Safeguarding is a term which has replaced the term kid protection. It includes advancing children’s safety and public assistance every bit good as protecting kids when maltreatment occurs.

The construct of safeguarding. which works to protect kids. has merely been developed in the last 50 old ages. The demand for improved statute law has been highlighted by high-pro?le instances where maltreatment and disregard occurred to such a serious extent. the decease of Maria Colwell in 1973 and Victoria Climbie in 2000. These instances shocked the state because they showed the failings in processs in topographic point at the clip the instances had occurred.

The current statute law. guidelines. policies and processs for safeguarding the public assistance of kids and immature people including e-safety are:

Children Act 1989

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This Act identi?es the duties of parents and professionals who must work to guarantee the safety of the kid. This Act includes two of import subdivisions which focus speci?cally on kid protection. Section 47 provinces that the Local Authority has ‘a responsibility to look into when there is a sensible cause to surmise that a kid is enduring. or likely to endure. signi?cant harm’ . Section 17 provinces that services must be put into topographic point to ‘safeguard and advance the public assistance of kids within the country who are in need’ .

The Education Act 2002

This sets out the duties of Local Education Authorities ( LEAs ) . regulating organic structures. caput instructors and all those working in schools to guarantee that kids are safe and free from injury.

Children Act 2004

This provides the legal model for Every Child Matters. It includes the demand for:

? services to work more closely. organizing an integrated service

? a ‘common’ appraisal of children’s demands

? a shared database of information which is relevant to the safety and public assistance of kids

? earlier support for parents who are sing jobs.

Policies which safeguard

Schools must develop a scope of policies which guarantee the safety. security and wellbeing of their students. These will put out the duties of sta? and the processs that they must follow. Policies may be separate or incorporated into one wellness and safety policy. but they must include subdivisions which cover the undermentioned issues of:

? safeguarding and protecting. and processs for describing

? e-safety

? intimidation and cyber-bullying

The Department for Education ( DfE ) provides counsel for local governments including schools. Schools usage this counsel to develop their ain policy and processs which must be followed. They are:

Working Together to Safeguard Children ( 2006 )

This is counsel which sets out the responsibilities of administrations and how they must work together to safeguard kids and immature people.

What to make if you’re worried that a kid is being abused ( 2006 )

This is counsel to assist those working with kids safeguard and advance their public assistance. It besides looks at the actions which all grownups working with kids should take if they are concerned.

There are cardinal bureaus which are involved in safegaurding kids and immature people include – societal services. multi-agency attack. and corporate duty.

All grownups within the school have a duty to safeguard the public assistance of kids. There must besides be a named member of sta? with peculiar duties for safeguarding kids and for e-safety.

The safety and public assistance of kids depends upon bureaus working together. For illustration. when measuring the demands of single kids there may be a meeting between the kid and household. wellness services. societal services and the school.

Children’s societal attention

Children’s societal attention has a cardinal function to safeguard and advance the public assistance of kids who are in demand. To make this. they must work in partnership with parents and other bureaus. When concern has been raised about a kid. and they are thought to be at hazard. children’s societal attention has peculiar duties to make up one’s mind on the class of action to take. If it is found that the kid may be at hazard of injury or mistreat societal workers will:

? carry out an initial appraisal of kids who are thought to be at hazard to ?nd out about: for illustration. the child’s needs. the ability of parents to run into the child’s needs. household and environmental factors

? meet and behavior interviews with the kid and household members

? liaise with and garner relevant information about the kid and their fortunes from other bureaus

? take the lead during the Child Protection Conference

? take action when a kid is thought to be in immediate danger.


The constabulary work closely with children’s societal attention to protect kids from injury. The constabulary have peculiar function to play. All forces have a Child Abuse Investigation Unit ( CAIU ) . Their function and duties include:

? doing a determination on whether a offense had been committed and if so. to get down a condemnable probe.

? garnering grounds from children’s societal attention. other bureaus and others thought to be involved

? taking exigency action if kids are in immediate danger – this may affect taking the kid or taking the culprit

? go toing tribunal to give grounds when a offense has been committed.

Health professionals

Health professionals. in peculiar GPs and physicians in exigency sections. may analyze kids with hurts which they suspect may be non-accidental. They have a responsibility to alarm children’s societal attention when maltreatment is suspected. Health professionals may besides:

? carry out a medical scrutiny or observations of a kid thought to be at hazard of maltreatment or who has su?ered abuse

? contribute to children’s societal attention studies

? give grounds in tribunal if a offense has been committed.

The National Society for the Protection of Children ( NSPCC ) The NSPCC is a third-sector ( charitable ) administration. Its function. as its name suggests. is to work to protect kids from injury. The NSPCC is the lone third-sector administration ( charity ) which has the statutory power. alongside the constabulary and children’s societal services. to take action when kids are at hazard of maltreatment. The NSPCC besides:

? Provides services to back up households and kids

? Provides a helpline for people to name who are worried about a kid

? Provides a helpline for kids in hurt or danger

? Raises consciousness of maltreatment. for illustration. through advertisement and preparation stuffs

? Works to in?uence the jurisprudence and societal policy to protect kids better

? Shares expertness with other professionals.


