Good afternoon, honorable delegates, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. It is an honor to address you on this beautiful afternoon whose warmth radiates on your faces. The big turn out and eager expressions that I am reading on your faces, increases my enthusiasm of engaging you into my main goal for opting to run for congress. In this global economic crisis I want to bring social security to Pennsylvania state and curb the increased rate of violent crimes which has became a menace to our society. My gratitude goes to the campaign committee that is headed by the Allegheny county Mayor, Major General Griffith, Paul, for their dedication, cooperation, coordination and contributions in organizing such a beautiful event. I am also sure that most of you wish to express their gratitude because your expectations have been meet. Actually your applaud displays that we are sailing on the same ship.

            None of you can claim not to know me, expect from our visitors, I can see very many familiar faces that we have worked together and addressed important issues. I am a US citizen by birth and regard Pittsburgh as my maternal home. I have pride in Pennsylvania because it has reared and taught me ethical morals which have seen me rise to my success. Moreover I am a lawyer by profession as explained by my rock solid resume which expounds on my ability. I have posted the resume in my website, therefore have no doubts and visit the site to answer your concerns. My charisma and ability to listen to people’s view, defined my swift career path. I have practiced law both in public and private offices for a period of twelve years. As a majority of you can recall I have fought for the rights of unions and represented people in an aim of protecting their rights as unionist or as non members of unions. Most of you had problems with recovering their employment health and pension compensation from unscrupulous employers or due to unforeseen circumstances such as collapse of organizations. We worked together and managed to get full compensation and a substantial amount of the money for some (Hardy ; Hazelrigg, 2007).

             Further more I have provided health care insurance for the uninsured who faced difficulties when seeking health care. Some had even reported loosing their loved ones due to lack of financial support to apply for health care insurance cover because the premium rates are highly escalating due to the adoption of advanced technology in hospital units. I had also managed to press the state to crack down on pay day lenders which earned me my current job in the federal department. Currently I am a commissioner of the Federal Mine Safety and Review Commission in Washington. I have served in this commission for seven years where I have profusely won favor from congress men and the judicial due to my amicable nature. This explains the honorable gesture our congress delegates and distinguished guests have done by gracing this occasion. The unopposed nominations from parties, state legislature and the community that you signify also prove my capability and dedication to serve you as a congress delegate (Peposi, 2007).

            The industrial economic influence and the profound relationship I have built in this state formed the basis for my aim to run for congress as the senator for Pennsylvania and mayor for Pittsburgh as a Democrat. As your senator I will address the unemployment rate that is gripping the economy of our state, the escalating inflation and interest rates due to global crisis, your social security and the mortgage crisis that is curbing the development of this state. The campaign committee and I have fully dedicated ourselves to efficiently use the available resources at our disposal to create an impact that will produce remarkable outcomes in regards to the issues I have outlined. Our decisions will be strategically made to help us prioritize actions and activities in accordance to their importance and production of positive results. I have not just haphazardly decided on running for congress, my decisions have been based on the thorough research that I have conducted to identify the most pressing problems that this state faces and formulated solutions to solve them. This can be fully accomplished if we are well represented in the state legislature. From the positive results this state has achieved from my work and dedication as a regular citizen of this country, be assured that I am best suited to efficiently represent this state in the congress (Smith, 2004).

            My campaign strategy aims at educating people of my political plans while giving opportunities of getting their feed back regarding my plans whether critical, complements or suggestions. I highly recommend you to air out your opinions and grievances using the services that I will avail at your vicinity to help me effectively serve you. I also aim at reaching out to all demographic groups and will dedicate extra efforts to the less fortunate in the society, the depressed and the drug addicts because I believe potential ability and skills that are possessed by this people are necessary for the development of this state and the country as a whole. Many are asking how I will manage to raise the required amount of money, wonder no more. As I had earlier explained my attitude has made me win favor from many people who have also volunteered to donate their financial assistance to help fund my campaign plans (Smith, 2004).

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             Elise Hillman and the Chief Executive officers from General Electric, Hammermill paper and American Sterilizer companies have formed a financial committee that is geared towards raising money to fuel my political ambition. The Pittsburgh industrialists who have managed to earn millions of dollars from coal, barge freight and venture capital are also offering their support. They say they cannot let down one of their own, may the Almighty Lord Bless them all for their generosity. Success is achieved through personal dedication, therefore I am also planning to secure a loan and add to the collected financial aid. I would also like to request you to join in the train and offer your support which may be financial or campaign related. My website has a provision for this, just login and explains how you intend to offer your support. The campaign committee and I have selected people who will tend to your effort and will get back to you as soon as you send your messages. The remaining campaign fund will be geared towards changing the congress to efficiently cater for our needs (Pelosi, 2007).

