In recent years, university always seen as a chance or a guarantee for an established future. People started to accept university as the biggest step to fill their wallets. It’s believed that a degree from university is the most important and partially required qualification to be employed. However this idea might change depending on personal expectations from life and financial situation. Life standards of people make them take the decision to go to university or to get employed. Biggest concern of people during this process is financial benefits. They try to give the decision which will make them earn more money in the future.

However this decision isn’t always given by individuals. For example, a person might want to study at university and to get a degree or he might just want to educate in the subject he’s interested in. However, the problem is: who is going to finance that?” Family. So at this point the decision is actually made by the family. For ex. Family might not be able to pay the tuition fee of the university. Family might have another primary necessity which then puts university in the second place. Some families just struggle on surviving or to find anything to eat. To face this problem, social systems in some countries provide a free education to citizens, because every human being has the right to get educated. However countries don’t do this only because they want their citizens to be well educated. Governments also benefits from this skilled labour in the country both socially and economically. More skilled labour means that the economic activity takes place in the country will be more, so as consumer spending.

So every country wants a majority group of people in the country to be employed which considered as skilled labour. But, what if everyone has an university degree? Then this would decay the social and economic balance in the country. Because everyone country needs a person to drive taxi, collect garbage or a cleaner as much as other workers. However if everyone receives a degree, no one would do these jobs. With this reason it should be harder to join an university. For example in Turkey since to get in a university is too easy, there are some taxi drivers who has an university degree. However it’s not very important to get in a university, what you’re planning to do after is more important. For that reason you need to be very clear about your future plan and need to check employment opportunities. Before starting university every student should ask the question. “Is it worth it?” For example, Turkish prime-minister R.T. ErdoÄan once said that “There isn’t a rule which says every graduate student will be employed”[1]. In this kind of a country if you decide to study university, you need to make a difference compare to others. What your profession provides you is very important.

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As mentioned, university is a step for a nice future. But not everyone might take that step for several reasons. In most cases we see that most rich and most poor, don’t feel that they need to take an university education and get a degree. For richer reason is very obvious. If the family owns a company, children of that family might not want to go to university. This is because even if he have a degree or not he would be working in the family company anyway. So they might want to get educated and learn how business functions at work rather than spending 4 years at university.

On the other hand we see poor families also don’t send their children to university because they might be financially not strong enough to pay that. So that the need their children to work and earn money like every member does in the family. In this kind of a situation, you can’t expect families to think in long-term for their children’s future. They just need money to eat and survive. Their concern is saving the day. So you can’t really encourage that student to go to university. It would be better for them to be employed and earn money. So as Sir Alan Sugar said “University isn’t always the best way”[2]

Another point is, do you really need a degree for the job you want? Is degree necessary for you? Of course, university isn’t just about earning a degree it’s a life style choice.

However, if you want to be a singer, football player or an artist you shouldn’t need a degree. Of course owning a degree might help you, but these jobs are based on talent and ability. If you a talent and interest but don’t have a degree you still can be the best artist or player in the world. Think of David Beckham, a famous English football player, who earns more than 4 million pounds a year without sponsorships[3]. It’s very obvious that he earns more than 90% of doctors in the world who studied at least 5-6 years to get a degree. Of course, not every player is like Beckham. He’s one of the best in the world, but still if there’s talent and interest no university degree will be required.

Statistics show hat graduates still earn more than non-graduates, but it depends on expectations and standards of living[4]. It depends on how much you need it. Because some people might choose to use the money to build up a business instead of spending on university education. It’s proved that one third of graduates aren’t doing jobs related to their degree. They’re doing what makes them earn more money[5].

So again the question should be does it worth it if you’re going to do something else after university? Why would you spend 3-4 years time studying something which won’t help you in future?

However, it can also be said that university doesn’t only provide a degree to students, university teaches students the life. Since you’re living alone in a different city or country and giving decisions by your own and taking responsibility. All these things help you to be an adult. It’s not only earning a degree which is also very important. Even if you’re not doing what you’ve studied, your degree will always provide you a job somehow.

Finally, giving the decision about getting to university or to be employed depends on expectations and life standards. What your job can provide you is also very important. A person gives decision should know if he need a degree to do the job he wants.



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