Rules and ordinances in edifices are really of import for the good operation of the edifice. These regulations are largely made for renters and contractors. These are some of the regulations for edifices installations:

1. The renter and the contractor agree to detect the rights reserved to Landlord and agrees. for itself. its subtenants and residents. its and their agents. its employees. clients. clients. guests. licences and invitees. to follow with the undermentioned regulations and ordinances and with such sensible alterations thereof and add-ons thereto as Landlord may do. from clip to clip. for the edifice. 2. The pavements. halls. transitions. lifts. lift anterooms and staircases shall non be obstructed by the renter or used for any intent other than for immersion to and issue from the leased premises. The halls. transitions. entrywaies. lifts. staircases. balconies and roof are non for the usage of the general populace. and the Landlord shall in all instances retain the right to command and forestall entree thereto of all individuals whose presence in the judgement of the Landlord shall be damaging to the safety. character. repute and involvements of the edifice and its renters. provided. that nil herein contained shall be construed to forestall such individuals are engaged in illegal activities.

3. Tenant shall non: topographic point anything or let anything to be placed near the glass or any door. divider or window which may be unsightly and may be seen from the outside premises ; take or allow to be taken in or out of other entrywaies in the edifice. or take or allow on the lifts. any point taken in or out of the hauling multitude. service doors or in or out the cargo lifts ; or. whether temporarily. by chance. or otherwise. let anything to stay in. topographic point or shop anything in or blockade in any manner. any passageway. issue staircase. lift transporting platform or truck multitude. Tenant shall to the full collaborate to maintain such countries free from all obstructor and in a clean status and to travel all supplies. furniture and equipment every bit shortly as received straight to the premises and travel all such points and waste. other than customarily removed by the employees of the edifice. being taken from the premises. straight to the transportation platform at or about the clip arranged for remotion.

4. The sashes. sash doors. Windowss. glass visible radiations and any visible radiations or fanlights that reflect or admit light into the halls or other topographic points of the edifice shall non be covered or obstructed. The lavatory suites. H2O and wash cupboards. and other H2O apparatus shall non be used for any intent other than that for which they are constructed. and no foreign substance of any sort whatsoever shall be thrown in this. and the disbursal for any breakage. arrest or harm ensuing as a misdemeanor of this regulation shall be borne by the renter. of whose clerk. agents. retainers or visitants shall hold caused it. 5. If the Landlord. by notice in composing to the renter. shall object to any drape. blind. shadiness or screen attached to. or hung in. or used in connexion with. any window or door of the leased premises. such usage of such drape. blind. shadiness or screen shall be discontinued forthwith by the renter.

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No sunshades shall be permitted on any portion of the leased premises. 6. No safes or other objects heavier than lift capacity of the cargo lifts of the edifice shall be brought into or installed in the leased premises. Tenants shall non put a burden upon any floor of the leased premises. which exceeds the burden per square pes. which such floor is designed to transport and which is permitted by jurisprudence. The moving of safes shall happen merely between such hours as may be designated by and merely upon old notice to the director of the edifice and the individuals employed to travel safes in or out of the edifice must be acceptable to the Landlord. No cargo. furniture or bulky affair of any description shall be received into the edifice or carried into the lifts except during hours and in a mode approved by the Landlord. 7. Tenants shall non utilize. maintain or allow to be used any foul or noxious gas or substance in the leased premises. or license of suffer the leased premises to be occupied or used in a mode violative or obnoxious to the Landlord and other residents of the edifice by ground of noise. olfactory properties and/or quivers or interfere in any manner with other renters or those holding concern therein. nor shall any animate beings or birds ( except Sing Eye Dogs ) be brought into or maintain in or about the edifice.