The UK Council for Child Internet Safety ( UKCCIS ) was launched in 2008 in response to concerns about Internet safety. Its function is to safeguard kids in relation to this issue. The Council has produced a scheme to increase consciousness of Internet safety. set out steps to protect kids from unsuitable sites and set up codifications of pattern.

The Local Safeguarding Children Board ( LSCB )

The LSCB have peculiar functions and duties to supervise the work of other bureaus. The Board is made up from experts from the scope of children’s services. Serious instances of maltreatment are ever reviewed by the LSCB. You can ?nd out about your LSCB through your ain local authorization

2. 1. 2. 2. 2. 3

Below is a table listing the common marks and symptoms of common childhood illness’s

Signs and Symptoms
Headaches. failing
Very sore pharynx. trouble get downing. febrility.
hurting in ears and cervix
Diarrhoea / purging
Diarrhoea. tummy pains / emesis.
Chicken syphilis
Itchy roseola with blister-like visual aspect. febrility
Painful and conceited jaw. hurting when
get downing. febrility
Rubella ( German rubeolas )
Runny nose. temperature. red-pink roseola. sore
pharynx. concern
Fever. runny nose. cough. blotchy reddish-brown
musca volitanss. grey-white musca volitanss in the oral cavity
Glandular febrility
Fatigue. sore pharynx. conceited secretory organs. febrility
Red sores around oral cavity and olfactory organ
developing into amber crusts
Skin tinea – ring-like ruddy roseola with raised
rim ; scalp ringworm – scaly spots on scalp
which may experience inflamed and stamp

It is really of import to be able to acknowledge the marks and symptoms in a kid of common illness’s so that parents can be informed and a wellness professional can look into the symptoms to name if there is anything earnestly incorrect. Older kids are able to depict how they feel where as immature kids wont be able to in great item. Some ways to acknowledge any common symptoms are:

looking picket
look to be tired or unenrgetic
has dark rings/circle around eyes
expressions flushed or has a roseola
loss of appetency
is quiet or cranky

If Meningitis is suspected immediate medical aid should be sought Meningitis can be hard to descry in the early phases but can go life endangering really rapidly.

All schools must hold at least one qualified first aider. It is critical that everyone knows the named first aider and how they can be contacted. All schools will hold a system in topographic point for citing pressing medical aid to the schoolroom or the school evidences.

Minor hurts may be minor cuts. contusions and scratchs. These can be dealt with by a member of staff at the school and in many instances do non necessitate the kid or immature individual to be sent place. These can be washed and cleaned with clean H2O. nevertheless lotions and picks should ne’er be applied.

If a kid has been experiencing ailment or ill through out the twenty-four hours or has a minor hurt. the child’s parent or carer must be notified. Reporting to parents in peculiar instances such as knocking the caput is of import. Even if there are no obvious symptoms. the parents should be cognizant of what has happened and the symptoms which could originate subsequently so they can look for the symptoms.

All accidents and incidents taken topographic point should ever be registered in the school accident/incident study book. Even if you have observed an accident/incident you must supply inside informations on what took topographic point and your actions taken. A director or member of staff with the authorization to make so will finish and subscribe the study. Serious accidents/incidents have to be reported to the Health and Safety Executive by jurisprudence.

When working in a school. you may be in a state of affairs where you have to do a determination about naming for pressing medical attending. It is of import to be able to recognize the marks and fortunes when you must cite immediate aid. An exigency state of affairs which requires pressing medical attending includes:

? terrible hemorrhage

? unconsciousness

? choking

? external respiration di?culties

? caput hurts

? epileptic ictus

? suspected breaks

? when it is suspected that kids have taken drugs or abused substances

? freak out.

When an accident occurs you must ever name for immediate aid. even if you are a ?rst aider yourself. You must ?nd out what has happened so that accurate information can be given when dialling 999. It is besides of import to seek and stay unagitated around other kids during the accident as the kids can go really hard-pressed.

Immediate action should be taken as follows:

? Reassure the kid.

? Do non travel the kid unless it is perfectly necessary.

? If kids are unconscious they should be put into the recovery place.

? Do non give the kid any nutrient or drink.

? Keep the kid warm. for illustration. by puting a coat over them.

? Ensure other kids in the country are non at hazard of being hurt.

3. 1. 3. 2. 3. 3

Child maltreatment can happen in many signifiers such as:

Form of Maltreatment
Physical maltreatment
Physical maltreatment happens when a kid is physically hurt or injured. Hiting. kicking. crushing with objects. combustion. call on the carpeting. smothering. throwing and agitating are all signifiers of physical maltreatment.

Sexual maltreatment

Sexual maltreatment happens when a kid is forced or persuaded into sexual activities or state of affairss by others.

This may be:
• physical contact – including touching or Acts of the Apostless of incursion

• non-physical contact – affecting kids in looking at adult stuffs or sexual Acts of the Apostless.

