The documentary film, Roger & Me, shows a very interesting story of the native city known as Flint that is beset by economic, social, and moral predicaments that seem to dwarf the causes for some issues that affect the entire city. There is the ever worsening poverty in the city, destruction of homes, the struggle of people loosing their savings, and the eruption of violence due to the 25% rate of unemployment. These events continue to exist despite the many attempts done by the city government and some concerned corporate entities.

When 28, 000 people lost their savings from getting laid off from General Motors, the real issue of unemployment ended up with some of them packing and leaving towards South to look for a job. Unemployment for these people is actually a race out of the rut. In as much as these people would like to stay, survival instincts tell them that it’s best to leave, to find a place where opportunity is greater and to go where a future actually exists. For these people, loyalty could not put food on the table, all the more feed a hungry stomach. It will not pay their bills, neither light p a candle when electricity is off. It could not ease away their guilt of seeing their lives wasted on the street instead of being spent in a comfortable lifestyle. This is not actually a form of escape as idealists would put it; it is merely giving answers to their problems, putting actions when they are most required.

Unemployment also resulted to some violence in the city. Suicides, sexual and physical abuse, alcoholism, and high crime neighborhood became evident. These were actually characterized by some fragmented form of management that is slowly building up in the society. Well, most people say that diversity molds men. In Flint where crises abound, its citizens could have been the most accomplished in the world. However, instead of reviving one’s nationalistic ideals, the people chose to be in a situation that brings doom to their industry.

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Definitely, there is a need for a renewed commitment here in order to reverse the impacts faced by Flint. Learning and reflecting from such thing that happened actually helps one another liberate his country from oppressions.



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