The Baranggay clearance and cedula are of import paperss issued by the authorities that are normally used for employment. concern. or travel intents. Both are primary signifiers of designation. Information System has become the most normally used beginning of information now a yearss. It is a great aid to developed and improved information through betterment of Barangay services. The advocate proposed an on-line Barangay information system that will assist the Barangay every bit good as the workers and the people of the topographic point. The proposed system will cut down the difficult and long clip process of let go ofing Barangay clearance and cedula. It will besides assist the busy abode who doesn’t have adequate clip to see Barangay hall by utilizing on-line assignment.

General Problem:

How to plan. develop and implement an Online Barangay Canlubang Information System with assignment for Barangay clearance and cedula services?

Specific Problems:

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1. How to develop and incorporate a system that will roll up and hive away all the Barangay records that is needed? 2. How to make a system that will convey effortless in barangay functionaries in publishing barangay clearance and cedula? 3. How to bring forth a web site with assignment or programming for the occupants who doesn’t have adequate clip to see Barangay Hall to treat their clearance or cedulla? 4. How to bring forth a system that will keep and update the records?

General Objective

The survey aimed to develop an online information system with services for barangay clearance and cedula. It besides includes the assignment services for those abode who doesn’t have adequate clip to see the barangay hall for their applications. It designed to develop the SDLC methodological analysis with PHP as scripting linguistic communication and XAMMP as database platform.

Specific Aims:

1. To garner informations and analyze system demands utilizing different fact-finding techniques which are interviews. papers analyses and existent observation of the bing systems.

2. To develop a system that will cut down ingestion of clip in processing and releasing of Barangay Clearace and cedula.

3. To develop and make the proposed system utilizing PHP as a scheduling linguistic communication with Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 as IDE and XAMMP as an unfastened beginning database direction system. with other package tools like Internet Explorer as web browser. Adobe Photoshop as image redacting tool to heighten the proposed system

4. To develop system that user friendly.


Figure 1. 1
Paradigm of the Need to Develop the System

Figure 1 represents the Paradigm of the Conceptual Framework of the Information Technology Project. Currently. the occupants go to the Barangay office to treat their cedula and Barangay clearance. They are required to hold their Cedula and Certificate of Residency ( COR ) before manually make fulling up a signifier given by the Barangay Secretary. It includes your personal information. and a 1?1 image attached on it. After make fulling up. the applier will subject it to the Barangay disposal. If the applier has no any bad record in the barangay so the decision maker will O.K. their Barangay clearance. Last the applier will pay P26. 50 for cedula and lone contribution for Barangay clearance.

Once the system has been developed. the occupants can travel online for their reserve of clip and day of the month for cedula and Barangay clearance services. alternatively of making the old walk-in system. They need foremost to register and so they are traveling to make full up the computerized signifier of Barangay clearance and cedula. If the occupants have no any bad record in the Barangay he/she will be approved by the Barangay decision maker through online. After holding their assignment they will merely travel to the Barangay Hall on the specific day of the month of their assignment to acquire their Barangay clearance and cedula. The payment procedure will be done in Barangay hall. All the of import information of the appliers can be view in database.

Significance of the Study

The survey is needed towards procedure betterment in the Barangay Hall. The Barangay Hall is one of the sections that support the demands of the occupants in the barangay. The research in this country is besides needed to work out some jobs in let go ofing Barangay clearance and cedula.

In this survey. the mark donees were as follows:

Barangay Officials. The proposed system will be good to the barangay functionaries as it will assist them to supply good services to the occupants. It will besides assist them to decrease clip devouring in let go ofing barangay clearance and cedula.

Local Government – This survey will lend to the development for other barangay services which are more dependable and applicable in all barangay degrees. In this survey. they will be able to implement a system which is more appropriate for the demands of Barangay.

Local Residents – They could easy ask and acquire necessary information and paperss they wanted at a clip.

