how the users think about the wine and the features they like and develop the site features in response to the feedback that match with their tastes and preferences. All these have led to the company’s status to be in a competitive position and successful in the present time. More importantly the company has integrated the wine and food throughout the website and also has developed a food and wine section which allows customers to look for recipes for the entire company. Finally, the company has designed a global navigation system that enables the users to move quickly through the designed site and also understand their location in accordance to the rest of the site. This perfectly enables the company to operate efficiently in the present competitive wine industry (Mondavi, 2010).

List of references

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