Scarlet Letter And Dimmesdale Essay, Research Paper

In the book The Scarlet Letter, the character Reverend Dimmesdale, a really

spiritual adult male, committed criminal conversation, which was a wickedness in the Puritan community. Of

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class, this wickedness could non be committed entirely. His spouse was Hester Prynne.

Hester was caught with the transgressing merely because she had had a kid named Pearl.

Dimmesdale was broken down by Roger Chillinsworth, Hester Prynne? s existent

hubby, and by his ain self-guilt. Dimmesdale would subsequently squeal his wickedness and

dice on the scaffold. Dimmesdale was good known by the community and was looked

up to by many spiritual people. But underneath his spiritual mask he is really

the worst evildoer of them all. His wickedness was one of the greatest wickednesss in a Puritan

community. The wickedness would eat him alive from the interior out doing him to go

weaker and weaker, until he can non stand it any longer. In a last show of strength

he announces his wickedness to the universe, but dies shortly afterwards. In the beginning

Dimmesdale is a weak, reserved adult male. Because of his wickedness his wellness reasoning backwards more

and more as the book goes on, yet he tries to conceal his wickedness beneath a spiritual

mask. By the terminal of the book he comes away and tells the truth, but because he

had hidden the wickedness for so long he is unable to last. Dimmesdale besides adds

suspense to the novel to maintain the reader more interested in what Reverend

Dimmesdale is concealing and his concealed secrets. Therefore Dimmesdale? s wickedness is the

cardinal focal point of the book to maintain the reader interested. Dimmesdale tries to cover

up his wickedness by prophesying to the town and going more committed to his

sermons, but this lone makes him experience even guiltier. In the beginning of the

narrative, Dimmesdale is described by these words ; ? His fluency and spiritual

ardor had already given earnest of high distinction in his

profession. ? ( Hawthorne,44 ) . This proves that the people of the town looked up

to him because of the fact that he acted really spiritual and he was the last

individual that anyone expected to transgress. This is the ground that it was so difficult for

him to come out and state the people the truth. Dimmesdale frequently tried to state

the people in a traffic circle manner when he said? ? though he ( Dimmesdale ) were to

step down from a high topographic point, and stand there beside thee on thy base of

shame, yet better were it so, that to conceal a guilty bosom through

life. ? ( Hawthorne,65 ) . Dimmesdale evidently is seeking to state her that he does

non desire to conceal with this guilt and that he will experience it and hold enticements

subsequently but besides that he is traveling to travel through life with the wickedness. Dimmesdale is

evidently concealing behind his spiritual mask and is afraid to come out and state

his secret. This secret tears him apart and finally is the cause of his

decease. Reverend Dimmesdale was torn apart by his wickedness. It would do him make and

believe evil thing

s. The wickedness even made him fall back to flagellation in order to do

the hurting of the guilt travel off. This self-prescribed anguish Dimmesdale

finally lead to his decease on the scaffold where he did as he promised Pearl ;

keeping her and her female parents manus in forepart of the full community. His anguish

included him forcing himself to go a better curate to assist maintain the

guiltiness pushed back inside his caput. He began working highly to guarantee

that where his work would do the community think of him as an even more holy

adult male who had done no incorrect. In bend doing his guilt rise up even more and so

doing himself have to force on and seek to conceal his guilt. Dimmesdale even puts

himself through self-beatings. Where one time he was a attractive adult male was now

considered a picket, weak, bony coward who could hardly walk and would hold

great strivings, in which he would catch his thorax. His anguish brought him to his

decease where he died upon the really scaffold that Hester, his fellow evildoer, had

stood to confront her penalty. Dimmesdale, throughout the book, knows of where he

is and what he is making. He is seen in the book as a clergyman and to the reader

as a adult male who is rather well-known in the community, but is evidently concealing

something. This keeps the reader interested in the book, Dimmesdale? s

arrested development and why he regresses to his deathlike province. What he had done to acquire

there keeps the reader interested and inquiring why he is so down. By the

clip the reader did cognize that Dimmesdale was the spouse of Hester? s wickedness, the

reader keeps reading to cognize why he committed the wickedness and why he is in such

great hurting. Dimmesdale adds great suspense as to what he will make next in his

ghastly province where he is about tempted to state profane things and even state

kids about blue words. He is a questionable character and this makes the

reader want to cognize how he will stop up at the terminal of the book. Dimmesdale Begins

the narrative as a handsome, spiritual figure in the community and easy becomes

more cowardly. He hides himself behind a mask of prevarications and can non convey himself

to come out from concealing. He tries a few times to acquire Hester to state the town

that he is the other evildoer, but he can non make it himself. His organic structure and psyche

shrivels up and finally dies, but non before he does one act of bravery and

Tells the full town that he is the fornicator. Dimmesdale was the victim of his

ain cowardice and besides the victim of Chillingworth? s hatred and retaliation. If

he could hold been brave adequate to state the truth he may hold been able to salvage

himself and ended Hesters? hurting before it began. Dimmesdale is a cowardly,

weak adult male and he becomes more so throughout the full book. He doesn & # 8217 ; Ts go

through any major alterations, but the worst features of his character become

more outstanding. This finally causes him to decease.


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