In the drama Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. two merely kids from feuding households. autumn urgently in love. and after a barbarous sequence of events. take their ain lives. There is no individual cause for the tragic loss of adolescents Romeo and Juliet. but the hastiness displayed by some of the characters sets some huge things in gesture. These can non be undone. and so play a portion in the lay waste toing self-destructions of Romeo and Juliet.

Early on in the drama. Romeo is rather urgently in love with Rosaline. a member of the Verona community. But at first sight of Capulet’s. merely girl. Juliet. Rosaline is instantly cast out of the image and rapidly proclaims his love for Juliet. He tells the Friar “I have forgot that name and that name’s woe” ( A2S3L44 ) . Romeo is so once more headlong as he asks for Juliet’s manus in matrimony. the really twenty-four hours after they foremost meet. He begs Friar to marry them that twenty-four hours “But this I pray. That thou consent to get married us today” ( A2S3L61-62 ) . Romeo is highly headlong to get married Juliet because he has ne’er earlier had anyone return his fondnesss. and if they get married rapidly there is less opportunity of anyone destroying their programs. Even against the cautious warning of the Friar “Wisely and decelerate. They stumble that run fast” ( A2S3L94 ) . Had Romeo non so rapidly fallen in love. and waited to marry Juliet. and non put the footing of this tragic drama. they may still hold lived.

Capulet. Juliet’s male parent. excessively show haste in this drama. When he proposes his girl to marry County Paris. The nuptials is originally set to Thursday. after being proposed on the Tuesday. However after declining to marry Paris. and shortly subsequently inventing a program. Juliet. to be seen one time more as the perfect and duteous girl. agrees to get married Paris. Juliet’s male parent is so joyous that he brings frontward the nuptials to Wednesday. the really following twenty-four hours “I’ll have this knot knit up tomorrow morning” ( A4S2L22 ) . To avoid intuition. Juliet continues to play the perfect girl function. she asks her nurse “… To assist me screen such needed decorations As you think fit to supply me tomorrow…” ( A4S3L32-33 ) to do it look like she is happy to marry Paris. If the nuptials had non been brought frontward. there may hold been more clip to inform Romeo of the program. and their love. and lives. may hold been saved.

The drama concludes with both adolescents taking their lives because they can non stand to be without each other. This is done instead hurriedly. “Here’s to my love! O true pharmacist! The drugs are speedy. Therefore with a buss I die. ” ( A5S4L119-120 ) . Romeo takes his life because his just Juliet appears to be dead. if he had non acted so rashly and with such hastiness he would hold been alive long plenty for the Friar to happen him and explicate to him what was traveling on. or long plenty to see Juliet aftermath and would so non hold needed to kill himself. Juliet besides takes her life with much hastiness. after she wakes happening her beloved Romeo dead. she kisses him. trusting there is yet still toxicant on his lips. “I will snog thy lips.

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Haply some toxicant yet doth bent on them to do me decease with a tonic. ” ( A5S3L169-171 ) . She resorts to suicide before sing that she could populate a life without Romeo. When she realizes there is non adequate toxicant on Romeo’s lips to kill her. she takes a sticker and with no deferral stabs herself. “O happy sticker! This is thy sheath. there rust. and allow me decease. ” ( A5S3L174-175 ) . Had Romeo non acted with such celerity he would hold lived. and so would hold Juliet.

Haste. and the effects of its action. is more responsible for the tragic self-destructions of the adolescents than any other component of the drama. Both adolescents die. whether by their ain hastiness. or by that created by other characters.


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