1.      The move towards robotic environment will definitely have a negative impact on the economy. While one can argue that robots will help us make better decisions, will be more efficient, cut down costs etc., the economy will decline since human jobs will be cut. Without jobs, the people will be forced to work on lower salaries or not work at all making their status of living lower. Only the business owners will get richer as they will make higher profits due to lower costs. This will cause a major discrepancy between the rich and poor where the poor will greatly outnumber the rich thus the economy will meltdown.

2.      The increasing usage of robots is inevitable thus steps should be taken to create robots that help all humans rather than the rich few. Even if robots are taking the jobs of people, the result should be that the people should get lower prices for products and services. The pain of transition can further be alleviated if robots bring health, safety and security to the people’s lives which they can if utilized in public service areas.

3.      Even while studying, this wave of robots can replace all teachers and professors for just a single robot who would come to my home each day and teach me the required lessons. By the time I start my career, some of the jobs will be taken by robots and in that case it would be much more favorable to become a entrepreneur do start a business that will help people in some ways.

4.      In a sense that we now think of robots as helpful creations for humans, R2-D2 fits the frame perfectly since it can perform computerized functions to help the people around it like repairing ships etc. However thinking of a better human race, I believe C-3PO is a better robot since it does what humans are considered better at i.e. building a community through communication and across culture. The C-3PO type robot is the better option since humans around the globe need better collaboration and communication to create a global community that understands each other problems and can work to solve them.


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