Roman Women And Their Mythology Essay, Research Paper

Throughout the ages myths, fables and fairy tales have been used to learn people basic moral and educational lessons. For illustration, female parents and male parents use the childhood narrative of? Goldilocks and the Three Bears? to learn their kids that stealing and snooping is incorrect. In the terminal, Goldilocks was either eaten or she ran off, depending on your bloody-minded nature. By utilizing this comparing between myths and world the Romans were able to? command? their adult females, and to deter them from vain, romantic and extramarital actions. Women themselves had a really low topographic point in Roman society, and could be bought and sold like cowss or slaves. Despite their low legal position, adult females had huge power and influence over their male parents, brothers and hubbies. These myths and fables were society? s guidebook, which provided adult females with a manual about right behavior.

Despite being a guidebook for all adult females to utilize, the Romans couldn? T merely state, ? Look what happened to that fabulous individual. You shouldn? T do what she did. ? This would hold led to a really cheerless and deadening set of myths, so the Romans spruced them up a spot. They portrayed both good and bad images of adult females, including the Goddesses. Some of these narratives were amusing and some sad, but every individual 1 had a lesson which could be learnt and acted upon. For illustration, the Amazons were a legendary race of warrior adult females who despised all work forces. They killed all the male babes that were born, and kept the female 1s. In fact, it was said that the Amazons used the work forces from a nearby small town as sex slaves, so that they wouldn? T die out. One twenty-four hours, Hercules came along, and wanted to borrow the Queen? s belt. Hippolyte, being a adult female and all, fell frantically in love with Hercules and readily agreed. But the other Amazons weren? T impressed, and believing that Hercules was seeking to kill their Queen, charged towards him. Hercules seized Hippolyte and slew her, so ran off with the belt. Acerate leaf to state nil much else was said about the Amazons. This narrative was used to learn the foolishness of adult females who thought they could last without work forces. They were dependant on the nearby small town, and weren? t really good organized. They were much better off lodging to their ain topographic point in society.

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But as I said non all word pictures were bad. Some were quite nice. The Muses were the girls of Heaven and Earth, and were in charge of heroic poesy, history, mummer, flute, light poetry and dance, lyric choral poesy, calamity, comedy and uranology. All in all some really nice things. Then there were the Graces, the Godheads of beauty, grace and artistic inspiration. They used to run around bare and hug each other a batch. That seemed to the Romans to be a appropriately womanish thing to make, and plus it would hold looked amusing to hold the Grace of grace as a large hulking adult male. So the Roman adult females would draw a bead on to be like the Muses and the Graces, and to be appropriately modest while making so.

To a immature Roman miss, love affair and love was really of import. To a adult male, matrimony to a appropriately bosomy and respectful household was more of import. Marriage was a manner of go throughing on the household name, and bring forthing legitimate inheritors. As Augustus himself one time said: ? Since Nature has decreed that we can non populate at all comfortably with our married womans, or live at all without them, we should see the long term benefits instead than immediate happiness. ? Not precisely a address to animate bravery in a fifteen-year-old miss about to get married person the same age as her male parent. But the Romans believed it. Romantic impressions were worthless dreams, and listening to your parents was more of import. Take Pyramus and Thisbe. Long before Shakespeare of all time said his first word, the Romans were transfusing fright into the Black Marias of immature misss with the tragic narrative of star-crossed lovers. Pyramus and Thisbe lived following door to each other and wanted to acquire married, but their parents disapproved.

So they whispered sweet nothings through a Chinaman in the wall which separated their Villas, and one twenty-four hours decided to run away together. Thisbe arrived at their meeting topographic point foremost, and saw a immense king of beasts sitting at that place. Bing a instead ditsy immature adult female, she dropped her scarf whilst fleeing, which the king of beasts so tore to scintillas. Pyramus arrived and happening the remains of beloved Thisbe? s scarf, he fell on his blade. Thisbe returned a few minutes subsequently, and seeing her darling lying dead on the land she plunged a sticker into her bosom. Everyone agreed it was a tragic waste of life. If merely they had listened to their parents, possibly they would hold found person else to love. But they took the enterprise, ran off, and perished. Love affair was besides a manner of acquiring injury. Medea was a sorceress, who fell in love with her male parent? s enemy. She helped her love, and ran off with him. He so ditched her on the nearest island and married person else. It would hold been much better if she? vitamin D exercised some self-discipline, and allow her love dice as her male parent wanted. But as a adult female, she didn? T and so she suffered.

Self-discipline was really of import to the Romans, peculiarly in adult females. A adult male could hold every bit many personal businesss as he wanted, but if a adult female had one, she was killed or divorced immediately. Not all Romans were nescient of these dual criterions, and as a character in one of Plautus? dramas explains: ? If hubbies suffered for their wenching in the same manner adult females were divorced for theirs, their would be a batch more lonely work forces than women. ? The adult females of the myths were invariably holding personal businesss, largely with Jupiter, the King of the Gods. Io, Europa, Daenae and Leda are merely a few of the blue adult females who had relationships with Jupiter, and some really atrocious things happened to them. Io was turned into a cow, Europa was carried off to the terminals of the Earth, Leda became a swan and Daenae was flung into a wooden thorax and tossed out to sea. So there were some really atrocious effects for adult females sing criminal conversation as a interest. Acerate leaf to state nil happened to Jupiter. Paris and Helen are two of the most celebrated lovers, and they caused the Trojan War which killed 1000s of people. So adultery was a definite no in the Roman? s guidebook to life.

Womans were expected to exercise self-discipline and to command any sentiments like pride and amour propre they might be experiencing. Work force were welcome to experience great about their kids and to tout about them at the gym. But for adult females this was a atrocious thing to make, non the least because the gym was a boys merely nine. In one narrative, Queen Niobe was so proud of her 14 kids, she told everyone. Apollo and Artemis were horrified by her audaciousness, and killed all. Then they turned Niobe into a stone with a spring bubbling up, so that she could cry everlastingly. Andromeda boasted about the beauty of her girl, so Neptune sent a monster to eat her as a forfeit. Weaving was besides really of import to the adult females of Rome, and on many gravestones there was the lettering Lamam fecit, ? she made the wool. ? But a adult female must ne’er tout about her endowments. Arachne did, and the covetous Minerva turned her into a spider, so that she could weave everlastingly. Even the first adult female created was a headless lady. Pandora let all the immoralities out into the universe, because of her insatiate wonder. But she did nevertheless manage to pin down hope, and maintain that forever. So a adult female was expected to be modest, uninquiring, and self-controlled. The work forces were allowed to make whatever they wanted.

As you can see, many of the myths and fables created were directed towards adult females, to learn them lessons in humbleness and bow. They explained the societal Torahs and regulations which adult females had to obey, despite their influence over their hubbies. The dual criterions exerted by the Romans are clearly apparent to a 21st century adult female. Now that we have feminism, equal rights and legal rights, the universe is a much better topographic point. Vivat femina!


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