Romanticism Essay, Research Paper

Romanticism began in the mid-18th century and reached its tallness in the 19th

century. The Romantic literature of the 19th century holds in its subjects

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the ideals of the clip period, concentrating on emotion, nature, and the

look of “ nil. ” The Romantic epoch was one that focused on the

commonalty of world and, while utilizing emotion and nature ; the poets and

their plants shed visible radiation on people & # 8217 ; s cosmopolitan natures. Romanticism as a motion

declined in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century with the turning

laterality of Realism in the literature and the rapid promotion of scientific discipline and

engineering. However, Romanticism was really impressionative on most persons

during its clip. Rationalism or Realism was erected during the mid nineteenth century.

Realism are thoughts that are brought up in philosophical thought. The realistic

motion of the late nineteenth century saw writers accurately depict life and it & # 8217 ; s

jobs. Realists attempted to give a comprehensive image of modern life by

showing the full image. They did non seek to give one position of life but

alternatively attempted to demo the different categories, manners, and stratification of

life. The Positivist recognizes that they must get the hang their ain fate, utilizing

their alone powers of ground and the scientific method to work out jobs. Such

writers that represent these two epochs are Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David

Thoreau, William Wordsworth and Charles Darwin. Romantics believed that one

needed to understand nature to understand oneself. In other words, merely through

nature could one discover who they are. Emerson shows this in his authorship called

“ Nature ” . In the exert “ ? adult male beholds slightly every bit beautiful as

his ain nature. ” This depicts Emerson & # 8217 ; s feelings toward nature ; position nature

as you view yourself. If one views nature as lovingness and compassionate, one will

besides see themselves as caring and compassionate. Similarly if you understand

nature you will cognize yourself better. As one additions wisdom from nature, one

Begins to recognize that apprehension is a gate manner to the Godhead every bit good as to

oneself. Other authors besides agreed with this impression of nature. In the essay

“ Walden ” by Thoreau, Thoreau had left society to travel into a shelter

outside of his town. By populating on merely the necessities he lived his life as

simple as he could, therefore happening the Godhead within himself. By being separate

from society and being one with yourself are the lone ways one can happen the

Godhead. Thoreau felt by making this society would hold a harder clip to model him

into what it wanted him to believe. Thoreau left a life of luxury for

“ voluntary poorness ” . Even though he was “ poorer in his outward

wealths ” he was affluent in his “ inward wealths ” . A good figure of

romantic positions of Nature suggested utilizing Nature as 1s tool to larn. This is

evident in William Wordsworth & # 8217 ; s poem “ The Tables Turned. In the verse form

“ The Tables Turned ” Wordsworth states to “ discontinue your books [ for it

is ] a dull and eternal discord [ ; ] enough of Science ; shut up those wastes

foliages. ” Wordsworth believed piece that books were useless to larn from.

He bel

ieved that we should “ Let Nature be [ our ] Teacher [ for it ] ? may

Teach you more of adult male [ and ] moral good and evil [ , more ] than all the sages

can. ” Wordsworth agreed with the old impression that to understand the

Godhead and oneself, they must first get down with understanding Nature. This Position

of analyzing Nature is taken one measure farther by Charles Darwin. Possibly the most

appealing quality of Darwin & # 8217 ; s work was that it accounted for phenomenon in a

strictly realistic mode. It was the most scientific account yet,

wholly taking the supernatural account, and puting him apart from the

theoreticians before him. The major unsettled scientific inquiry of Darwin & # 8217 ; s Theory

was be in respects to natural choice as the mechanism for alteration, which became

the issue among the general populace every bit good. It took several old ages for the thought

of natural choice to go accepted within the scientific community.

Darwin & # 8217 ; s work was non instantly accepted as scientific discipline. In a sense, he was

revolutionist, non merely for suggesting an account of development that removed

the supernatural component, but besides for the fact that he was able to show his

thoughts to the scientific community in an unconventional mode, through

bad idea. The indispensable thought in Darwinian evolutionary idea is

that species are non changeless. The prevalent premise prior to Darwin was

that species were changeless ( i.e. fixed in their features ) . This thought

was held in resistance to the grounds that worlds had been making selective

engendering on cowss, Equus caballuss, birds, fruit and cereal harvests for millenary. It was

held for possibly two distinguishable grounds. The first was the fact that in malice of

centuries of engendering & # 8211 ; cowss, Equus caballuss, birds, etc. retained their & # 8216 ; indispensable & # 8217 ;

features. Cattle did non go fish and Equus caballuss did non go serpents.

The features which breeders could modify were seen as unessential and

incapable of transforming one species in to another.. The 2nd ground was the

Bible. Speciess were equated with the sorts mentioned in Genesis and it was

merely assumed that merely God could make new species. If Darwin & # 8217 ; s hypothesis

was true, so the Bible must be an intolerable fiction. Darwin & # 8217 ; s theory required

people to discredit the important word of the Creator. Every thought of the

Holy Scriptures, from the first to the last page stood in diametral resistance

to the Darwinian theory. Many people of the clip strongly felt that the thought of

creative activity belongs to faith and non to natural scientific discipline. The whole

superstructure of personal faith was built on the philosophy of creative activity. The

rationalist attitude is characterized by the importance it attaches to argument

and experience. But neither logical statement nor experience can set up the

rationalist attitude ; for merely those who are ready to see statement and

experience, and who have hence adopted this stance already are likely to be

impressed by them. In other words, a rationalist stance must foremost be adopted if

any statement or experience is to be effectual, and it can non hence be based

upon statement or experience. No rational statement will hold a rational consequence on

person who does non desire to follow a rational attitude.


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