At first I was confused. but believing about it once more I now understand. Here is what I think the author was seeking to accomplish.

The author wanted us to recognize that Yi gak is in fact Tae yong and Tae yong is in fact Yi gak therefore they ever kept adverting that Tae yong is Yi gak’s reincarnation. but we merely ne’er had a better penetration on Tae yong’s character since he went into a coma which allowed Yi gak to come into the hereafter.

You have to truly believe and link all the loose terminals before you make the decision that Yi gak is Tae yong. We would hold to inquire the “What if’s” inquiry.

First of all. Yi gak has ne’er felt that manner ( LOVE ) about Bu yong until it was her decease that allowed him to travel into the hereafter and autumn in love with Bakha who is a reincarnation of Bu yong. non holding the memories. Yi gak may non cognize about the love that he could hold had for Buyong if he didn’t travel into the hereafter since it was ever about the “crown princess” . Besides. Bakha could hold met Tae yong which would hold made it easier for them. but Taemu purportedly murder Tae yong altering their destiny. therefore allowed Yi gak to run into Bakha and allow her experience that love in topographic point.

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Now. make you recognize that it was their ( Tae yong and Buyong’s ) decease that signifies the significance of love that took topographic point for Yi gak and Bakha. They may non even have the opportunity to cognize that they were meant for each other if their other counter chap did non see “death” for them to exceed clip to happen love for one another. It’s confounding to understand. but you may hold to reread my paragraphs once more.

Yi gak’s conundrum besides ties closely with their relationship ; you would hold to decease to populate and populate to decease. Bu yong died. leting Yi gak to love her 300 year subsequently with Bakha who is really much alive. Tae yong got into a coma leting Bakha to see love with Yi gak who is reasonably much merely a historic individual now. I believe that Tae yong is in fact Yi gak who has died and waited for over 300 old ages to eventually be with Bakha once more. but got into a coma because of taemu. That’s why he immediately took a liking to her in the first topographic point.

Besides. retrieve when Yi gak was speaking to Sena at the infirmary with Bakha necessitating a liver graft about how the hereafter was a “repeat” of the yesteryear. The rhythm will be a repetition of the past unless Sena halt it because she besides had the pick in the Joseon epoch excessively. but she chose non to make anything and merely allow her sister eat all of those dried persimmons. Sena was the 1 who would be able to halt this cruel ailment destiny. Now. Yi gak was sent into the hereafter to work out the enigma. salvage Bakha’s life in the hereafter since he was non able to salvage her in the Joseon epoch. love the right individual ( Bakha ) where he lost his opportunity with Bu yong. and dice in the Joseon epoch recovering his memories in the hereafter as Tae yong.

At the terminal. it wholly showered us with grounds that Tae yong had character traits of Yi gak which would intend that he is Yi gak all along. The smiling at her store where he gave her ( simpering like he knows her ) I mean. who does that. The fact that he knows where the store was. and the position of the manner how he was standing with both his custodies behind his dorsum and him stating her that he had “waited a long time” like he had already knew her and was waiting to run into her.

The clip transcend allowed Bakha to cognize and love Yi gak so that when she meets Tae yong. she will hold already acquired their love since Taeyong ( holding all of the memories already ) was non his clip to run into her yet.

To clear up yi gak’s stoping in joseon clip. yes. he did decease without holding his lover Bu yong who was Bakha. but he was able to transmigrate into the hereafter as Tae yong retrieving Bakha and *ding donging donging that’s how they still acquire eachother at the terminal because Tae yong has been mutely waiting in the hereafter for Bakha to demo up.

You merely can’t acquire the name incorrect because “they are of one person” . You have to see that the clip transcend was at that place to let Bakha and Yi gak to love the right individual since some fortunes would hold ne’er allow them run into or fall in love with each other in the hereafter merely like in the yesteryear.


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