Simple random trying would be used. The senior. center. and immature clients of the organisation would be selected indiscriminately to carry on the study.

Validity and Reliability

Validity and dependability is really much of import for a research. If the informations would non be dependable or valid so the research would be of no usage. To maximise the cogency and dependability. a pilot proving would be conducted. Furthermore. study would incorporate inquiries that support the research inquiry and aid to the expected consequences ( Validity and Reliability. n. vitamin D ) .

Protection of human topics

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The respondents would make full the questionnaire anonymously. Their names would non be leaked out. The questionnaire would besides incorporate the statement that “All the responses will be treated confidential and used for the intent of research only” . No 1 would acquire a hint that who participated in the survey.

Data aggregation

The information would be collected with the aid of the questionnaire. The questionnaire would be send to the respondents through electronic mail. Some of the questionnaire would besides be given in individual by giving to clients at the same clip that they want to seek something in the shop. Physical aggregation of the informations

The questionnaire so would be collected from the respondent after two or three yearss.

Protection and storage of informations

Hardcopy of the questionnaire would be stored in one box and it would be labeled with cardinal information so that it could be accessed easy. Furthermore. the records would be stored in a locked room so that it does non acquire in incorrect custodies. The responses that would be obtained through electronic mail would besides be protected in an effectual mode. The computing machine would hold watchword and it would non be accessed by anyone. Furthermore. there would besides be the backup transcripts of all informations to forestall any sort of loss ( HEI Records Management. 2007 ) .

HEI Records Management. ( 2007 ) . Retrieved August 10. 2014 fromhttp: //tools. jiscinfonet. Ac. uk/downloads/bcs-rrs/managing-research-records. pdf Validity and Reliability. ( n. vitamin D ) . Retrieved August 10. 2014 fromhttp: //www. nationaltechcenter. org/index. php/products/at-research-matters/validity/


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