The lineation for the research is presented here. It includes Introduction to the subject and of the company. This is followed by Literature Review. Next comes methodological analysis of research and so Analysis and Results. These are followed by Discussion and Recommendation. Finally the Decision and its contents are given.

The budget hotels or low-priced hotels are in great demand today. This is because presently the universe is confronting the worst economic recession in decennaries, which has reduced the ability of people to pass on non-essential merchandises and services like vacations. Besides there have been immense cuts in the travel budgets of many houses as a consequence of which more and more companies are utilizing budget hotels for concern travel. Another cardinal mark market for budget hotels are the backpackers who stay in either young person inns or budget hotels. This sentiment has been echoed by the writer Fiorentino ( 1995 ) saying that budget hotels particularly thrive in the recessive environment. The writer has farther gone to state that, ‘the budget hotel is non merely a flourishing short-run phenomenon, but a major strategic development in the international cordial reception industry that represents the debut of the no-frills, purpose-designed and branded merchandise

construct in cordial reception ‘ . However the quality of service and the degree of satisfaction in such types of adjustment has been an country of involvement for faculty members and hotel directors for a long clip. But it is particularly of import in the current economic scenario and presents a great chance to analyze these.


The construct of budget hotels originated in America but it is widely used in the developed universe including the UK and many successful ironss of such hotels are booming today. Prominent amongst them are Travelodge and Premier Inn. With the exponential use of the cyberspace in the serach and engagement of adjustment there has been an detonation of web sites that offer value for money or budget adjustment and this is doing strong demand for such adjustments.

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Purposes and Aims

The purpose of this survey would be explore the significance of the service quality and satisfaction in the budget hotels runing in the UK. The chief purpose of this research will be met by following aims:

To place factors impacting service quality in UK budget hotels ;

To research the consumers ‘ perceptual experiences of service quality in UK budget hotels ;

To research the consumers ‘ outlooks for service quality in UK budget hotels ;

To describe the spread between the perceptual experiences and outlooks for service quality in UK budget hotels ;

To analyze the factors impacting the client satisfaction in the budget hotels

Literature Review

Importance of Service Quality

The effectivity and importance of the service quality harmonizing to the faculty members and selling experts will be researched and written

Importance of Customer Satisfaction

The effectivity and importance of the service quality harmonizing to the faculty members and selling experts will be researched and written

Service Quality in Hospitality Industry

The quality of service is a much researched topic in the cordial reception sphere. Harmonizing to the writers Ben & A ; iacute ; tez, Mart & A ; iacute ; n and Rom & A ; aacute ; n ( 2007 ) , ‘Hotels provide an ample scope of services to clients, including housing services, response, repasts, room service, among others. Service quality can be regarded as a composite step of assorted properties. It non merely consists of touchable properties but besides intangible/subjective properties such as safety, soundlessness, which are hard to mensurate accurately and normally studied throughout lingual information ‘ . Thus inside informations and adept positions on what constitutes service quality will be researched here.

Measurement of service Quality

SERVQUAL instrument by Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry is the most popular one used in the measuring of quality of service today in the cordial reception industry. This is the 1 which will be used here every bit good for the measuring of service quality

Measurement of client satisfaction

The ways of mensurating client satisfaction are varied from periodic studies to uninterrupted 1s. The best and most popular methods will be studied here.

Methodology of Research

To measure the service quality and client satisfaction degrees in the house chosen a figure of factors will hold to be studied. Both primary and secondary informations will be used to understand this. A budget hotel concatenation in the UK will be chosen and foremost secondary informations will be gathered on that administration to understand its selling schemes and the overall strategic way the house has undertaken. Then a questionnaire will be developed for the study that will be carried out to garner primary informations on that administration and its clients.

Rationale for Research

There has been enormous addition in the figure of budget adjustments in the UK and rush in demand created addition in the supply with tonss of new budget hotels crawling up in the pre-recession growing old ages. This led the hotels to vie on monetary values and service quality was side-lined but the position today is altering and the hotels are experiencing that there is a demand to concentrate on the client satisfaction and quality of service being offered in the budget hotels to derive a sustainable competitory advantage amongst the addition in the competition. However, globally the hotel sector is sing the diminution in service quality and consumers satisfaction. Decline is perceived by the consumer, because in 1990 ‘s consumers ‘ outlooks were raised to the criterion that hotels could n’t prolong and transcend ( Briggs, Sutherland, Drummond, 2007:1009 ) . Similar form has besides been noticed in relation to the budget hotels where, changeless updates of touchable and intangible facets in budged hotels resulted to development of ‘upper budget ‘ hotel type, with the proviso of full-service three star hotel installations ( Fiorentino, 1995: 457 ) .

There has been a batch of research in the field of service quality and client satisfaction in the cordial reception sector but there is really small such research done in the budget hotel section which is one of the fastest turning sections in the cordial reception industry today. Hence this research attempts to analyze and measure the factors that affect client satisfaction and service quality.

Choice of Research Methodology

Secondary informations will be used to run into the research objectives. A scope of academic diaries and other literature will be used to understand the already published experts ‘ positions and informations on the topic. As writer Churchill ( 2001 ) suggested the informations to be collected for this research will be decided on the different facet of the research and their importance and relevancy to this survey.

Questionnaire Design

A structured questionnaire will be designed for the intent of this survey. It will hold inquiries associating to the client satisfaction and service quality sing the chosen hotel. The service quality will be based on SERVQUAL elements of Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and Empathy. The SERVQUAL is the most popular and normally used tool for mensurating the quality of service in the cordial reception sector. The questionnaire will besides include inquiry on client satisfaction.

Analysis and Consequences

The informations gathered from the study will be analysed to derive penetration into the consequences and to happen the degrees of satisfaction and the quality of service offered by the company. The consequences will be given in both tabulated signifier every bit good.

Discussion and Recommendation

This chapter will discourse the consequences found and the penetration generated by the analysis. It will so give the recommendations for directors


This will name the findings of the survey and the recommendations for the future surveies every bit good as the restrictions of this survey


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