Our family Interacts normally within the wider society, my mother arks as a nurse that travels to other people’s homes to give them care, so she regularly Interacts with many different people In our society. I Interact within the wider society working at my part time job at the chemist; this gives me an opportunity to get to know many people in the community. I interact with my friends inside at school. I am involved in the local tennis club, and attend training nearly every week on Tuesday and Friday. My life is balanced between school and my family interactions and my Interactions with the community.

Although a lot of my time Is pent with my boyfriend, at school and outside of school as we attend tennis together and also spending time apart from those things together. Roles and status Within my family I have a fair amount of responsibility. I live at home and have a Job so I provide money for myself on a weekly basis as well as being given pocket money by my grandparents on a monthly basis. My role in our household is to take share in duties with my mother such as cleaning, cooking and washing. Both my parents expect a lot of respect to be given to them from me, growing up an only child I was always Interacting with adults. ND I have a pretty free roam, and have a lot of freedom. At school my role is to do the best I can, and not disrupt others from learning. I am also expected to set a good example for the junior students, who look up to us as year 11 students. Conflict, cooperation, and decision making Typically I do have conflicts with my family. These conflicts are usually around things that I find are breaches of my privacy and when I am left to do things that should not be my Job, Like cooking dinner, washing up and doing the washing all In one afternoon when I could be studying.

I am very short tempered and fly of the handle very quickly; I tend to dramatist things which make the conflict worse in many situations. These conflicts are usually resolved, by a simple apology by me or whoever has caused the conflict, and usually my Mum and I sit down and work out something that will ensure the conflict wont happen again. Cooperation and compromise is very important In my daily life. At home I cooperate with my Mum and her partner and at school I cooperate with my teachers and other peers. I have to also cooperate and improvise with my boyfriend as cooperation and compromise are key elements of a healthy relationship.

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Decision making is also an important factor in my daily life, in relation to decision making at home, I am always aloud to help decide on major decisions and if one of the members aren’t happy the planned decision wont go ahead, unless It’s essential. Gender My family Is a mix between male and female. Gender Is really an Insignificant Issue him and mum separated he was forced to learn how to cook and clean for himself and maintain a house, and mum was forced to do the same, she had to learn how to SE power tools to fix things around the house and learn how to mow the lawn and other things that generally the “man of the house “would do.

I have never felt discriminated against because of my gender, I am a very open and outspoken person so if someone tried to discriminate against me for being a woman , I really wouldn’t be bothered , women are the people who brought everyone into this world , so why disrespect them or discriminate against them ,plain stupid in my opinion. I think that I understand males in a way having a pretty good relationship with my dad and boyfriend I understand their behavior and accept it.

Communication Communication is a large part of my life, without it I probably wouldn’t interact with anyone. I have to communicate with my dad and grandparents and boyfriend when I am not with them. I have to communicate with my teachers and friends at school. Communicating with people in the community has enabled me to have a Job and to make friends. Communicating with people at school has let me have good friends and a boyfriend, without communication I wouldn’t be able to know so many of the people I class as my friends now.

Communication involves talking and listening, voicing your opinion, also through body language and facial expressions. Communication is the key I think to being able to have a successful interaction with groups and individuals in the community. Power, authority and influence In my family power and authority is really Just related to my mum and dad and grandparents the people who I class as my main guardians.

Mum pretty much has the most authority in the family because I live with her all the time. I am involved in lots of different situations in the community where my power varies, such as at work I m a Junior so I am told what to by the older staff and boss, at school my authority is the teachers and principal, in the playground I somewhat have power over the younger years but you can’t really enforce that authority.


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