It includes the requirement for services to work more closely, forming an integrated service. Working Together to safeguard children (2010): This sets out the duties of organizations and how they must work together to safeguard children and young people. What to do if worried a child being abused (2006): This Is guidance to help those working with children with safe guard and promote their welfare. It also at the actions which all adults working with children should take If they are concerned. Schools must develop arrange of policies which ensure the safety, security and wellbeing of their pupils.

These will set out the responsibilities of incorporated into one health and safety policy, but they must include sections which cover the following issues of: a) Safeguarding and protecting and procedures for reporting. B) E-safety, bulling, including cyber-bullying. Policies could include E-safety, Health & Safety policy, Child Protection Policy and Safeguarding Policy. These are implemented within the school setting and these policies are available upon request. Staff and voluntary staff should make themselves aware of where these are kept and try to familiarize themselves with them.

The leslies are drawn up to ensure a level of safety. Security and well being for their pupils. It also sets out the responsibilities of staff and the procedures that they must follow. All adults within a school setting have the responsibility to safeguard the Unlearn of the children. There should also be a named member of staff that has the responsibility for safe-guarding and e-safety. All schools have a responsibility to: Monitor . Keep records and share appropriate information with other agencies. Observe for signs of abuse that may be happening.

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Put policies into place policies and security systems for e-learning activities. Provide training for all safe relating to safeguarding. Know, support and protect children who are identified as ‘at risk Develop children’s awareness and knowledge about what is acceptable and non-acceptable behavior. Ere Department for Education provides guidance for local authorities including schools. Schools use the guidance which must be followed. References: Working together to safeguard children.


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