Many of the most outstanding creative persons are linked non merely to astonishing art. but besides mental unwellness. Salvador Dali. a modern surrealist. falls into this description. He was considered an artistic mastermind by many. His work comes from his life and who he was as a individual. He has been the beginning of non merely art bookmans. but besides psychological surveies. Background

Salvador Dali born on May 11. 1904. in Figueres. Spain. located 16 stat mis from the Gallic boundary line in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. His male parent. Salvador Dali y Cusi. was a in-between category attorney and notary. Salvador’s male parent had a rigorous disciplinary attack to raising children—a manner of child-rearing which was really different from that of his female parent. Felipa Domenech Ferres. She frequently indulged immature Salvador in his art and early eccentricities. It has been said that immature Salvador was a precocious and intelligent kid. prone to tantrums of choler against his parents and classmates. Because of his behaviour. Dali was subjected to ferocious Acts of the Apostless of inhuman treatment by more dominant pupils or his male parent. The senior Salvador wouldn’t digest his son’s effusions or eccentricities. and punished him badly. The relationship between Salvador and his male parent deteriorated when Salvador was still immature. the male parent. Salvador. competed for his married womans attending with the immature Salvador. Dali had an older brother. born nine months before him. besides named Salvador. who died of stomach flu.

When Dali was 5 old ages old his parents took him to the grave of his older brother and told him he was his brother’s reincarnation. In the metaphysical prose. Dali recalled. “ [ we ] resembled each other like two beads of H2O. but we had different contemplations. ” He “was likely a first version of myself. but conceived excessively much in the absolute. ” Dali considered his parents calling him after his dead brother “an unconscious crime” . In his memoirs Dali recollects the minute of realisation as follows: “For the first clip in my life. I was shocked to acknowledge the absolute truth about myself. A psychoanalytical survey helped me to understand the tragic footing of the construction of my personality. The affair at issue is that my dead brother lies deep within my psyche. and he was loved so much by my parents that I was even named after him: Salvador. This terrific daze was similar enlightenment. It explains why I felt fright on every juncture when I entered my parents’ room and saw the image of my dead brother covered with all right lacing.

His beauty induced the highly opposite reaction of me visualising this ideal brother in the province of a concluding decay during the whole dark while I was lying in my bed. I could merely fall asleep if I was believing about my ain decease. I felt as if I were lying in a casket and merely so could I eventually calm down” ( as quoted by Gibson. op. cit. 491. ) . His parents felt guilty about the decease of the senior boy and harmonizing to certain biographers ( e. g. Gibson ) . they ever treated the younger Salvador as if he was the dead brother. Dali grew up in a pathologically overprotected environment and his female parent allowed to make whatever he wanted. As an stripling Dali expected his household and friends to act the same manner towards him as his female parent did. If he was denied anything. he exploded into a violent violent disorder.

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In school. Dali behaved in an introspective mode and suffered from erythrophobia ( a fright from crimsoning and experiencing ashamed ) . He had a fright of Praying Mantiss to the point of a Phobia. and ( Laederach-Hofmann. MD. FMH. APPM. Mussgay. PhD. & A ; Buchel. MD. 2002 ) . This fright was translated to his pictures in ulterior life. As a adolescent. Dali frequently behaved in a bizarre and violent manner: he pushed a male child over a span on to the stones. jumped off the stepss on intent or spot into a chiropteran carcase full of emmets ( Maddox. op. cit. ) . Complex interactions can be detected among the life events of the painter. the psychopathic facets of his excessive personality. and the characteristic system of symbols present on his phantasmagoric pictures.

Personality traits
Salvador Dali had jobs in accommodation to others and the universe around him. He was self-involved and prone to egotistic hurt ; he did non like unfavorable judgment and felt as though others had no right to be critical of him because he was so far superior to others. He would frequently go violent when criticized. Dali was expelled from school because he refused to be tested and he saw his professors as inferiors. He proclaimed himself as a mastermind to be compared merely with the great Masterss. Dali was devoted to merely one individual in his life. his married woman. Gala. he was submissive and caring to her. Dali’s self-love was apparent in his deficiency of empathy. ill will. and penalizing nature to all other in his life. Erikson’s theory applied to Dali

Erikson’s Developmental Stage Theory attributes Dali’s demand to be particular as rooted in childhood jobs with individuality. His hapless behaviour as a pupil can impute to jobs with industry vs. lower status. the fourth phase of development in Erikson’s theory. Harmonizing to ( “Erikson’s Stages Of Development” . n. d. ) . During this phase. frequently called the Latency. we are capable of larning. making and carry throughing legion new accomplishments and cognition. therefore developing a sense of industry. This is besides a really societal phase of development and if we experience unsolved feelings of insufficiency and lower status among our equals. we can hold serious jobs in footings of competency and self-pride.

Dali had a hard clip organizing relationships with his equals at this age. and therefore. had low ego estem. As the universe expands a spot. our most important relationship is with the school and vicinity. Parents are no longer the complete governments they one time were. although they are still of import. Erikson theorized that from ages 18-35 people tend to seek out company and love. Our important relationships at this age are with matrimonial spouses and friends. His uneven relationship with his married woman. Gala. can be attributed to an unsolved struggle of familiarity vs. isolation. Alder’s Theory of Personality

•Adler’s work was based on the lower status composite and the nisus for high quality. He felt as though there were many state of affairss within a child’s life that could convey about these lower status feelings. Adler thought that the drive force behind all human actions is the endeavoring for flawlessness or high quality. This would explicate Dali’s high quality composite.

•Adler’s theory best describes Dali’s personality and why he felt superior to other people. His theory besides explains his relationship with his female parent and married woman. Adler’s definition explains Dali’s self-love and his success as an creative person. Although by many Dali’s was considered a failure in his personal life. Dali did non see himself as a failure. but a success. He turned his insecurities to a feeling of high quality and created a universe where he was superior in life through his art. Operant conditioning besides explains Dali’s eccentric behaviour based on the wagess for his dramatic plants and theatrical shows. The artistic universe is a topographic point where the narcist can be successful because the creative person merely competes with themselves.


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