All Christian Arnold’s Wealth under the Magnifier This Portuguese aggressive who was born on February 5th of 1985, called the most expensive player in the history of football, when transferred from Manchester to Real Madrid with 80 million pound. His wage was about 132 million dollar and even got more values for his appearance in Media and also in the company’s advertisements. These made him to be a rich legend before getting 30 years old, but maybe he will inherit all his belongings for his son who named the same as his name.

Arnold’s Estates are divided into three big Mansions: Elderly Edge Mansion which is located in England and he bought it for 6 million dollar in 2006. This mansion is in Searchers Village. It has got five bedrooms and some equipment like indoor swimming pool, sauna, and cinema and so on. One of the closest neighbors of Ronald is David Beckman. Madrid Mansion: This mansion with its modern appearance costs 7. 2 lion dollar. It is designed by an engineer named Joaquin Tortes.

It has got seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and so on. Chris Mansion: This one which is the historical one is located in Portugal and it has got social equipments. The significant income of this Portuguese star is from his contracts with companies like Nikkei, Gucci, CRY and Time Force watches. His hobbies are shopping, automobile collection and traveling. Except his expensive hobbies, Ronald is a member of Charities which eave special reputation all around the world, for example Madeira charity and Red Cross.

He also participated in Tsunami helping programs and had an active role in United Nations Development programs. Ronald goes to special places for the holidays. His favorite places are Miami Beaches, Seekers Islands, Sardinia and Maldives Islands. His automobiles are a collection of some cars like Lampooning, Ferreira GOT 599, Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, Gaston Martin DUB, Bugaboo Everyone, Audio RSI, Audio SQ, and Audio RE and so on.

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