8. Tenant and contractor shall non convey any arms or pieces into the Building. 9. Tenants shall non utilize or maintain in the edifice any flammables. including but non limited to kerosene. gasolene. naptha. and benzene ( except cleaning fluids in little measures and when in containers approved by the Board of Underwriters ) . or explosives or any other articles of per se unsafe nature. or utilize any method of heating other than that supplied by the Landlord. 10. If Tenant desires telephone connexions or alarm systems. Landlord will direct linemans as to where and how the wires are introduced. No drilling or cutting for wires or otherwise shall be made without specific waies by the Landlord. 11. Tenant. upon expiration of occupancy. shall present to the Landlord all the keys of offices. suites and lavatory suites which shall hold been furnished Tenant or which Tenant shall hold made. and in the event of loss of any keys so equipped shall pay the Landlord therefore. 12. Tenant shall non set down any floor covering in the leased premises without Landlord’s anterior blessing of the mode and method of using such floor covering.

13. Before go forthing the premises unattached. the renter shall shut and firmly lock all doors and close off all public-service corporations. The tenant shall pay for any harm ensuing from the failure to follow. 14. Tenant shall non do any room-to-room canvass to beg concern from other renters in the edifice ; and shall non exhibit. sell. offer to sell. utilize rent. exchange in or from the leased premises unless normally embraced within the tenant’s usage of the leased premises specified herein. 15. Tenant shall non blow electricity. H2O or air conditioning and agree to collaborate to the full with the Landlord to guarantee the most effectual operation of the building’s warming and air conditioning. and shall non let the accommodation ( except by Landlord’s authorized edifice forces ) of any controls other than room thermoregulators installed for the tenant’s usage. Tenant shall maintain corridor doors closed.

16. Tenant shall non make any cookery in the leased premises or prosecute any java cart service. 17. Any wallpaper or vinyl fabric stuffs that the renter shall put in on painted walls shall be applied with strippable adhesive. The usage of non strippable adhesives will do harm to the walls when the stuff are removed and fixs made necessary thereby shall be made by the Landlord at Tenant’s disbursal. 18. Tenant will mention to all contractors. contractors’ representatives. and installing technicians. rendering any service to the renter. to Landlord for Landlord’s supervising. blessing. and control before public presentation of any contractual service. This proviso shall use to all work performed in the edifice including installings of any nature impacting floors. walls. woodwork. trim. Windowss. ceilings. equipment or any other physical part of the edifice.

19. Motion in or out of the edifice with furniture. office equipment. or other bulky stuffs or motion through the edifice entryway on anteroom shall be restricted to the hours designated by the Landlord. All such motions shall be under the supervising of the Landlord and in the mode agreed between Tenant and Landlord by pre-arrangement before public presentation. Such pre-arrangement initiated by the renter will include finding by the Landlord and capable to the determination and control. of the clip. method. routing of motion and restrictions imposed by safety or other concerns which may forbid any article. equipment or any other point from being brought into the edifice. Tenant is to presume all hazard as to damage of articles moved and hurt to persons whether public engaged or non engaged in such motion. including equipment. belongings and forces of Landlord if damaged or injured as a consequence of Acts of the Apostless in connexion with transporting out this service for the renter from clip of come ining belongings to completion of work ; and Landlord shall non be apt for Acts of the Apostless of any individual engaged in. any harm or loss to any of said belongings of individuals ensuing from any act in connexion with such service performed for the renter and the renter hereby agrees to indemnify and keep harmless Landlord from and against any such harm. hurt or loss. including attorney’s fees.

20. No part of the tenant’s country or any other portion of the edifice shall be at any clip used or occupied as sleeping or lodging quarters. 21. Landlord will non be responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings. equipment. money or jewellery from the tenant’s country or any public suites irrespective of whether such loss occurs when such country is locked against entry or non. 22. Tenant and its employees. agents and guests shall detect and follow with the drive and parking marks and markers on the belongings environing the edifice. 23. Tenant shall non sell lottery tickets or conduct any other signifier of chancing from or within the Premises or any other portion of the Property. 24. Tenant shall hold prompt notice to the Landlord of any accidents to or defects in plumbing. electrical characteristics or heating setups so that such accidents or defects may be attended to quickly. 25. No peddling machines of any description shall be installed. maintained or operated in any portion of the edifice without consent of the Landlord. 26. Tenant shall advise the Office of the Building for any birthday or work related party in a on the job infinite. 27. Tenant shall non go forth any properties in the lifts.

