One of the most popular and distinguished song for ensemble and classical guitar is Concierto de Aranjuez. It is a well-known composition of an inspired blind man composer since childhood and is considered as the first work of Joaquin Rodrigo who made him an outstanding musician of the 20th century and brings him to immediate distinction without even playing the guitar instrument. His inspiration is the gardens at the Palacio Read de Aranjuez that showing the singing of birds and gushing of fountain and fragrance of magnolias. Many people enjoyed the beauty of the Aranjuez, but the reality happens upon writing this great piece of music to the composer is seriously painful, he is experiencing difficult and unwanted situations. One of those is that his lovely wife, Victoria Kamhi, a Turkish pianist which he also recognizes as his remarkable assistant and him is facing an enormous poverty; a depression because of miscarriage of their first baby while Rodrigo is suffering from severe infection after increasing abscess in his eye and plus the factor of the tension of the pending war.

The success of his composition makes their live easy. The Concierto de Aranjuez makes him known to a music industry and helps him to earned money for his family and uplift the self-esteem of the sightless composer. After its first showing in Madrid, all the big opportunity comes and the offer to a different position and job for Rodrigo goes abundantly. Through the positive things happen he is able to win and cope up to the financial problem of his very young family. The life of Rodrigo which is span the entire 20th century is dedicated in pursuing and carrying both classical and popular unstable form of Spanish music. The popularity and accomplishment of the Concierto de Aranjuez is the evidence of the enduring and permanent vitality of their musical heritage in the 20th century.

The anxiety of the war and the violence in Guernica motivates and helps the concerto to shape it according to the experience and happenings in their place. The second movement of the music is different from the first and the last; it is called Adaigo which means slow movement with lingering beautiful synchronization and Spanish folk and the most popular and well-known among the three movements. Most of the people believe that Adaigo is the response to an aggression in Guernica in 1937.

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I also experienced to be inspired by music to face all the trials I encountered. Music helps me a lot in keeping my mind calm through any circumstances. I was able to think positively and reacted purposely according to what the situation needed and conquered the battle of life because of the spirit produced by the music.

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