Ethical Dilemmas Regarding Same Sex Marriages Whether at home, at work, or at school, every day we are faced with making moral and ethical decisions. Depending on your occupation and or authority, some decisions could have a profound Impact on society, individuals or groups. There are many controversial topics facing politicians and society as a whole and one hot topic is same-sex marriage. Throughout history, homosexuality has been considered taboo. Over the past several years, gays and lesbians have come out and openly voiced their sexuality.

As a society, people have changed their attitudes and heliotropes regarding homosexuality. The arguments opposing same-sex marriages stem from religious, legal, and moral beliefs. Currently, seventeen (17) states have made same-sex marriage legal including Illinois, which will take effect June 1, 2014. Furthermore, as of September 27. 2013. Fourteen (14) out of 194 countries allow same-sex couple to marry. (Procom. Org) Often times, religion is used during intense debates opposing same-sex unions.

According too Pew Research Center poll that took place in March of 2013 shows that the number of people in American who approve gay marriage are up to arty-nine percent and there is forty-four percent of people who not approve. (Shunt, 2013) Although, the ethical norm is heterosexual relationship, same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships is not an ethical issue for everyone. Ethics asks what one should do regarding a situation or what should one do as a participant in an activity or in one’s profession. The assigned reading discussed owners of business’ that refused to do business or participant In same-sex ceremonies.

The business owners that took that stance felt that ethically they had the right to make the decision to refuse clients that requested their services for their name-sex ceremony. Although some of the businesses operated in states that recognize same-sex marriages. The refusal to accept business from same-sex clients could come from religious, legal, and or moral beliefs. Business owners could feel if they chose to conduct business that Includes same-sex marriage activities, they are sending a message to other customers about their moral and beliefs.

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On the other hand, the reason could be that the business owner religion does not believe in or accept homosexuality. Conversely, there are many business owners, religions, groups, and individuals that take the approach of homosexuality has been around nice Greek and Roman times, It’s not going anywhere. Although they may not believe in same-sex relationships, they feel as a society we have a responsibility to provide the same rights and access as heterosexual couples are afforded. Just Like heterosexual relationships, children can be part of a same-sex relationship.

Some schools In past have staunch opposition or simply do not recognize same-sex relationships. However, in efforts not to ostracize a child of a same-sex relationship. Schools are becoming more inclusive and take the approach that children come from OFF there are have been many business and organizations that provide domestic partnership benefits which allows the employee with a same-sex partner to have the same benefits as any other couple. Some organizations refuse to recognize and provide domestic partner benefits.

Most of those companies are religious based organizations or the insurance carrier does not allow domestic partners to be covered. Just like the businesses in the article, organizations or businesses feel that it is their right as the owner or the decision maker not to participate in activities that o against their beliefs and morals. There are many decisions we make that we need to continue to evaluation and re-evaluate to make sure the outcomes are what we want and what we expect. If they are not, then we need to discuss why and how we can improve.

Keep in mind, very seldom does everyone agree; however if the decision maker(s) is making decisions based on what is best for society or for the majority and there is care and sensitivity, that is all one can ask. Same-sex marriage is no different. Homosexuality and same-sex relationships issues have been in the courts since 1971. It is very controversial issue. When there is controversy, there are a lot of opinions that are either supporters or opponents. However, will denying persons of the same sex the right marry stop gays and lesbians from being together?

Groups that oppose same-sex believe if they recognize same-sex relationships it is saying, “it’s okay to be gay’. Social responsibility as it relates to gay marriage, a same- sex relationship is to look at the rights of the individuals, or groups involved are the lesser than other groups or individuals. As a society, is it our responsibility to others o rise above the personal emotions and feelings, apply rational thought processes, and review and make decisions for the rights of others?


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