Everything in life happens for a ground. and finally destiny has a particular manner in doing it all go on. Within the tragic love narrative of William Shakespeare’s authoritative. “Romeo and Juliet” destiny decides the two lover’s fate together along with many other factors. The power of destiny brought Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet together yet it besides decided to take them into their ain death.

Ultimately destiny decided their fate and their hereafter in front and if things were non meant to be. they merely weren’t meant to be as destiny has a strong inherent aptitude of cognizing so. Along with destiny. the power of premise lays a large portion in this love narrative. as most of the characters are the types of people who do presume things alternatively of genuinely intelligent things through. Some people tend to do determinations emotionally and hotfoot them rapidly without to the full believing them through as sometimes the effects for these actions may ensue into a troublesome hereafter.

Romeo and Juliet were decidedly 1s being guilty for making so. as because of them hotfooting things and presuming without genuinely believing foremost. these factors genuinely lead them into their ain death along with the power of destiny. Peoples within this narrative frequently first-come-first-serve things rather badly. Taking the clip in to the full intelligent things through is really different from believing emotionally and immediately hotfooting of import determinations and presuming everything is all right. For illustration. in Act 5 Scene 3 when Romeo sees Juliet sham “dead. ” Romeo immediately assumes that she is dead.

Alternatively of presuming and doing such an instant determination. he could hold checked to see if she was take a breathing or make everything he perchance could to seek to convey her dorsum to life. alternatively of immediately merely automatically killing himself. Assumption isn’t ever the reply! The characters in this narrative are the types of people who do presume things and it merely so happened that every individual one of them assume alternatively of genuinely seeking to happen the reply. Therefore by making so. premise and fate lead the lovers Romeo and Juliet in to their ain death.

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Along with the power of presuming. destiny finally decides the couple’s fate. Beyond that determination. destine decides what is traveling to go on. and if Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet are genuinely meant to be in love and pass the remainder of their lives together. Clearly throughout this love narrative. destiny gave intimations that things were non in the couple’s favour. For illustration. it merely so happened that the households of Romeo and Juliet despise each other. it doesn’t have to be that manner but of class destiny decides that. The feud between the two households causes many jobs for the immature twosome along their journey of life together. Could you conceive of your household contemning your true love’s household?

I could non conceive of how atrocious that would be. but it merely so happened for Romeo and Juliet in their narrative. that is precisely what happened and is what caused so many jobs for them. Visualizing their households acquiring along and affably wishing one another. do you believe if that was the instance would that factor alteration Romeo’s and Juliet’s hereafter? Even if it did or did non. holding destiny right off the top decision making that their households despise one another and invariably holding feuds does non assist Romeo and Juliet what so of all time.

But do you of all time see Romeo and Juliet seeking to halt the household feuds from go oning? Romeo and Juliet instantly assume that their households will ne’er acquire along but do you see them seeking to make something about it? In fact. they don’t do anything to seek to stop the changeless feuds from go oning. they do nil to seek to repair the job. Here yet once more. is another illustration of how the power of premise plays a big portion in this Shakespeare authoritative. Romeo and Juliet assume that their households do non acquire along and there is no hope that they of all time will. but they ne’er truly attempt to do a difference and seek to bring around the job.

Resulting in a troublesome hereafter for immature Romeo and Juliet. if they tried to make everything they can to seek to do their households at the least respect one another. I believe that would hold made a better and more positive impact on the twosome. Ultimately love is something that is a strong. powerful experiencing to show. To state you love person is a really large thing to state to person. particularly when you are 13 old ages of age to an older male child. In Juliet’s instance she has merely become a adolescent and although people tended to settle down and be married with kids typically at a younger age in their epoch. to state she loves person is such a big statement. particularly when she is merely 13.

Romeo every bit good. two old ages older than his lover Juliet is still really immature to state that statement to person. He does be given to love and demo his fondness rather in a coquettish and “rash” manner. but still to state you love person is a truly large trade. Young Romeo and Juliet are so immature ; they haven’t matured into immature grownups yet and are still immature kids. To presume that you are in love is a large premise to get down off with ne’er the lupus erythematosus when you don’t have the adulthood to be in a relationship. Romeo displays many childly qualities in how he ever has a crush on person throughout the narrative.

As people do develop strong feelings for others. it does non go on every bit often as you mature and grow older. Romantic Romeo loves the thought of falling in love. as he foremost has a large crush on beautiful Rosaline. as so he subsequently falls in love with the 1 and merely Juliet. Young Juliet displays many child-like qualities as good. for illustration of how she ever imagines and dreams of love. As her female parent Lady Capulet insists on her marrying rich and fine-looking Paris. Juliet truly claims she isn’t looking for love and a hubby and is decidedly non desperate for a hubby as she will run into her true love when the right clip comes.

She still dreams of love and love affair yet she does state in the love narrative: “I’ll look to wish. if looking wishing move” which provides penetration and demonstrates how she isn’t despairing to run into her true love yet she dreams and imagines of happening him. Both Romeo and Juliet are really immature with many child-like characteristics and character traits ; along with they do show a big sum of immatureness. Clearly they are non ready to truly autumn in love as they are so immature and still hold traits and immaturenesss of immature kids. Another manner of showing they are non ready for such as serious relationship. they do non hold a clear apprehension what love truly is.

Loving person is giving yourself for the individual you love and making perfectly anything and everything for them and genuinely loving them with all your bosom. Romeo and Juliet subsequently throughout the narrative do express those things along with their fondness for one another yet how every bit shortly as they meet each other they assume that they are instantly in love with each other and want to acquire married that same dark is a big statement and determination to come to.

They tend to be really immature when it comes to emotional jobs and struggles particularly extremely emotional topics and relationships hence because of their immaturenesss and young person. they are non ready for a true. honest. loving relationship. Fate finally decided that they truly were non meant to be and although they claim they are star-crossed lovers and psyche couples. destine knew something was non meant to be between the two. therefore destiny along with many premises lead to the lovers Romeo and Juliet’s death.

The combination of premise along with destiny decided Romeo’s and Juliet’s destiny together and although it take them into their ain death. premise and destiny is genuinely responsible for the couple’s decease. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet were merely non meant to be as destiny decided that furthermore. the power of premise and destiny is genuinely responsible for the death of the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet.


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