Status Check Phone Calls
* Quarterly to Selected Customers
* Monthly to Small Distributors
* Weekly to Large Distributors

Selling Prepares
Business Development
Political campaigns:
* Ad
Imperativeness Releases
* Trade Shows
* Direct Communication
* User Conferences

Significant Items Recorded in Goldmine

SM Visits to Distributors:
( Quarterly- big distributers ;
semi-annually – little distributers )
* Review Forecast
* Review Key Prospects
* Joint Customer Visits
* Blue Sheet Review
* Review gross revenues / marcoms demands
* Provide gross revenues developing
Significant Items
Recorded in

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Application Engineer ( AE )
Visits to Distributors
( as agreed with SM ) :
Joint Customer Visits
Provide Technical Training

Customer Responses:
* Bingo Card games
* Email
* Phone Call
* Business Card

Distributors with
* Mailshot
* Cold Call

Log Info in Goldmine
Advise SM
Respond to Customer:
* Literature
* Email
* Phone call

Customer Interest from:
* Marketing Campaign
* Distributor Contacts
* SE Phone Calls
* Product Support Contacts
* Prior Contact with Company

Gross saless Admin:
Logs Info in Goldmine
Advises SM

Engineering Reappraisal
* Possible phone call to or see with client
* Provide advice to SM

SM Qualifies the Prospect
( via direct phone or via distributer )
* Prospect’s concern
* Buying construct
* Application
* Budget
* Timing
* Buying influences
* Product demands
* Non-standard demands

( Non-standard demands & A ; chances & gt ; ?250k referred to Engineering ) Info Logged in Goldmine

Info Logged In Goldmine

Info Logged in Goldmine

AE May Telephone
* To discourse proficient issues
* Resolve unfastened issues
* Advise the SM

SM May Visit Customer
( if chance is big or strategic )
* To construct the Relationship
* Continue the Qualification Process

AE May Visit Customer
( as requested by SM to measure up the
client technically ) :
* Discuss application
* Contact purchasing influences
* Discuss merchandise public presentation
* Present Sp irent solution
* Differentiate Spirent
* Overcome proficient expostulations

Customer Requests
Proposal & A ; Quote

Info Logged
In Goldmine

* Defines Quote
* Defines Proposal
* Initiates QPA ( if applicable )

Gross saless Admin
* Prepares QPA
* Obtains Blessings

Filed in

Provide Technical
Assistance ( if req’d )

Filed in

Closing the

Gross saless Admin
Prepares Quote
Reviews Quote & A ;
Attaches Electronic
Transmits to Customer

Prepares Technical
Proposal ( with
Engineering. if req’d )

Logged in

AE Customer
Contact to Decide
Technical Issues

Customer Requires
Formal Contract:
MD involved in
Negotiation & A ; Approval

Follow-up Phone Call ( s ) or
Visit by SM ( or via distributer )
* Review Proposal & A ; Quote
* Needs verification
* Contact purchasing influences
* Confirm timing
* Differentiate Spirent
* Overcome expostulations

Purchase Order or Signed Contract Received

Gross saless Admin obtains User Customer
inside informations & A ; enters information in HEAT

Gross saless Admin
Acknowledges Order
Begin Contract

Gross saless Order

Gross saless Admin
* Provide soft transcript of Welcome Letter to Production. Letter includes statement of thanks. our contact inside informations. website entree information. SM electronic signature All other Orders

* Prints Welcome Letter
* Attaches system-specific information
* Includes Letter & A ; fond regard in box with

Gross saless Admin
( 2 hebdomads after cargo )
* Email to distributor: ‘everything received in good order? ’
* Reminder to SM. via Goldmine. to reach client Except clients served by W. Gross saless

SM call to distributer or call/visit with client
( within 2-3 months of cargo )
* ‘Is your equipment runing OK? ’
* If ‘yes’ – ‘pleased to be of service! ’
* If ‘no’ – novice disciplinary action Except clients served by W. Gross saless

Gross saless Admin
* Provide website login & A ; watchword to SF Customer Support SF Orders

Includes system-specific information in the box with the merchandise


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