1. This trial consists of 20 multiple pick inquiries and is deserving 20 per centum of the entire Markss in the topic. 2. Students have 50 proceedingss to finish the trial.
3. All replies are to be written on the reply sheet attached. 4. The whole paper. inquiries and answer sheet. must be handed in. No trial documents are to be taken out of the schoolroom. Please make non detach the answer sheet from the remainder of the trial paper. 5. Non-programmable reckoners without the capacity to hive away text may be used. Dictionaries may non be used without anterior written permission of the School of Economics and Finance. 6. Complete the pupil information demands. on the Answer Sheet. before get downing the trial. 7. All beepers and nomadic phones must be switched off while in the schoolroom.

Answer all inquiries. Choose the best option and write corresponding missive on the Answer Sheet attached. Be careful to read each inquiry and each possible reply really carefully before choosing the best reply.

1. Which of the followers is a function of a bank?
a. achieve full employment degree
b. easing the flow of financess from borrowers to loaners c. easing the flow of financess from rescuers to borrowers d. pull offing the degree of involvement rates

2. Which of the followers is an property of a fiscal plus?
a. hazard
b. return
c. liquidness
d. timing of hard currency flow
e. all of the above

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3. Which of the followers can be categorised as a fiscal establishment?
a. Unit of measurement trust
B. Finance companies
c. Contractual nest eggs establishments
d. Investment Bankss and merchant Bankss
e. All of the above

4. Which of the undermentioned statement is false?
a. It is cheaper for houses to run in economic systems with hapless environmental ordinances. B. There is no argument on the cost and benefits of environmental ordinance. c. President George Bush used the argument on cost and benefits of environmental ordinance to non turn to environmental issues in the US. d. A argument exists on the cost and benefits of environmental ordinance. 5.

6. Which of the undermentioned statement is right?
a. Environmental policies are expected to increase the wealth of investors of fouling industries. B. Environmental policies are expected to diminish the hazard of defilers. c. There is a diamond hazard construction within the Australian equity market d. The Australian authorities oppose environmental ordinances.

7. Which of the followers is an off-balance-sheet ( OBS ) advisory services that invest bank offer to back up corporate and authorities clients? a. Advice on amalgamations and acquisition
B. Portfolio restructuring
c. Risk direction
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

8. Which one of the followers is a coveted feature of a fund
director? a. Hazard taker
B. Avoid hazard
c. Do non chance
d. Risk antipathy

9. Which of the followers is non an advantage of the corporate signifier? a. Agency job
B. Entree to big sum of finance
c. Liquid
d. Perpetual sequence
e. Separation of ownership and control

10. Which of the followers is a non function of a stock exchange? a. Primary Market
B. Secondary Market
c. Tertiary Market
d. Managed Product
e. None of the above.

11. Which of the followers is non a characteristic of a penchant portion? a. Accumulative or non-cumulative
B. Redeemable or non-redeemable
c. Convertible or non-convertible
d. Issued with different rankings
e. None of the above

12. Managed merchandises are described as:
a. exchange traded financess ( ETFs )
b. existent estate investing trusts ( REITs )
c. substructure financess
d. a and B merely
e. a. B and degree Celsius

13. Chi-X Australia has
a. increased competition among stock exchanges
b. created a platform for high frequence bargainers
c. improved liquidness of the market
d. more volatility than traditional exchanges
e. all of the above

14. Which of the undermentioned information revelations is non required by ASX listing regulations? a. CEO of a company holding dinner with the Prime Minister B. A alteration in a company’s fiscal prognosiss

c. Appointment of a murderer
d. Disclosure of directors’ involvements
e. None of the above.

15. Which of the undermentioned factors should an investor consider before puting in a peculiar exchange? a. Depth of the market
B. Liquid of the market
c. Efficient monetary value find
d. All of the above
e. Bs and c merely

16. Which of the followers is an advantage of fiscal intermediation for a shortage economic unit? a. adulthood transmutation
b. higher cost of financess
c. lower returns on investing
d. plus value transmutation
e. a and vitamin D

17. A ‘secondary market’ is a market:
a. for equity issued by little or ‘secondary’ companies b. where investors can purchase or sell bing fiscal instruments c. where rescuers sell new fiscal claims to borrowers d. where lone authorities securities are bought and sold

18. Which of the undermentioned statement is incorrect?
a. CEO surrender causes systematic hazard
B. Changes in involvement rate cause systematic hazard
c. Changes in economic grown cause systematic hazard
d. Board jobs create unsystematic hazard

19. Beta is a step of
a. unsystematic hazard
b. systematic hazard
c. penchant portion ownership
d. corporate control
e. Bs and vitamin D

20. Which of the followers is non an active investing attack? a. Momentum trading
b. Contrarian investing attack
c. Market timing
d. Replication of a specific share-market index

21. Efficient market hypothesis provinces that
a. extra return can non be earned systematically with historical informations. b. unnatural returns can non gain systematically with publically available information. c. extra return is earned systematically with insider trading.


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