“Science not Religion explains the origins of the universe. ” Do you agree? As far back as recorded history goes, there have been two sets of opposing ideas about beliefs and theories of the origin of the universe. It has either existed eternally with no beginning or end, or it was created at some point in time eventually coming to an end. There has been many various theories that science has put forth to explain the origin of the universe. But the question is “are they true and have enough evidence to be proof?

What science proposes is that the universe has an understandable origin, and that we will be able to discover this origin through theory and experimentation. Some people might be thinking that science won’t ever explain it because it is impossible to create something out of nothing. But if you believe that, then you can’t believe in God either. In a religious explanation, God “magically” appears out of nothing, and then God creates the universe out of nothing. Religion has twice the problem that science has, plus religion has come to the conclusion of “magic” to explain it.

Religion then has two steps in mind that no one will ever be able ton explain. On the other hand, science tells us that all the matter in the known universe was compressed into one single particle the size of an atom, then blew up to become the universe. Surely this cannot be true. If you take a moment to think about how “miraculous” this idea is, and then it will sound unreal as there is still so much that we haven’t discovered in the Universe. For that entire part plus the known Universe to fit in one atom is remarkably an insane theory. The Question is, where did that single atom come from?

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That question has now lead scientists to consider the idea that has no beginning. This answer is outside the reach of the, so it can be said logically that existence is supernatural relating to the existence of God. In my opinion I do agree with this statement because there is a lot more evidence in the theories that science has. Even though they haven’t quite got proof of the origin of the Universe they probably soon will. The reason why I say this is that science has proven many things in the sense that no matter how long it takes, there will always be a conclusion to whether something is right or wrong.


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