Find the angle subtended by the chord at a point on the minor arc and also at a point on the major arc. 14. In the given figure, CAB = 690, CAB = 31 0, find CB. Section: C 15. Give the geometric representation of y = 3 as an equation I) In one variable it) in two variables 10=30) 16. Give the equations of two lines passing through (2, 14). How many more such lines are there, and why? 17. A metal pipe is 77 CM long. The inner diameter of a cross section is 4 CM, the outer diameter being 4. 4 CM. Find 22 I) Inner curved surface area it) Outer curved surface area iii) Total surface area (Assume = ) 7 18.

A right triangle BBC with sides 5 CM, 12 CM and 13 CM is revolved about the side 12 CM. Find the volume of the solid so obtained. 19. 1500 families with 2 children were selected Mandalay, and the following data were recorded: Number of girls in a family Number of families 2 475 1 8140 211 (I) 2 grid 1 girl NO girl Compute the probability to a Tamil, chosen at random, having 20. The following number of goals was scored by a team in a series of 10 matches: 2, 3, 4, 5, O, 1, 3, 3, 4, 3 Find the mean, median and mode of these scores. 21 .

Construct a triangle BBC in which BC = 7 CM, LB = 750 and ABA + AC = 13 CM. OR Construct a triangle EX. in which Z = 300, 900 and XX+YES+XX= 11 CM. 22. If the diagonals of a parallelogram are equal, then show that it is a rectangle. 23. P and Q re any two points lying on the sides DC and AD respectively of a parallelogram ABACA. Show that, era ( APP ) = era ( BBC ) . 24. In a triangle BBC, E is the mid-point of median AD. Show that, era ( BED) = 1 era ( BBC ) 4 Section: D 10=40) 25. If two circles intersect at two points, then prove that their centers lie on the perpendicular bisector of the common chord. 6. Prove that parallelograms on the same base and between same parallels have the same area. 27. ABACA is a rhombus and P, Q, R and S are the mid-points of the sides ABA, BC, CD and DAD respectively. Show that the quadrilateral PASS is a rectangle. 28. The taxi fare in a city is as follows: For the first kilometer, the fares is RSI 8 and for the subsequent distance it is RSI 5 per km. Taking the distance covered as x km and total fare as RSI y, write a linear equation for this information, and draw its graph. 29.

If the work done by a body on application of a constant force is directly proportional to the distance traveled by the body, express this in the form of an equation in two variables and draw the graph of the same by taking the constant force as 5 units. Also read from the graph the work done when the distance traveled by the body is (I) 2 units (it) O units 30. A village having a population of 4000, requires 150 liters of water per head per day. It has a tank measuring mom XSL mm x mm. For how many days will the water of this tank last?

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Give measures which can be taken to avoid the wastage of water. 31 . Find:- (I) The lateral or curved surface area of a closed cylindrical petrol storage tank that is 4. 2 m in 1 diameter and 4. 5 m high. (ii) How much steel was actually used, if of the steel actually used was 12 22 wasted in making the tank. [ Assume TTL=]. 7 32. 100 surnames were randomly picked up from a local telephone directory and a frequency striation of the number of letters in the English alphabet in the surnames was found as follows: (I) Draw a histogram to depict the given information. It) Write the class interval in which the maximum numbers of surname lie. Number of letters 1-4 4-66-88- 12 12 – 20 Number of surnames 63044 164 . In parallelogram ABACA, two points P d Q are taken on diagonal BAD such t = BC (see the given figure). Show that: a. LAP SCAB b. AP = ICQ c. SAAB CPA d. AS = CUP e. APPC is a parallelogram 34. Prove that the angle subtended by an arc at the centre is double the angle subtended by it at any point on the remaining part of the circle.


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