28. Tenant assumes all duty for protecting its infinite from larceny. robbery and pilferage. which includes maintaining doors locked and other agencies of entry to the premises closed and secured. 29. All fire contending equipment inside the edifice shall non be blocked or obstructed under any fortunes. This includes all fire hose cabinets. fire asphyxiators and all fire dismay pull boxes. 30. Tenant shall non paint. show. inscribe or stick on any mark. hallmark. image. advertisement. notice. inscription or way of any portion of the exterior or interior of the edifice. or on the premises. except on the public hallways of the premises. and so merely such name or names or affair of such colour. size. manner. character and stuff as shall be foremost approved by the Landlord in composing. Landlord militias the right to take any other affair. without notice to the renter and at the exclusive cost and disbursal of the renter.

31. Tenant shall non put any wireless or telecasting aerial. aerial wires or other equipment on the roof or any portion of the interior or outside of the edifice other than the interior of the premises ; run or allow to run or allow to be operated any musical or sound bring forthing instrument or device inside or outside the premises which may be heard outside the premises ; or run any electrical device from which may emanate electrical moving ridges which may interfere with or impair wireless or telecasting broadcast medium or response from or in the edifice or elsewhere. 32. Tenant shall non convey or allow to be in the edifice any bike or other vehicle. or Canis familiaris ( except in the company of a unsighted individual ) or other animate being ; make or allow any noise. quiver or olfactory property to emanate on the premises ; make anything therein be givening to make or keep a nuisance. disturb. solicit or canvass an resident of the edifice or make any move care to wound the repute of the edifice.

33. Tenant shall non attach or allow to be attached extra locks or similar devices to any doors. fanlight or window ; alteration bing locks or the mechanism thereof ; or do or allow to be made any keys for any door other than those provided by the Landlord. ( If more than two keys for one lock are desired. the Landlord will supply them upon payment thereof by Tenant. ) We have late added a Primus key system. This system allows us to depute one key per individual. The Primus keying system permits us to increase the security consciousness in the edifice. as the keys are non-duplicable. 34. Tenant shall non make any picture or decorating in the premises ; or grade ; pigment. cut or bore into. thrust nails or prison guards into. or in any manner deface any portion of the premises of the edifice. exterior or interior. without the anterior consent of the Landlord. ( If the tenant signal. communicating. dismay or other public-service corporation or service connexions installed or changed. the same shall be made by and at the disbursal of the renter. with the blessing and under way of the Landlord. )

35. No individual or contractor non employed by the Landlord shall be used to execute window rinsing. cleansing. adorning. fix. or other work in or on the premises. 36. Bicycles shall non be permitted in the edifice in other than Landlord designated places. 37. Tenant shall collaborate and take part in all security plans impacting the edifice. 38. Tenant and contractors shall ever maintain the stairwell doors closed at all times. 39. The “Smoke Free Illinois Act” . which took consequence on January 1. 2008. prohibits smoking within 15 pess of any entryway. window. airing consumption. etc. In add-on. smoke is prohibited in workplaces and indoor public topographic points such as the exigency stairwells. cargo lift anterooms. public toilets. etc. 40. Tenant may merely hold alcoholic drinks in the Building with the anterior consent of the Landlord. 41. Tenant shall ever swipe in and out of the edifice.

42. Tenant shall non do or allow any noise or olfactory properties that annoy or interfere with other renters or individuals holding concern within the Building. 43. Tenant shall non maintain any kid or baby sitting in the work infinite. 44. If you have any inquiries sing these regulations and ordinances please reach the Office of the Building at ( 000 ) 000-0000. 45. Tenants who choose to use their ain Contractors shall be responsible for all of their selected contractors’ work performed in their infinite and as this work relates to the edifice and all associated costs. 46. Tenant shall non utilize any method of warming or air conditioning other than as provided by Landlord or any dedicated system approved by Landlord. 47. A undertaking agenda must be submitted to the Office of the Building. attending: General Manager. prior to beginning of work. The General Manager shall besides be notified of all agenda alterations. 48. Normal work shall be performed between the hours of 7:00 a. m. to 3:30 p. m.