Emotional maltreatment

Emotional maltreatment happens when the kid suffers relentless ailment intervention which affects their emotional development. It may affect doing the kid feel frightened. unloved. worthless or in danger. Sometimes outlooks of the kid are inappropriate for their age. Emotional maltreatment may go on entirely. but frequently takes topographic point with other types of maltreatment.


Disregard happens when there is a relentless failure to supply for a child’s wellness. development and psychological demands. This can include supplying unequal nutrient. shelter. vesture or medical attention. or non supplying for their educational or emotional demands.

Children may besides endure more so one type of maltreatment at a clip. For illustration a kid who is physically being abused may besides experience emotional maltreatment as an result from experiencing scared and terrified.

When we think of the types of maltreatment it is easy to conceive of how they may go on in the ‘real world’ . nevertheless there are now signi?cant hazards of sexual and emotional maltreatment for kids in the ‘virtual’ universe. The practical universe is spread outing into di?erent types of engineering such as smart phones and computing machines. Children can easy entree the Internet through their nomadic phones. tablets and games consoles. Images can even be downloaded through satellite pilotage systems. It is impossible and unreasonable to propose that kids and immature people do non utilize the Internet.

The Internet plays an of import function in children’s lives in this twenty-four hours and age and helps to back up their instruction every bit good as societal and recreational. Research shows that about all kids have entree to the Internet either at place. in school or elsewhere. Internet Social networking amongst kids and immature people have become a avocations and past clip in recent old ages after the addition of engineering through phones and personal computer. There are many Apps on Mobiles to chew the fat every bit good as online confab suites. It is of import therefore that that kids and immature people know the hazards and are able to protect themselves.

Hazards when utilizing the Internet

There are hazards of sexual or emotional maltreatment when utilizing the Internet. Research shows that the most common hazards for kids are:

Giving out personal information about themselves and others

Accessing inappropriate information – frequently by chance when guiltless words are entered into a hunt engine.

Sharing personal exposures and images without privateness security

Hazards of accessing inappropriate information

There is a high hazard that kids may entree inappropriate or adult stuffs when innocently seeking for information on the Internet. Schools must hold ?ltering systems in topographic point which prevent entree to unsuitable sites. Children and immature people must ever be supervised when utilizing computing machines in schools to understate these hazards. It is indispensable that kids are cognizant of the hazards. and of ways to protect themselves. They should besides cognize how to describe concerns. All schools must now hold a policy which ensures that kids are protected and are taught how to utilize the Internet safely.

Consequences of sharing personal information

Children progressively use societal networking sites and on-line journals. These have a minimal age but kids of 9 old ages or younger have been known to utilize them as anyone can come in a deceitful age to derive entry into the sites. Children frequently place information about themselves online. which makes it easy for them to be identi?ed. Some include references. phone Numberss and sometimes even photographs. This makes them easy marks for grownups who wish to work them by:

Talking to and constructing ‘friendships’ with kids online with the purpose of run intoing the kid – this is called preparing

Promoting kids to prosecute in conversations which are sexual in nature taking and/or administering exposure utilizing the Internet

Sharing personal information such as reference and phone figure

Children spend half their day-to-day hours in school. so it is non surprising that schools have a peculiar duty to look for marks that maltreatment may be go oning. It is likely that among the kids. there will be kids who have experienced some signifier of maltreatment. As a instruction helper one may regularly work with kids in little groups or on a one-to-one footing. It is likely to be the individual who the kid feels more comfy to speak to when the remainder of the category are non around. It is of import to cognize how to recognize when maltreatment may be go oning and what action one should take.

It is of import to avoid leaping to decisions. nevertheless you must ever be observant. You may detect physical marks or alterations in a child’s behavior. or the kid may suggest or unwrap to you that they are being abused or bullied. You must besides believe about how you would react if a kid were to suggest or unwrap this to you. A kid will most probably be loath to show any information of maltreatment due to fear of the result and effects. It is really of import to be unagitated and reassuring.


Report concerns about possible marks or alterations in behavior to the designated individual or your director Take what kids say earnestly – it will take a batch of bravery to state you and kids will seldom lie about maltreatment Reassure kids that they are non to fault if they tell you they have been abused Tell kids that you will hold to state person who can assist them Write down what you have observed or what has been said – but maintain the information secure


Promise to maintain information a secret
Investigate further or inquire inquiries
Appear shocked
Make promises to kids.

All administrations which work with kids have a duty to enroll sta? who are suited and qualified to work with kids. When a member of staff ?rst applies to work with kids. they would hold been asked to finish a signifier to unwrap any strong beliefs that they may hold ( DBS ) . Even with these cheques in topographic point maltreatment can. and has. happened within schools. This is called institutional maltreatment. All sta? have a responsibility to follow with policy and processs. Failure to follow may set kids at hazard of injury or maltreatment. so concerns should ever be reported to the designated individual for safeguarding or the caput instructor.

If person have concerns that a co-worker is mistreating a kid. their actions should be precisely the same as if the maltreater is a parent. household member or alien. Immediate action must be taken to protect kids by informing the caput instructor. If the allegation is against the caput instructor. you should describe concerns to the designated individual for kid protection or straight to the Education Authority.


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