Teachers are the inheritors of Nabi Muhammad. to distribute the cognition after the loss of the prophesier. Basically. in Islam. instructors need to state the society about the cognition. steer those who are lost. and help those who want to be back on the right path. And really all Moslems are instructors. because it is our function to distribute even the slightest cognition to others.

•As an examples to the pupils. Imam Zeinul-abidin says. “The right of your teacher is ennobling him and perpetrating to sedateness in theirclasses and good hearing and attention. You should supply for your teacher with mental presence and conceptual attending and bosom retaining and sight proximity. The manner of all these is laxity of desires and confine of lecherousnesss. You must understand that you are the envoy of what you have been received to the ignorant you may run into. Then. you should convey decently and ne’er breach the mission if you should execute. ”

•Love their student and guard them against injury. Abu Abbas said. “The most respectful -for me- is my pupil who leaves all people to come to me. I protect him to the grade that I exert my attempts for forestalling even the flies from making him. ”

•Concern about the cognition and go forth out the useless affair. Shaqiq al-Belkhi asked his pupil. Hatem al-Asem about the inquiries he had learned. “How long have you been with me? ” asked the instructor. “They have been 30 three old ages. ” answered the pupil. “What have you learned all these old ages? ” asked the instructor. “I have learnt eight inquiries. ” replied the pupil. The instructor expressed his sorrow and said. “I have finished my old ages with you. but you have learnt eight things merely! ” “That is it. ” expressed the pupil. “ I do non desire to lie. ” “Well. ” said the instructor. “Let me hear. ”

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“They are the fancy of the good workss. jostling the impulses off. decency and god-fearing. befriending the right. antagonising the Satan. adhering to obedience. go forthing the humiliation of seeking net incomes to people. and depending on God. ” counted the pupil. The instructor expressed his great esteem and regard and said. “O Hatem! God may thrive you. As I looked in the Torah. the Bible. the Psalms. and the Quran. I found these eight inquiries be the pivot of these Books. ”

•Realize the degree of each pupils and offer them harmonizing to their ability. They should adumbrate to the smart. elucidate for others. and repetition for the unintelligent.

•Treat pupils every bit and avoid any sort of favoritism. The Prophet is reported to state. “Teachers who have three students- of different societal classes- and make non handle them every bit. will


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