Designs (CAD) applications will assist in laying out and developing designs to come up with creative and fashionable designs. The will also be the sewing machines which will be capable of many varying stitches and embroidery designs. In addition, the social networking site, Faceable will be used to help in posting latest designs, so the customers will be able to view and order products via telephone, without having to physically visit the business.

This business will require a large space and will be divided into administration, manufacturing, and display. Due to this, two units will be rented in the newly constructed mall at Scarborough, located at Garden Side Street, to accommodate the needs of the business. This location, while expensive, will be ideal for the following reasons: Firstly, since the establishment of the mall in December, it has attracted a lot of young people due to the video gaming centre, youth trendy shoe stores, and fast food restaurants.

This provides a situation of market pull, as the business will be coated where potential customers can be found. Secondly, the business will be quite close to the Port of Scarborough, a main transport hub of the Island, thus ensuring easy access to goods when shipped from supplies either from Trinidad or abroad, and making it cost effective in transporting the goods from the port. A third reason why this location will be ideal, is the fact that all amenities necessary such as electricity, water, internet, banking, bathroom, etc. , are available and reliable, ensuring the continuity of business operations at most times.

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