First time Scuba Diving Adventure, adrenaline and excitement are some of the feelings that involve scuba diving. It’s a popular sport in which divers have to use special equipment that includes an oxygen tank, wet suit, mask, fins, etc. To reach the deep sea. Scuba diving is more than a simple sport, it allows people to explore, discover and have a real contact and experience with the ocean and the marine life.

In this essay I will explain how my curiosity about scuba diving born, my first scuba diving lessons and experience in the sea water, the problems I got when I started to scuba dive and finally I will explain how scuba diving change my life. I’ve always being surrounded by sea water activities. During my childhood I practice all kind of these activities including surfing, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, etc.

When I was 14 year old my dad use to have a boat that was usually rented by scuba divers to make their trips; I used to see them all the time carrying oxygen tanks, fins, life vests, wetsuits, masks and all the equipment and I got very curious about scuba diving. Since that time I decided to look for a scuba diving course. I started looking in every scuba diving agency and finally I found a course in an agency called Scuba Iguana, so I took it.

I started the course on February of 2007. At first we practice on a pool. I learned to do many things there, like swimming in a proper way, the signals we must use down water, what to do on emergencies and other exercises. On the third day of the course we went to the ocean for the first time. I was very scared and excited at the same time! But when I got into the sea it was wonderful, I saw a lot of animals like sharks, sea lions, turtles, rays and many kinds of fish.

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I think the best of my first scuba diving was when two turtles came close to me and started swimming around and one of them went so close that we stayed face to face for a few seconds, it was amazing! As I had an incredible experience I also had problems. I got trouble with putting on the equipment because it was too heavy for me, when I was 14 year old I was very small and I had to carry by myself my tank and all my equipment. The other problem was that scuba diving it’s a very physical demanding sport.

A diving trip usually includes two immersions of 45 min each and with the currents and the strong waves of Galapagos; it requires a lot of physical effort. So when I got out from the water I was starving, because all the exercise I’ve done and I didn’t bring any food to the diving trip, so the boat ‘s captain feel very bad for me and share with me some cookies he brought for himself. My first scuba diving make me decided to do it for the rest of my fife, it also made me realize that no activity in the world would make me have that contact with sea animals, it was priceless for me.

Nowadays I have more than two hundred dives and a Devastates, that meaner that now I do scuba diving professionally and that I ‘m only at one step back to become a Scuba instructor. At first I scuba dive for curiosity, but now it is more than that, it has become a passion for me. So if someone has the opportunity to do scuba diving someday, I would tell them to do it, perhaps it would change their lives too. Scuba Diving By Vituperative 993


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