Begin with a story or anecdote I am a middle age male, at around the age of Eight I found I had a Desire to hold the hands and cuddle other boys in my class, as I grew older this changed into wanting to have sex with some of the boys this has not changed through my youth and I see no reason to suspect that I will die a homosexual an experience I did not choose to have.

Now I Just can’t get how you can figure that a person would make a choice as a child and remain loyal to such a choice for the next eighty years. I felt confused and alone but it was how it was and I had to learn to love myself for who I am Able Archer. Look ahead From being a child until Able is grown he made a choice to love the same sex and even though he is confuse and searching for acceptance and the choice Just isn’t natural he has no doubt about whom he was becoming.

In the future anything can append; we don’t want a nation where our children aren’t safe the choice is upfront in their faces. Rewind back to that day able grew desire he could have said no but he made a choice, same sex impose it acceptance on all aspect of the society today. The choice that we make today we live with tomorrow so we have to change today for a better tomorrow were our children are not deny of a parent and where the population grow and respect god and a society where a marriage is really a marriage.


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