Paul’s argument in Romans is foundational to the Biblical/Christian Worldview. Paul brings to realization of what God is revealing to the Christian World. Most Christians do not understand the consequences of not obeying the moral laws and its values. Christians are influenced by other religions because of the lack of understanding the expectations and the fact of being accountable for their actions. Paul is presenting specific directions as how to live a godly life and to show consideration to others. This is imperative for Christians in today’s society as well as it was to the Romans.

Acquiring a good foundation in the word of God is important for all Christians. What does Romans inform us regarding Creation? The book of Romans informs us of the expectations of what God has in store for all things. There was a falling away from God in the Garden of Eden which brought trouble to man and the earth. But God has a plan to redeem all those who are faithful and believe in His word. Romans 8:19-22 reveals the fact of all creation will be unchained from the burden imposed upon them, into the glory of God.

Natural Creation: Mans belief in the creation from the beginning of this world, should save all who believe in the redemption of God. Romans 1:22 clearly states that man who does not believe in the creation is foolish. Human Nature: Romans 1:20 explains, people do not have any excuse as not to believe. Since the beginning God has expressed His wondrous powers and divine nature. It also mentions the creation of the world and the attributes of God that are invisible. Christians should be able to comprehend the qualities of God through the things he has done.

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Humans are always seeking a new thing or technology to replace what has already been established, and in most instances it is not always the best thing to do. Paul wrote the letter to the Romans as to inform them what was best for them and what was not. Sin: What are the consequences of sin? Romans 5:12-21, reveals before there was a law, sin was in the world. Adams fall brought sin into this world, and sin brought death. Everyone has sinned because of the event that took place in the garden. Death was spread to man because of Adams disobedience.

Jesus went to the cross to redeem man from sin, all have righteousness of God through Him. Christ brought life to all Christians who believe in Him. Salvation: What does Roman teach about Salvation? Salvation is for everyone who believes. The problem today is most people do not believe. Whether a person has the physical bible today they still have a conscious. Even though people know about God they refuse to be faithful and say thanks. People exchanged the truth of God for a lie. They would rather believe that the creator has no claim on their lives, and choose to use things of the world.

Belief in the Gospel change people lives, and is the answer to obedience verses disobedience. It is of the grace and the unmerited favor of God and no condemnation through Jesus Christ. The nature and mission of Jesus Christ: To bring “Good News” to the non Christians. The Good News was the gospel of God. Romans 8:3 relate Jesus as in the form of “sinful flesh. ” Romans 1:1 Jesus is explained to be descended from the line of David in his “human nature, or as a man. ” Through Jesus Christ all people are called by obedience and the gift of grace from God. If it was not for Jesus, this world would not be in existence.

Justification by faith: Romans 1:17 convey the meaning of Justification by faith is “righteousness by faith; it is the one who is “righteous by faith: who will gain spiritual life. By faith Christians believe, by faith Christians are saved. Through the gospel God has the power to change people. When they respond to the good news, God “justifies” them and remove anything that is in the path of a Christian receiving His grace. In this world where sin is rapid, Christians are to continue to repent and accept Jesus as Savior and God. The justice of God starts and finishes with faith. Sanctification / life empowered by the Holy Spirit:


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