Future Researcher – this survey would function as an extra piece to the library on research literature on public decision maker and to the local authorities functionaries. Scope and Delimitations

This survey is focused on five major countries viz. : ( 1 ) online information System ; ( 2 ) Online Services of the Barangay ; ( 3 ) online blessing or disapproval for the application of Barangay Clearance and Cedula ; ( 4 ) Online Appointment ; and ( 5 ) Care of the System. The first country is the on-line information system of the Barangay Canlubang. It includes all the of import information about Barangay Canlubang. barangay functionaries and their services. The 2nd country is the Online Services of the Barangay hall in footings of let go ofing Barangay clearance and cedula. The 3rd country is the on-line blessing or disapproval for the application of Barangay clearance and cedulla.

Barangay functionaries can see if the applier has any bad record or blater in the Barangay. They can O.K. or reject the application of Barangay clearance and cedula. The 4th are is Online Appointment for the occupants who doesn’t have adequate clip to see Barangay Hall for their clearance or cedulla. Finally. the 5th country is the care of the system by the systems decision maker. The system decision maker is authorized to give entree rights to different degrees of users. manage care of the system by adding. updating and deleting records. However. this is limited merely to the Barangay development procedure on the Barangay Canlubang Calamba City. Since the survey cover merely the Barangay Canlubang. Payment is non included in our system.

Definition of Footings:

Browser. is an application plan that provides a manner to look at and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web. Database. Is an application informations that manages informations and allows fast storage and that retrieval of informations. Application. is a plan designed to execute a specific map straight for the user or. in some instances. for another application plan.

Macromedia Dream weaver 8. is a proprietary web development application originally created by Macromedia. and is now developed by Adobe Systems. Internet Explorer. is the most widely used World Wide Web browser. It is bundled with the Microsoft Windows runing system and can besides be downloaded from Microsoft’s Web site. System. Is a Collection of elements that work together to accomplish a common end. Photoshop. Image redacting package and considered as one of the leaders in exposure redacting package. Flash. is a multimedia platform used to add life. picture. and interactivity to net pages.

Non Technical.

Barangay Officials. is person who holds an office in an organisation. authorities and participates in the exercising of authorization. Cedula. served as income revenue enhancement and personal designation for the indigens. Clearance. Activities required or undertaken to conserve as about. and as long. as possible the original status of an plus or resource while counterbalancing for normal wear and tear. Appointment. an agreement for a meeting

Care. Knowing. or comprehending. by intuition ; capable of cognizing without tax write-off or logical thinking. Intuitive. Received. reached. obtained. or perceived. by intuition ; as. intuitive judgement or cognition.


XAMPP. solution stack bundle. dwelling chiefly of the Apache HTTP Server. MySQL database. and translators for books written in the PHP and Perlprogramming languages HTML. Hyper Text Mark-up Language

RAD. Rapid Application Development
DBMS. Database Management Software
IDE. Integrated Development Environment
DBMS. Database Management System
COR. Certificate of Residency

Chapter II


The advocate has found bing package merchandises which are related to her proposed system viz. : DFA Passport Appointment System. DFA Passport Appointment System. is web-based system for your passport application. you can now bask the convenience of acquiring an appointed day of the month. clip. and option for passport bringing. Requesting for new passport or passport reclamation is now made accessible. all you have to make is supply your personal info online and take an available day of the month and clip convenient for you. Using for a Filipino passport is now efficient and universe category. Applicants may put a passport assignment by traveling on-line through its dedicated web site by naming the DFA Appointment Hotline 737-1000. In drumhead. DFA Online Appointment System aims to convey the passport application for passport reclamation and new passport processing service at par with universe category consular services. The service besides comes with an option for passport bringing. * Web-based interface with intuitive pilotage.

* Eliminate long line formed with the old walk-in system. * Convenience of acquiring an appointed day of the month. clip. and option for passport bringing. * Using for passport is efficient.


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