The climax in the novel the Chant’s secret by Allan Stratton takes place when Chanced says this ‘I’m tired of lies and hiding and being afraid. I’m not ashamed of AIDS! I’m ashamed of being ashamed! ‘. Before the climax everyone Just want to be silent and hide there diseases from the society because if the society comes to know that they have AIDS, the people would Just criticism them. The people in the society will start saying bad things about them, but after the climax she decides deal with he problem, and will not stay silent anymore.

Chanced finds the strength to overcome her fear of rejection and stand up to Mrs.. Taft and all the people in Banana for her mother. When the climax takes place themes also changes. The theme individual and society changes when Chanced brings her mother to Banana from Tire, the society is against Chanced because her mother has AIDS. No one would be ready to go near them. Chanced is scared because if all people in the town finds out that her mother has AIDS, and everyone would start saying bad things about her family, but after the climax when Chanced says “I’m tired of lies and hiding and being afraid.

I’m not ashamed of AIDS! I’m ashamed of being ashamed! ” She becomes strong and courageous. Her mother’s words motivate and encourage her dreams, “Save your anger to fight injustice, forgive the rest. ” She does not care what the people think about her family, she Just want her mother to be k. When her mother dies, the whole society realizes that they are wrong. “The whole community came to the burial feast. For once, nobody had to lie about the cause of the death. We could breathe freely. Therefore, even Chanced is having hard life, Chant’s courage to live without her mother and father.

When the climax takes place the obstacles are different than before the climax. Before Chant’s mom’s death when Chant’s finds out that her mother has AIDS, she is afraid and wants to hide it from the society. Mrs.. Taft thinks it would bring shame if everyone in Banana knows that Lillian has AIDS. Chanced does not care if everyone knows her mother has AIDS as long as she dies with her family that loves her. Chanced has a lot of courage to not care about what everyone thinks bout her, or her family.

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She stands up for what she believe in. It work out great for everyone in the end because of Chant’s choice, but even after Chant’s mother’s death Chanced has so many problems to deal with such as how will Chanced and her siblings survive without their mother and father. How will she raise her siblings? But Chant’s teacher Mr.. Slammed finds her a Job of a supply at a elementary school. Therefore, Chanced came out of that poverty, and has a courage to face the society and raise her siblings. Romeo and Juliet By Procrastinators


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