Monday through Friday. Saturday. Sunday and holiday work is allowed with a 24 hr notice unless the Office of the Building needs to divert from those times or yearss. In add-on to contractual duties. Contractor will supply to the Office of the Building attending: General Manager. prior to beginning of building the undermentioned points: ( A – R ) A. Transcript of the edifice permits. B. Certificate of Insurance from the general contractor. subcontractors and sellers. All contractors and sellers are required to hold a Certificate of Insurance & amp ; two ( 2 ) Endorsements on file in the Office of the Building before any work begins on premises. C. Four – ( 4 ) complete sets of approved and stamped architectural. mechanical & A ; structural drawings. One is for the General Manager’s reviews. the 2nd for the Director of Engineering’s reappraisal and the 3rd set is for registering. One extra set should be forwarded to Environmental Systems Design ( ESD ) . D. A list of edifice stuffs to be used in the undertaking. which are to be purchased from the edifice ( i. e. hardware and doors ) . All stuffs will be paid for up front prior to utilize. E. All contractors are required to subject to the Office of the Building MSDS sheets for any risky merchandise that you plan to convey into the installation or already hold on site.

These MSDS sheets must be submitted before the stuff is brought into the installation. F. A complete list of subcontractors ( name & A ; references ) to be used in connexion with the building undertaking and their Certificates of Insurance. No contractor will be allowed to get down work within the edifice without supplying their Certificate of Insurance run intoing all ownership demands. G. Contractor will be required to subject affidavits and concluding releases of lien from General Contractor and all subcontractors covering labour. stuff and any guarantees and warrants required by the Office of the Building. H. Prior to any destruction and/or building work. it must be determined whether such work will impact the fire dismay system. If the fire dismay system is affected. the Office of the Building should be notified to organize the attempt. Under no fortunes will the Building let the fire dismay system to be shut down nightlong. on weekdays or vacations. A 48 ( 48 ) hr written notice to the building supervisor is required by the Prime Contractor before any work impacting the fire dismay system is undertaken. The Prime Contractor will be responsible for paying any mulcts ensuing from failure to supply required presentment. I. Detailss and specifications of any roof incursions or equipment mounted on the roof must be submitted in composing to the Office of the Building for blessing.

All structural reappraisal costs will be the duty of the General Contractor. J. The General Contractor is responsible prior to beginning of work for subjecting to the Office of the Building a elaborate work agenda demoing all critical day of the months and a listing of after-hour exigency phone Numberss. K. All Building licenses necessary for the completion of the work shall be secured and paid for by the General Contractor. The original must be given to the Building General Manager prior to any work starting. L. The Tenant and/or General Contractor may utilize Landlord’s selected and approved Mechanical Engineer. Environmental Systems Design Inc. Tenant. Tenant’s Architect and/or General Contractor will work straight with ESD and be responsible for any cost involved. If Tenant chosens to utilize another mechanical applied scientist. ESD will necessitate to reexamine the drawings on behalf of Landlord ( anterior to Landlord giving blessing ) at Tenant’s sole cost. M. All life safety technology. talker supply. stroboscopes. wire pulls. concluding connexions and proving ( DOES NOT INCLUDE PIPING ) are besides to be done by the Landlord’s selected and approved contractor.

