Russia Essay, Research Paper

Their head fastness is the Rogozhsky one-fourth in Moscow, where they have their

great graveyard, monastery, cathedral, church, and chapels. In 1863, at the clip

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of the Polish rebellion, the Raskolnik archbishop and his ballad advisers sent out

an encyclical missive to the & # 8220 ; Holy Catholic Apostolic Church of the Old Believers & # 8221 ; ,

back uping the czar and declaring that on all chief points they were in understanding

with the Established Church. This once more split their church into two cabals which

last to this twenty-four hours: the Okruzhniki or Encyclicalists, and the Raznordiki or

Disputants, who denied the points of understanding with the national Church.

In add-on to this the Established Church has set up a subdivision of these

Raskolniks in brotherhood with it, but has permitted them to maintain all their peculiar

patterns, and these are called the Yedinovertsi or & # 8220 ; Uniates & # 8221 ; . A great many of

the Controversial subdivision of the Raskolniks are coming into the Catholic Church,

and already some eight or ten priests have been received.

Bezpopovtsi, or the Priestless, seemed to stand for the despairing side of the

split. They have their greatest fastness in the Preobrazhenky one-fourth in

Moscow, and are strong besides in the Government of Archangel. They took the position

that Satan had so far conquered and throttled the Church that the clergy had

gone incorrect and had become his retainers, that the sacraments, except baptism,

were withdrawn from the temporalty, and that they were left leaderless. They claimed

the right of degree Fahrenheit

ree reading of the Scriptures, and patterning their lives

consequently. They recognize no curates save their & # 8220 ; readers & # 8221 ; who are elected.

Lest this be said to double Protestantism it must be said that they have kept

up all the Orthodox signifiers of service every bit far as possible, crossings, obeisances,

icons, tapers, fastings, and the similar, and have on a regular basis maintained monasteries

with their monastics and nuns. But they have no component of stableness ; and their religious orders

have become countless, of all time switching and changing, with ceaseless divisions and

subdivisions. The head of these subdivisions are: ( 1 ) Pomortsi ; or inhabitants near

the sea, a rural division which is really devout ; ( 2 ) Feodocci ( Theodosians ) who

founded infirmaries and set accent on good plants ; ( 3 ) Bezbrachniki ( free

lovers ) who repudiated matrimony, slightly like the Oneida community in New

York ; ( 4 ) Stranniki ( roamers ) a Aristotelian religious order, who went over the state,

declaring their philosophies ; ( 5 ) Molchalniki ( deaf-and-dumb persons ) , who rarely spoke, believing

immorality came through the lingua and idle conversation ; and ( 6 ) Niemoliaki

( non-praying ) who taught that, as God knows all things it is useless to pray to

him, as He knows what one needs. These assorted divisions of the priestless are

once more divided into smaller 1s, like many of the unusual religious orders in England and

America, so that it is about impossible to follow them. Often they indulge in the

wildest immorality, warranting it under the screen of some deformed text of Bible

or some phrase of the ancient Church service.


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