My New Year resolutions Resolutions? Yes. Resolutions which is any wishes to make someone life better than yesterday. For me, every single year I have my own resolutions. So, this year also I will move on my life with new resolutions. My first resolution which is the important one is I would like to become a good slave to my Creator, Allah STW. To fulfill this resolution, I think I should be hardworking to learn details about Islam with someone that has a good and a lot of knowledge about Islam like scholar.

Moreover, I should keep up my attitude which is always go to the mosque to spend my time with recite Quern with my friends and listening to talk about Islam with hope I can top up my knowledge about how I can be a good Muslim Then I would like to be more diligent. I do not want to postpone my homework. Even though my daily routine is very busy and I had finished my class at 5. 30 pm. I felt so tired but that’s not the big reason to give up being more diligent.

I have trying s hard as I can to be conscientious student because I am the future’s teacher. The last one is I want to lose my weight. Oh no ! Last year, I had a very bad habit which is always eat any food. I don’t care about the effect and now I realize that it so hard to do an extreme activity like sports. Actually, I am the one who like an extreme sport before, but when I looked my body at the mirror and finally, I am determined to lose my weight like for the first time I came to this campus with weight keg.

I will be ore hardworking to fulfill this one because it for my comfortable life and be more active with ideal weight. I will try as much as I can. To sum up I want to do better in everything. Even in assignment, test grades, homework or others. I have to work as hard as I can to reach my dreams or to fulfill my resolutions this year. Because when we do not have a good attitude or a good determination in our lives. We cannot able to be a good person who can make other people’s happy with us and be a good person for myself.

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