This chapter is a known chapter. It’s one of the chapters from the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus was disciplining His followers. There is Matthew 5, 6 and 7. Furthermore the verse we will be focusing on is Matt 6:33 a verse you learnt verbatim in Sunday school , a verse you learnt in baptism class , a verse that when going around in a crowd asking for bible verses it’s one that pops up. So we all agree it’s a well-known verse for us to say. But I must ask is it a well-known verse for us to live. Is it a verse that is well lived especially in these trepidations times?

How many of us really seek God and not Mammon? Keep these questions in mind throughout the time IM speaking up here. Point 1: But Seek What is seeking. When we seek something or someone we mean we want to acquire or obtain it. Therefore we will be continually pursuing and desiring this thing or person. When you say you’re seeking a thing or person it meaner you are M. A. D about it. When I say M. A. D about it I mean you have a Mental Attitude Dynamic about it. It’s a mindset, have made up in your mind you are going to pursue what you’re seeking come what may. No matter the obstacle that presents itself you are going to seek what you sire.

We do this because we believe whatever it is worthy to be sought; it will add value to our life. Thus we experience the Abs’s of whatever we are seeking. First we Accept the thing or person is of some value (will add meaning to our life) therefore we Believe they are worthy to be sought and we Commit to pursuing this person or thing. Have you ever watched any of those detective pictures like CSS or Law and Order, and they want to find drugs or some piece of evidence. In order to do this they use Hound dogs , they let the hounds dog sniff. We need to be like that in our seeking be determine and willing.


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