N. Plans for all mechanical work required. including HVAC. electrical. fire sprinklers and plumbing. are to be submitted to the Office of the Building’s General Manager for blessing. Contractor shall advise Office of the Building of scheduled links to Base Building Systems. All electrical panels and circuits shall be decently identified. No structural alterations shall be made without General Manager’s written blessing. Contractor will be held responsible for harm done to Base Building Systems AS BUILT. – Mechanical subcontractors must include equilibrating costs on commands for HVAC. All reconciliation must be done by Office of the Building’s contractor to see proper warming and chilling. – If drain down is required ( plumbing or sprinkler ) . Contractor must schedule 24 hours in progress. Building direction will execute any such drain down and tenant will be billed for all costs attributed to the drain down. The contractor will reach the Building Engineer before replenishing the sprinkler system at the terminal of each twenty-four hours. After replenishing the system. the general contractor will stay on site to verify that no leaks occur after the force per unit area is back to normal. O. If an electrical closure is required that may impact other renters. the General Contractor must advise the edifice two hebdomads prior to shutdown. Shutdown shall be performed merely by Office of the Building-approved contractor. All costs associated with the closure are the contractor’s duty.

All work will be done after-hours merely. P. No storage of flammable substances will be allowed in the edifice unless approved by the Office of the Building. General Manager in authorship and in conformity with sanctioned metropolis and national edifice codifications and ordinances. Q. Contractor must reach the Director of Engineering at least 48 hours in progress of any open-flame work performed on the premises. Before any film editing. soldering or welding can take topographic point. a Building Engineer must inspect the work with the Contractor’s undertaking overseer. and a representative of the subcontractor executing the work. After the review. and if all concerns have been addressed. the work will be allowed to continue. R. Restroom and impermanent building lock keys will be supplied by the Office of the Building at the start of the occupation. and are to be returned upon completion.

Lost keys and associated costs for re-pinning and providing tenants’ keys will be at the General Contractor’s cost. paid upon completion of work. Restroom doors are non to be taped unfastened. S. The locks & A ; keys must be upgraded to constructing standard with any building that takes topographic point in any renter suite & A ; building which was authorized by renter. 49. Engineering. Office of the Building or Security will do periodic cheques of all building countries when work is being performed. If they observe any patterns different from those outlined herein. they may at their discretion suspend all work for the balance of the displacement. 50. A transcript of these regulations must be posted on the occupation site at all times. Constructing licenses must be posted on the occupation site at all times. 51. All stuffs moved into the edifice shall come in through the burden dock. These stuffs shall be moved vertically merely via the service lifts.

Building Management or Security will non subscribe or accept any stuff. After hours use ( after 5:30 p. m. ) must be scheduled 48 hours in progress and on a first semen. first served footing. Contractors working after hours should get at the edifice before 5:30 p. m. ( workers merely. no bringings unless scheduled ) . All after-hours work will be coordinated with the security section. 52. Destruction and remotion of dust must be done after normal edifice hours. Scheduling of dock. Dumpster and lifts must be done no less than 24-hours in progress with the security section. Agendas are made on a first semen. first served footing. 53. All contractors will utilize rubber-wheeled carts. manus trucks. tool thoraxs. etc. 54. There is no available storage infinite in the edifice. Contractors must hive away all stuffs within the building country. 55. No stuffs. equipment or tools can be left at the dock at any clip. 56. Electrical subcontractors are responsible for labeling all electrical panel directories.

57. The edifice will supply no stuffs. supplies. tools. ladders. carts or equipment ( other than constructing stock points to be reimbursed ) . 58. Cuting. soldering or welding is prohibited under the undermentioned fortunes: 59. -In countries non authorized by the Office of the Building / General Manager. -In the presence of explosive or flammable ambiance. or explosive or flammable ambiance that may develop indoors uncleaned or improperly prepared armored combat vehicles or equipment which have antecedently contained such stuffs. or in countries with an accretion of combustible dust. -In countries near the storage of measures of exposed. readily burnable stuffs. -In countries where employees or workers are present. unless proper shields or guards and appropriate fumes commissariats are used. 60. Suitable fire snuff outing equipment will ever be maintained in a province of preparedness for immediate usage. Additional fire bar safeguards and suppression capableness must be engaged whenever executing such work under any of the undermentioned conditions: -Appreciable combustible stuff in edifice building or contents is closer than 35 pess from the point of operations.

