Roofing contractors are the best way to go if you want someone professional to install or repair your roof. They have the best tools and expertise to handle the job efficiently and safely. However, roofing contractors can also provide a lot more services for commercial and private clients that you may not know about. This is a list of some of those services and what they entail.

Roofers are experts are waterproofing, since every roof they install needs to be sealed air-tight so water doesn’t leak through. They also make a special waterproof sealant that can be applied to certain surfaces to protect them from the elements. The most common items that this is used for include:
Decks Patios Exterior steps Pool decks Balconies Walkways

The sealant is great for wooden surfaces and may add a few years to the life expectancy of the surfaces.
Have you ever considered adding solar panels to your roof? A roofing company can install the panels for you. Many people choose solar because it greatly reduces your power or electric bills. It may even cut them out completely depending on how many you install. Solar power offers many other benefits, like:
Clean energy Unlimited Environmentally friendly Tax credits in some areas

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Skylights are a great way to provide extra sunlight into your home. If you want one installed on your property, you can enlist the services of a professional roofing company. They will work with you and show you different styles and options available. Due to the way the skylights are installed into the roof, you want to make sure you have an expert doing the job for you or you run the risk of leaks or damaged property. Roofing contractors will ensure that the skylights are properly waterproofed and the installation is sound.
If you own a fireplace or wood stove, you know how important it is that the chimney is properly cleaned each year. Skipping the cleaning raises the risk of chimney fires. People who do not wish to clean the chimney can hire roofing contractors to do the task for them. The contractors can also repair the chimney on the roof if it is needed. Over the years, some of the bricks can become damaged and weaken the integrity of the chimney. The roofing contractors can install new bricks and make sure it is secure again and ready for the winter months.
If you require services from a roofing company, you should contract local businesses and request quote. Most contractors will provide free quotes.


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