Romeo And Juliet: Banned Book Report Essay, Research Paper

Romeo And Juliet

Banned Book Report

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1. Brief Summary of the Play

The narrative is go oning in the metropolis of Verona, where two respectful houses, Montague and Capulet, are in fury for many old ages.

The Sun of Montague, Romeo, is profoundly in love with Rosaline. As a & # 8220 ; remedy & # 8221 ; for his love, his friend, Benvolio, suggests that he will travel under camouflage to a party in Capulet house.

Romeo arrives at the party, where he meets Juliet, the girl of Capulet, and both autumn in love instantly. Merely after the party they discover that they are from rival houses. Romeo express his love to Juliet and the marry the following twenty-four hours, in secret.

Tybalt is enraged by Romeo unwanted & # 8220 ; visit & # 8221 ; and he swears retaliation. He is contemptuous Romeo and killing Mercutio, another Montague. Romeo kill s Tybalt, and as a penalty, he is to go forth Verona and ne’er return. The Friar has a program to unify once more Romeo and Juliet, who is supposed to get married Paris by her father demand. The friar makes a potion who will do Juliet a impermanent death-alike state of affairs, and she will non hold to get married Paris. Juliet agrees, drinks the part and seemingly die, and the Friar sends a courier to inform Romeo, but the courier fail to make Romeo, and alternatively a friend of Romeo reaches him and tells him that Juliet is dead because he didn t knew that Juliet is merely seemingly dead because of the potion. Romeo buys a toxicant, comes back to Verona and enters Juliet grave. He kisses her, and suicide. A small after, Juliet wake up, happen her Romeo dead, and utilize Romeo s sticker to suicide. Romeo and Capulet arrive at the grave, and make up one’s mind to halt the combat between the degree Fahrenheit


2. Why was the book Banned.

I think the book was banned because Romeo and Juliet self-destruction, ( Romeo drinks toxicant and Juliet stabs herself ) . Juliet really & # 8220 ; angry & # 8221 ; with Romeo after he suicide because he didn T left her even a bead of toxicant ( & # 8221 ; Drunk all, and left no friendly bead To assist me after? & # 8221 ; ) and people thought that this will promote adolescents to suicide because of false love.

3. Make you hold with the forbiddance?

I do non hold with the forbiddance, although I do believe it doesn t tantrum to an Elementary school or Jr. High, because of the difficult linguistic communication ( I had truly difficult clip calculating what some vocabulary is ) , although I wouldn t disallow pupils to read it, if they think they can, or willing to set every bit much attempt as it takes to to the full understand the book, I would let and even urge it.

4. My sentiment on the book

I think the book is one of the best I have of all time read. Shakespeare uses an astonishing vocabulary to depict in inside informations every scene in the book, yet go forthing infinite for utilizing imaginativeness.

The book was really difficult to read. But I enjoyed it a Batch!

5. Other Remarks Opinions

Last Friday, I went to see the new version of Romeo and Juliet ( Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet ) . The film is a modern version of the original narrative, go oning these yearss. I truly disliked the film, it was ( good, pardon me for linguistic communication ) truly stool ( Alternatively of directing a courier to Romeo to inform him about Juliet & # 8220 ; decease & # 8221 ; , he sends him a FedEx? I don t think so! ) although the film left really sad looks on my friend, I thought it was truly icky and non even closed to the book. Romeo and Juliet is perfect & # 8220 ; As is & # 8221 ; .


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