-Appreciable combustibles are more than 35 pess off but are easy ignited by flickers. -Wall or floor gaps occur within a 35-foot radius of the point of operation where the possible exists of lighting exposed. combustible stuff. This includes next countries and concealed infinites in walls. floors and ceilings. -Combustibles could be ignited by conductivity or radiation through metal dividers. wall. ceilings or roofs. 61. In the instance of an accident. studies must be completed by your company and edifice security. A transcript of your study is to be submitted to the Office of the Building. 62. All public countries in the edifice affected by the building must be adequately protected ( i. e. laminate floor covering. plastic. walls. Equus caballuss. “caution” pat ) to forestall any harm. These countries shall include. but are non limited to. entrances. corridors. anterooms and the service lifts. 63. Construction trades shall utilize merely the service lifts. 64. Contractors shall ever maintain the service lifts closed. 65. Contractor will non be permitted to go forth any articles such as rug. tablets or equipment in the public corridors. Further. Contractor shall non utilize bing corridor mercantile establishments to draw power.

No extension cords lying in bing corridors are allowed. 66. Contractors will be expected to utilize their ain vacuity cleaners to hoover up building dust from public corridors and lift rugs on a day-to-day footing. Contractor will adequately protect bing finished floors in common countries at all times from harm and/or building soil. The Office of the Building will hold common countries cleaned at a charge of $ 100. 00 dollars a twenty-four hours. There must be a 48-hour notice to schedule these cleansings. 67. Contractor shall supply equal protection against personal hurt to employees and public piece work is in advancement. 68. Work including but non limited to. coring or boring into the concrete slabs or any noises ( hiting ) that are deemed to be riotous to the residents of the edifice or the Office of the Building are non allowed between the hours of 8:00 a. m. – 6:00 p. m. This work must be scheduled with the Office of the Building or Security during normal concern hours. 69. During the advancement of the work. all cast-off stuffs. garbage. bringings. etc. . shall be cleaned up at the site and stored in gondolas until its remotion is scheduled.

If contractor is utilizing presenting countries outside the constructed country. these countries must be kept free of dust until its scheduled remotion. Upon completion of the work. all dust and equipment shall be removed from the edifice premises by the contractor including the theatrical production countries and electrical cupboards. 70. Contractor is responsible for security and lock-up of their building countries. 71. Contractor and its subcontractors will move in a professional mode at all times. . 72. Anyone wanting to core the floors will be required to supply the Office of the Building with a study saying the exact locations of the nucleuss from a structural-base edifice mention point ( i. e. . column. shear wall ) . The Director of Engineering. before concluding blessing by the General Manager. will physically inspect all of the locations. 73. All fresh or abandoned conduits ( excepting place tallies ) . overseas telegrams and ductwork shall be removed and capped. 74. Concluding points of connexion to bing HVAC. plumbing or electrical systems must be inspected or done under the observation of the Building Engineer.

75. All incursions through the edifice walls. floors and ceiling must be sealed with sanctioned fire-rated stuffs. 76. Acceptable building roadblocks and/or lockable doors must be maintained and used to maintain noise and dust pollution to a minimal degree. All Common countries must be kept clean and maintained at degrees of credence to the Landlord. Use of dust mats at all issues is required. There will be no signage posted on margin of roadblocks without written consent from the Office of the Building. 77. No incursions are allowed in the exterior walls for any ground. including electrical and voice/data mercantile establishments. 78. The Office of the Building militias the right to revise and supplement the foregoing regulations and ordinances. 79. Contractor is charged with the duty for sing that all its Subcontractors are informed of these Rules and Regulations. Building hours are: Monday – Friday 8:00 a. m. to 6:00 p. m. . Saturday 8:00 a. m. to 1:00 p. m. and closed all twenty-four hours Sunday. 80. Upon completion of building. Tenant’s Contractor and/or Architect is to supply the Office of the Building a set of “as-built” programs. operating manuals. guarantees and warrants. These would include. but are non limited to. electrical. plumbing and mechanical programs.


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