Scientifically Johann Conrad Dippel is one of the smartest of his time uncovering many new and popular treatments for his time. Throughout his life, he discovered the very popular chemical utilized for Zyklon B named Prussian Blue. He also performed many grueling experiments connected to Frankenstein which are yet to be confirmed. The research into this topic is important to discover more history into these detailed connections. Dippel was said to be the evil, creepy Dr. Frankenstein, who possibly stole bodies from the Frankenstein burial grounds to do dissections on. Although this is not confirmed it is certainly possible taking in consideration of all his animal dissections and his honor toward the discovery of the human body. Dippel was a very smart man, he graduated in Theology but was also a well-known writer, preacher, theologian and of course mad scientist. During the years 1705 -1707 Prussian Blue was discovered by his colleague after he lent some chemicals to him to create the red dye. As weird as Dippel was his death was just as weird he was said to die after ingesting a potion containing Prussian Blue, which he claimed an extended life. Ironically this happened a year after he said he was to live until 135. Some of his other works include the Dippel Oil which is made from distilled charred animal bones, hides, and hooves. Back then people bought this oil as an ailment, including fevers, colds, bad nerves, and epilepsy. But, recent modernized studies showed that this oil is actually a very powerful muscle stimulant.Other than Prussian blue being used as a paint color or a product of a deadly chemical, it can be used for a medical purpose. It can be used to speed up the process of eliminating certain metals for chemical elements from your body. It works by binding to the metals in the digestive tract to stop the body from absorbing them. It’s most commonly prescribed to people who have been contaminated with radioactive cesium or thallium. But, it can be used for other medical too.Zyklon B; Hydrogen cyanide (HCN), sometimes called prussic acid is a colorless deadly chemical used lots during WWII for the execution of at least a million Jews. The usage of Zyklon B was so great during that time that the walls of gas chambers in Auschwitz are blemished with a deep blue. The HCN compound was so deadly if used at 300 ppm (parts per million) it could kill someone within 15 minutes. The brand of Zyklon B that the Nazi’s used was a blue tint due to the Prussian Blue infused into it. After dropping these pellets into a gas chamber they would vaporize on contact creating an unusual almond odor. The gas it formed would enter the human body upon inhaling which went directly to the red blood cells depriving it of oxygen. The creator of all this mass destruction of was a Jew himself named Fritz Haber, who was born a German Jew during 1868 in Breslau, which is now Poland. His intent was not to kill people but to fertilize crops in a better fashion. He eventually found out that he could synthesize ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen which created an excellent formula. It was said to be the greatest invention of the 20th century at one time. Unfortunately, as a German himself, he became corrupt as he began to experiment with chlorine gas which he claimed would shorten the war. After the war, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery with ammonia but also was charged with multiple for crimes because of his research on chlorine gas. By the 1930’s Fritz went into exile after resigning from the German army caused by the hatred towards Jews at the time. He died in 1934 from a heart attack possibly related to his devastation of his country turning on him. Potassium cyanide (KCN). KCN is produced by treating hydrogen cyanide with an aqueous solution of potassium cyanide. Potassium cyanide is used in numerous of industrial processes, such as electroplating of metals, chemical synthesis, and extraction of gold or silver. KCN is used in photography; in plastic, paper and textile processing; for metal coating, cleaning or polishing etc. KCN can be also used as a fumigant in agriculture, and as a poison against rats and pests. The process used to extract gold using cyanide was developed in Scotland in 1887. Using a very diluted solution of sodium cyanide you can safely extract the gold from ore with low toxicity. Interestingly,  In Canada, more than 90% of mined gold is extracted from ore using cyanide. The research of this topic is very important due to the history of all the connections between these things. You would never figure out that a mad scientist and the deaths of millions of jews had a connection together. For future research looking further into the background of Joachim Dippel would be greatly advised. Prussian blue, Zyklon B, all have more uses than anybody could’ve thought of.


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