Dullard further describes cataracts which blinded many (which was later treated wrought surgery and return their eyesight. ) One may call his or her eyes the “window of souls,” because happiness, sadness, fear, love, and other emotions can be read from his or her eyes. It creates memories and scenes, either bitter or sweet, that one can look back to, in the future. What one sees in his or her eyes may be colorful or dull, pleasant or awful, or simply black or white. Now this is what I see at Gamma Park, where I am near the fountain midday on a Saturday. Sitting on the ground with a pen on one hand and a notebook on the other,

I carefully observe my surroundings: the people, plants, water, and the sky. They seem to be looking at me in a strange way. They’re probably asking themselves, ‘Why Is that weird boy Just sitting there or “What Is he doings should I stare back at them? I ask myself, No. Instead, I choose to ignore them to focus and clear my mind, and enjoy what is around me. Though a quieter and more peaceful place would be more suitable for this, it’s manageable. The weather is pleasant with the bright hot sun shining, and puff white clouds floating high above the horizon. The warm enrapture blends perfectly with the cool breeze.

I look above the sky and see a commercial airplane up high In the bright, blue sky. It looks as If it’s as high as ten Empire State Buildings, maybe more. I watch it fly from left to right and out of my sight. In every direction from my position, there are tall, almost empty-leafed trees and well-trimmed bushes and shrubs surrounding the beautiful park. The trees here have probably been standing there for a couple of hundreds of years now. The wind whispers into the trees. Its trunks and branches sway simultaneously from side to did, following the movement of the wind.

A dry, brown-and-green-colored leaf falls off, suddenly another. Watching It fall, It reminds me of life. The leaf blooms from an empty branch, and grows until it is blown away. It falls to the ground and rots, but in a couple of seasons. The leaves grow back again and the process restarts. It’s like the cycle of life, as long as we continue to do the right thing, the human race will strive and live on. Looking aimlessly at the ground, I see different shades of green and brown. The grass is natural and well-trimmed and surprisingly, there were hardly NY insects crawling.

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To my left, there are two birds, possibly pigeons playing and tiptoeing on the grass. A playful child comes near them and they fly away. One flies to the left and the other trails. As they both fly into the sky, from one tree to another, their wings are flapping simultaneously. Other birds side with the two and fly together in a flock heading south. Watching them leave my sight, I remember the meaning seems clearer to me now. Humans are like birds. Both live to survive and try to find any means necessary to satisfy their needs. They also depend and help each there when needed.

Neither one wants to be left out and be alone. The list of similarities goes on. I sit there for a couple of minutes, meditating with my eyes open and not knowing what to reach. With my legs numb and falling asleep, I stand up and walk towards the lake. The view is quite dazzling as the glare from the sun brightens up the scenery. The lake is green and blooming with algae and filling with rocks, deep beneath the shifting waves. Looking around the water to see if there are any ducks, I look from left to right and across the pond but there seems to not be any.

From the surface, it seems as if there isn’t much going on in the water. But underneath the plain green sheet is probably something bizarre and unexpected. It could be a rare treasure that may change history or it could simply be Just waste and garbage. The cold breeze coming from the lake is both comforting and disturbing as it brings some of the unpleasant scent in my direction. I decide to go back to my own little spot as it is time for me to go. Grabbing my bag and checking the time, I notice how it’s only 2:40 in the afternoon. Has it really only been forty minutes?

It feels like it’s been two hours. Carefully observing the great outdoors is something I don’t normally do, but somehow, it feels like it separates my body from reality and as if it’s Just me and nature. It felt similar to meditating for me because I was able to feel peacefulness in my mind and the scene was simply stunning. Nature is a beautiful and majestic world. It can be seen from almost, if not every, place on Earth. When one focuses on it, it can clear things up and deepen the intellectual mind and fills it with the spiritual and natural characteristics of life.


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