            As the senator of Pennsylvania and mayor for Pittsburgh I will increase the scope of the people who qualify for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) by liaising with the federal department to reduce the age caption from sixty five years to fifty years. This wills cater for the high number of retirees whose pension is not adequate to cater for their social security, because of the global economic crisis that has resulted to the escalation of prices for the essential commodities like food stuff, health insurance and petrol. For instance single people who own assets that are worth USD3, 000 and the married people who earn USD4, 000 cannot attain social security (Hardy ; Hazelrigg, 2007). This will ensure most children get Medicare support and thus reduce the child mortality rate that is increasing. I will also enable access to food stamps to be easy initiating efforts of designating the application procedure for food stamps to the Social Security Offices and thus reduce the long process that some of you have to undergo while applying for food stamps (Hardy ; Hazelrigg, 2007).

            I will file proposal and follow them up to ensure the government implements single payer health care programs that will pay pension and health care costs incurred by employers especially from the private sector. This will help the company to develop and compete efficiently with other companies thus improve our ability to compete globally. If the government can find funds to help deploy military force from Iran to Afghanistan, then being the single payer for health care will not be a problem if the collected revenue is effectively planned for. To raise more funds the returns gathered by financial firms will be limited (Hardy ; Hazelrigg, 2007).

            The global crisis has increased the rate of unemployment, interest rates and inflation. As part of the congress I will ensure strategic plans that will help to improve the situation are addressed first. By so doing the welfare of the country and the society will improve as job opportunities will be created, inflation will go down thus making the essential commodities that are needed for the survival of the community affordable. The escalating mortgage interests that are too expensive for people to seek help from mortgage companies on buying houses will also decrease thus enabling this service to benefit the majority (Hardy ; Hazelrigg, 2007).

            The high crime rate that is depicted by the plethora of reports on the media will decrease as the rural urban gaps will decrease because by the help of the legislature and the federal department more people will be able to earn the annual income of middle class individuals stipulated in the country’s policies. Delinquent behavior that our youths are adopting will decrease as strategic programs that will harness the potential portrayed by the youth will be implemented. For instance the sports department will be improved to cater for the needs of the youth and help them to devise mechanisms which will promote their talents. This will attract more tourists because success in sports will improve the reputation of the state (Hardy & Hazelrigg, 2007).

            The livability of this state will be put into good use of earning the state more revenue by using it to improve marketing tourism and improve the number of domestic and internal tourists.  I will also improve the infrastructure of bringing financial security to the middle class individuals by challenging the congress to re-evaluating the Employee Free Choice Act which is channeled through fear, intimidation and union busting to help it cater for the rights of employees and thus reduce the debts owned by these employees. This will help creation of good employment relationship that will advocate for employee engagement enabling employees to do their duties efficiently, with integrity and competence and thus contribute to the positive growth of the economy (Hardy & Hazelrigg, 2007).

            Television violence has been a major contributor to the increased violence that our youth have adopted. Many juvenile cases are related to violent crimes and most of the murders crimes in this state are committed by the youth. As our children are growing up they are exposed to indecent programs that proclaim violence in an attempt of luring more audience and exciting them. The children grow up with the view that violence is the key to solve problems and disputes. They develop an aggressive attitude that secludes them from their peers and breaks the bond that segments them to their parents. This makes them to view the world as a hostile place turning to violence in an attempt of fighting for their rights (Page, 2004). Therefore as the senator of Pennsylvania, I will challenge the congress to re-evaluate the Communication Act of 1934 to be able to incorporate the Federal communication Commission (FCC) department into the Executive Branch of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) (Page, 2004). This will help to update the strategies that have been stipulated by FCC department as a measure of curbing television violence which is not adequate because loopholes are detected leading to the increased violence depicted on the television. Furthermore the reforms that NTIA rely on are modernized and reflect the reality that the country is experiencing (Page, 2004).

            The Congress has formulated policies and Acts for instance The Child Safe Viewing Act of 2007 which helps parents to protect their children from violence displayed on the television (Page, 2004). The Act has also helps the Commission to evaluate the advanced technology that is in the market which aids parents to monitor the programs their children watch. This helps them to ensure the technology adequately serves its purpose, for instance the introduction of V-chips. Therefore, modernizing the role played by FCC will greatly place the commission in a better position of curbing television violence (Page, 2004). Although my initiative might face objection from the judicial, president and other congress delegates because existing laws and Acts will have to be changed and will therefore require a lot of dedication, care and financial resources. Most might argue that the initiative will harbor the accomplishment of other development plans but from the research I have conducted the initiative will not curb the development of any other stipulated plans, if the congress will strategically make their decisions to be able to prioritize actions in accordance to their importance (Smith, 2004).

            Fellow citizens, I therefore urge you to think carefully before deciding on who to cast your votes for. By working together we will be able to improve the social security of this state through the improvement of the pension scheme, Employee Free Choice Act, mortgage crisis, unemployment and implementing mechanisms to help us curb the escalating inflation and interest rates. Therefore, cast your votes with the aim of choosing a candidate that will help the community to unite with the view of improving their welfare as well as that of the others. Do not gamble and risk choosing an incumbent that will disorient the organizational culture of this state and country, rely on my policies which will definitely unify our intuition. Once again let me use this opportunity to thank you all for the cooperation, large attendance and the time you have dedicated to listen to my speech. Honorable delegates and guests your presence has been highly appreciated. May God Bless you all.

Word Count: 2315

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